No Announcements Planned at World Championship

Battle.Net World Championship 2012
Following the news that BlizzCon is not happening this year and is being replaced by the World Championship, Bashiok posted that no announcements of any kind are expected when the World Championship takes place.

It’s an eSports event. We’re not planning for any news to come out of it except who the 2012 world champ is.

Unlike the DiabloWikiWWI 2008 in Paris  where Diablo 3 was announced (also an eSports event but was more like a BlizzCon), the World Championship will be focused on the elite game players. So while we didn’t expect any Diablo news anyway, there won’t be any game reveals or big news at all it seems.


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  1. I guess they are still hopeful Diablo will make that “early” 2012 release window. Well, fingers crossed. I for one say In Blizzard Do Not Trust. At least not anymore, burned too many times.

  2. lmfao that’s just what we need, stupid Bnet matches to tell who’s spent the most time on the pc. I can just picture the raging that will ensue if someone gets disconnected. like that possessed kid on webcam. this is my take on it, in picture form.

  3. An announcement of no announcements! Blizzard’s getting good at this…

  4. If this championship is in november like Blizzcon i dont expect a release date!
    I expect to be already in act 3 enjoying my Diablo 3 char.

  5. No Announcements Planned For Diablo 3 Release Date.
    It’s what I readed.

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