Ninja Diablo 3 Gameplay Footage from Gamescom

VideoGamer has posted 4.5 minutes of ninja footage of Diablo III gameplay from the Gamescom 2011 show floor. It’s very good quality, for video of a monitor, and shows some good footage. Remember though, that this is the Blizzcon 2010 demo. It’s not a current version of the game, so all the interfaces, skill systems, etc, are now very different.

You might also enjoy a bunch of photos, plus this video of the Blizzard booth and the huge line for Diablo III, courtesy of German site

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12 thoughts on “Ninja Diablo 3 Gameplay Footage from Gamescom

    • Yes, in the background. They also have a WoW booth at gamescom with promotional stuff running.

  1. I cant believe it. there is stuttering in that machine
    what a crap engine
    so much for polishing their game, lol

  2. Jesus so we will be able to just spam skills? Whatafuck is that resoruce regeneration? Do they think babies will be playing the most?
    What the hell is this team doing with the franchise??  :p

  3. so why not let them play the beta build?

    is there stuff in the beta build that is still yet to be disclosed?  crazy hidden well kept secrets they weren’t ready to have these folks see yet?  c’mon flux – where’s your conspiracy theories now????


    • No need for conspiracy theories; At the beta press even they gave people HOURS to play the entire build, and in an event like Gamescom (just like Blizzcon) they can only give people around 15 minutes, hence last year’s Blizzcon demo which is designed for 15 minutes of pure fun.

    • Like MengNa said. The beta (according to Nizaris) is equal in length to killing Blood Raven in Act I. Now, I’m sure that some of us could do that in fifteen minutes if we really wanted to, but it just isn’t feasible for a demo (especially since the beta will have a metered pace due to how quests are set up). Other people who played the beta said it took them up to two hours or more.

      Creating an actual demo would have probably wasted development time that they need to push out the beta sooner. Demos, according to many game companies, take a lot of work to create.

  4. I am delighted to see that the graphics are this beautiful in reality. Damn you, gameplay videos and B-rolls!!! 🙂

  5. Great to see the game in video form.  The screenshots just don’t do it justice.  I had no idea the “mana” orbs had a swirling visual effect.  When the demon hunter “pops” that barrel and all the blood comes pouring out… man, the animations for D3 are SWEET.

  6. I love the look of the game honestly.  It has a much more realistic edge than say Torchlight, which is cool.  Also, all the little effects on drops and spells and monster abilities.  It looks really good.  Plus all the environmental effects like fog and lighting, it adds tons of atmosphere to the game.  This video shows someone playing more like a real person and not just rushing through every hallway, but they still don’t touch everything the way I like to when I play.

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