Nifty Diablo 3 Planner for Embedding in Forum Posts and Websites

As you may have noticed, the DiabloNut database was updated to v1.0.5 when the patch hit and we have been adding a few tweaks here and there on the site. Today we have added the stand-alone skill planner which solely deals with creating and sharing your skill builds.


The planner can work on any website if the DiabloNut code is inserted so if you have a site or forums you can easily integrate the tool for your community to use (see instructions on the skill planner page). We have also applied the update to the forums here on Diablo: IncGamers so it’s super easy to add your skill builds in your posts or guides without having to leave the comfort of the forums with the click of a link.

There is also a small button on the bottom left to toggle your view from a wide version to long version depending on which fits better for you.

You can also copy anyone’s build, put it in your own post or amend it to suit your needs.

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    5 thoughts on “Nifty Diablo 3 Planner for Embedding in Forum Posts and Websites

    1. Really nice.
      Noticed one slight problem though, the popup you get when you click a skill (choosing rune etc) doesn’t go on top of the stuff in the right column. Tested in FF & IE.

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