Ninja Team Deathmatch PvP Videos

Site visitor Tevin has just got back from Blizzcon and he took some time getting stuck into the PvP Team Deathmatch that was on the show floor this year. He managed to grab some video footage which includes 2 barbarian, 2 monk, a wizard, demon hunter, and a witchdoctor video.

Check all the videos after the break.

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  1. Looks like videos of fireworks to me.

  2. barb pwns. point proven. thats even without warcry lol. Barb FTW 16 kills for 5 deaths!

  3. First, ZOMG sooooo awesome.
    Second, if they don’t balance PvE/PvP separately, Blizzard are goddamn fools.
    Third, nerf witch doctors (lol).

  4. Anyone else see the old Quake logo when the respawn counter gets to 1? Add that to the upside down Ultima Online logo on Leah’s pendant in the latest video…

  5. Worst. Demon. Hunter. Ever.

    Also, first demon hunter ever, so yeah.

  6. What was even more interesting to me then the video was the talking on the background. They said that they might make a book of Cain style book for SC2 an WoW.

  7. If that isn’t going to be a blast, I’ll eat my foot.

  8. I think I am gonna waste a lot of time doing exactly this…

  9. Looks good. and fun.

  10. Can anyone post the full skill/rune/gear readouts for the PvP build? Just from watching:

    -Spear (Grappling Hooks)
    -Leap Attack (Death From Above)
    -Ignore Pain (unknown rune)
    -Wrath of the Berserker (unknown rune)
    -Frenzy (unknown rune)

    Demon Hunter
    -Rapid Fire (unknown rune)
    -Shadow Power (unknown rune)
    -Caltrops (unknown rune)
    -Impale/Evasive Shot? (unknown rune)
    -Smoke Screen (unknown rune)

    -Dashing Strike (unknown rune, maybe Quicksilver)
    -Deadly Reach (Piercing Trident?)
    -Mantra of Healing (unknown rune)
    -Serenity (Peaceful Repose)
    -Seven Sided Strike (unknown rune)

    Witch Doctor
    -Hex (Jinx?)
    -Poison Dart (Splinters)
    -Grasp of the Dead (unknown, possibly Desperate or Unbreakable Grasp)
    -Spirit Walk (Healing Journey)
    -Spirit Barrage (Phlebotomize?)

    -Magic Missile (Charged Blast?)
    -Frost Nova (unknown, maybe Bone Chill or Cold Snap)
    -Diamond Skin (unknown)
    -Teleport (Wormhole?)
    -Arcane Torrent (Disruption?)
    -Archon (unknown)

    Wolfpaq or any other super observant Blizzcon attendee, can you help us out?

  11. Holy god is poison dart op in pvp though. Like in this one:
    The witch doctor team devastates the other team. Just about every single kill is with poison dart.

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