You know Diablo3-esp.net, our friends who started the Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic project? Well, they have recently been visiting Blizzard HQ (more pics here) and it seems the D3 Team has been let into the Blizzard Museum and added some Diablo III artwork to the collections.

    The piece to the right here is the full DiabloWikiTyrael artwork from the Diablo3.com animated background image. Nothing extraordinarily fantastic, but still quite cool. Another full piece of art of the DiabloWikiWizard is also here. We have another version of that image, but it’s cropped a bit. There is a very detailed piece of the DiabloWikiAnimated Vessel, and a brand new monster, the DiabloWikiSand Golem.

    The Sand Golem notes say:

    “Body is mostly sand + black stone.”

    “Face Plate is stone w/ blood dripping from centre.”

    The Sand Golem’s shoulders and hands are mostly stone, and the rest mostly sand. It’s interesting as it almost looks like he’s wearing some sort of collar. It might been set upon it to control it, with gigantic DiabloWikiTeeth of Diablo stuck in. As you can see it looks like it used to have a head. Perhaps these Sand Golems were peaceful before DiabloWikiDiablo started to meddle? Perhaps we’ll see more about the Sand Golem at BlizzCon 2010.

    There are also a couple of pieces of environmental art as well. A new DiabloWikiSpidercave level or tileset in DiabloWikiAct II is shown, which indirectly also reveals there will be “DiabloWikiCaves” level/tileset in DiabloWikiAct I. There’s a quite detailed streetview of DiabloWikiCaldeum, and two unknown areas as well. One might very well be a miner’s village tile set concept, like for DiabloWikiAlcarnus, but we don’t know for sure.

    See all the images after the break. Click an image for a bigger version.

    The DiabloWikiSand Golem, a new monster.

    The DiabloWikiActivated Vessel — the angry form of a DiabloWikiDark Cultist.

    Concept art of DiabloWikiCaldeum.

    Concept art of a DiabloWikiSpider Cave, an area seen in Diablo 2 and apparently returning in Diablo 3?

    Another view of the new Spider Cave.

    Concept art of a city. Unlabeled, but it looks a lot like the DiabloWikiCaldeum Bandit City.

    New concept art. Looks like a dungeon level, with an interesting and crazy series of staircases?

    Thanks Lytus for the tip!

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