Ninja Nerfs to Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rates?

Some fans are sure the legendary drop rate is lower now than it was last week, or two weeks ago. It’s a common complaint and hardly worth news’ing, but here’s the Blue reply when asked… Were there Ninja Nerfs to Diablo 3 Legendary Drop Rates?

Legendary Regression?

ninja nerfsI am seeing a couple other posts that seem to be wondering the same thing I am – has the legendary drop rate actually regressed, both for rifts and Kadala? I don’t think there is any way, outside of Blizz, to track this, but I have been seeing far fewer legs over the last few days.

Secret nerf?

Grimiku: I know that it can feel like drop rates are being changed when you have experienced a streak of good or bad luck, but it simply isn’t the case. We gain nothing positive by influencing drop rates without communicating it, and would only lose trust as a result. Simply put, it’s not what we do.

Streaks of bad luck are going to happen, and we all go through them. The danger (and why the thread is locked) lies in the spread of misinformation, which in turn can inspire players to alter their in-game habits in ways that actually have no influence over what items they find.

So, have you guys noticed any decline in legedary drop rates since the 100% bonus ended / became permanent? I have not, though I haven’t had that much time to play. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it in the clan(s), either.

In fact, the thing I’ve noticed most changed in the clans lately is that everyone is playing on higher difficulty levels. It seems like T1 or T2 is the lowest anyone bothers with anymore, and there are constantly T4 and T5 games going, and this is in Hardcore. Everyone got super-geared during the +100% legendary drop rate event? And now no one who isn’t super-geared can ever get that way, because stealth nerf! 🙁

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  1. I've gone through 3 T6 rifts in group play with 1 legendary and other dry spells. I think its just adaptation to the "enhanced" drop rates as the norm and the high propensity to get useless legendaries that drives this thoery.

  2. Was the whole "start a game with a lvl 36 character and then go gambling" exploit thing ever officially confirmed or denied?

  3. Why do you even bother to mention these sort of "Players" claiming such nonsense? They only want to have attention, thats all. All you do is add fuel to the fire writing such "News". There are no sectret nerfs and there won´t ever be – period.

    I had roughly the same amount of leg drops since the Buff went permanen.

  4. For me, the buff has led to playing higher difficulty levels but killing slower (my damage is roughly the same while my toughness has gone up). So less legendaries based on simply killing less monsters.

    I have found a way around that though. If you load up your old copy of D2 and activate the chat gem it doubles your legendary drop rate in D3. You have to keep the D2 channel open for it to work though.

  5. I have not played much during the turbo-week, but I played more this week and I see more legs then before. I'm starting to lack stash-space…

  6. Definitely not for me! I gambled IK Gloves & Helm in one inventory of gambling yesterday. Aside from that regular bounty/rift drops have seemed the same.

  7. I don't think the drop rate was adjusted for Kadala. Just for rifts I thought? Anyways, it has not been nerfed. Some rift are good and some are not.

    I get too many belts!!!! That is the nerf! Where is my Earth shoulder??

  8. Kadala gambling chance has not increased in the buff or after that.

  9. My drop rates have been better than they've ever been. The only exception is that when I have dry streaks (it feels like it happens in cycles) they feel really sucky, but when I'm hot. I'm hot.

    Doubt any sort of complaining and speculation that blizzard is secretly nerfing your loots because they don't want you to progress outside of chosen times really amounts to anything. If you think you'll see worse drop rates, then unless you go on a permanent lucky streak you'll probably always see it that way. Its a sort of self fulfilling vision really, but then again I've always found complaining while playing about not finding legendaries causes a legendary to drop a few moments later, so maybe the spirit of Bashiok's mustache is with us listening?

  10. "I've always found complaining while playing about not finding legendaries causes a legendary to drop a few moments later"
    THIS! My friends and I joke about this too. When you are on a dry just complain about it and legs will come. Quite funny you think the same

  11. It was denied. Kadala bases her items on the level of the person gambling. In addition, she can drop all items (Torment included)on all difficulties regardless of the level of the person who created the game (assuming the gambler is level 70).

  12. Definitely not any lower for me, still finding just as many.

  13. Lanthanide

    Was the whole "start a game with a lvl 36 character and then go gambling" exploit thing ever officially confirmed or denied?

    It was denied. Kadala bases her items on the level of the person gambling. In addition, she can drop all items (Torment included)on all difficulties regardless of the level of the person who created the game (assuming the gambler is level 70).

    I found it works. It may be just dumb luck but, if an item drops for me … and the roll is bad, I always gamble for that item in the same game and I can usually get more than one.

    And, btw, the whole "start a game with a level 34 char never stated that kadala didn't base her items on level 70. The guy that datamined that info about "loot tables" reported simply, "if you play a game long enough the loot table is revealed; And, that not all items are available in every game.

    Ever notice that every once in a while you have a game where you find a very rare item and then you find a few more in that same game? He would point to, "high Loot Table"

    Anyway, the only way to really take advantage of loot table concept is to gamble on an item you've already found in that very game (to get an alt version of it) perhaps then you can give the one you found to a buddy and you can keep the bound from gambling one for yourself.

  14. @adastra It is just pure luck on your part. Blizzard has confirmed now on multiple occasions that there are not preset loot tables in games. It was all misinformation. The info wasn't ever "datamined". It was always just a theory, and it turns out it was completely wrong. ALL items can drop at any point in time. period.

  15. If I'm killing a bit slower at a higher difficulty level, I'm doing it for the extra experience, not the drops. That said, I never go to a difficulty that I'm not capable of clearing fairly quickly. It's more like the difference between facerolling it and having to be mindful of where I am standing and that sort of thing. However, I've recently started playing hardcore again (I quit playing hardcore initially prior to RoS because of the ridiculously spiky damage), so starting from 0 gear, with 0 money or gems, I'm definitely not going to be jumping into a level if I'm not pretty confident that I can clear it quickly and, more importantly, without dying.

  16. I opened 50'ish T3 caches last weekend and didn't get one legendary.. usually I got 1 in 20.. and I haven't touched D3 since.

  17. I am in the same boat, after playing d3 practically every day since vanilla launch I finally reached my breaking point a few weeks ago, and it was the t3 bounty bags that did it.

    I am playing other games now that feature guaranteed rewards for my time instead a big giant question mark and a swift kick to the junk via RNG. There is nothing holding me back in those games except my own mistakes, no RNG big brother deciding for me what my path will be.

    Everything is rift base,d running the same cookie cutter builds on the higher torments, every other way of playing this game is either held back, or an epic fail.

    Not enough choice in this game, not enough paths to go from the character you have now to the character you want. To few choices with to much RNG blocking progress.

  18. Many on my friends list have not logged in more than 30 days and I do not blame them one bit.

    Carrots on the ends of 4,575.9 mile long sticks just don't cut it anymore.

  19. What I have found is that when I do get a legendary, it's usually no help or very little help to my characters. It's a puzzle to me how anyone can progress past normal mode with the quality of the drops. The frequency seems ok, it's enough to keep me playing when I can. I'm a very casual player and I only really get to play on weekends, and even then it's not much, so maybe that's the problem.

    Yesterday for example – I played almost 8 hours throughout the day/night, and only got two legendarys that were of any help in making my characters more powerful. Four of the legs I received were plans for Shinn and Hadrig, two of which were already known by those two. The other two plans were of no use, at least as of right now, because I don't have the crafting materials to make them.

    It's still exciting when a leg drops for me, to see that bright beam go up quickens the heart just a bit. But then when I i.d. it, it's usually disappointing and of no help whatsoever in making my characters more powerful. End of rant.

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