At past Blizzcons and other events we’ve seen a fair amount of surreptitiously recorded ninja gameplay video of the game in action. None such has appeared yet from Gamescom, which might attest to more vigilance from the booth staff, less subterfuge from the attendees, or just bad luck/slow upload times.

    In any event, we’ve got some now, with a good minute of video showing the DiabloWikiCrusader battling his way along a few passageways in Westmarch. The image quality isn’t great, but you get a sense of how the class moves; he looks bigger than a Barb or a Monk, with his huge shield held out from his body like a wall of protection. Very splashy spell graphics as well, with a ton of special effects raining destruction down upon his enemies.

    Thanks to Orion for the tip, and if you guys see other ninja gameplay videos from the show, let us know and we’ll news them up for all to see.

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