Next Diablo 3 Patch Info Incoming

With the recent news that Diablo 3’s PvP Team Deathmatch is now defunct in its current form, we’re eagerly awaiting news of the next patch and of course more PvP information. According to a Tweet made today, that information could be coming very soon. The next few days in fact.

We’re still busy working on the details, but we’re hoping to have it out in the next few days. 🙂

What are your hopes for the next patch and PvP in the update?

Thanks KrakenReloaded.

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    55 thoughts on “Next Diablo 3 Patch Info Incoming

    1. I hope they enable the code for dueling that was present in the game at launch 8 months ago so we can run around one shoting each other. No seriously… anything would be better than logging in to farm Act 3 one more time.

      • I hope they got a new direct though USB drive anal rape feature, cause D3 players did not get enough of assinvasion…

      • i’m gonna give act 2 a shot, are packs still spawning like crazy in the vault of the assassin in desolate sands?

    2. One of the top things I’m looking for is some improvements for crafting. It’s nothing short of useless currently. I’d like to see more improvements to 2-handers as well. Outside of Skorn, they still suck.

    3. First I just want to know what they’ve been working on the last 3 months 😮

      Then I hope for the OWE nerf so we can be done with that. And also hopefully a reason to play other acts than act 3 plus some incentive to play a bit multiplayer. Perhaps a reason to go beyond MP0 for farming…?

      • LOL what makes you assume they have been working the past three months?

        Myself I will be happy just to see this patch come out this year at this point.

        • Better that they do it now than continue to just say they will do it eventually in each patch. I have been a monkplayer myself from the start and am still, tired of waiting for something that they will do eventually.

      • They already told us what they had been “working” on the past several months. They were fiddling with PvP battlegrounds and PvP damage trying to get them to turn into something playable. Obviously you wont get the see any of that work in this patch. I’m sure they worked on other very minor items that will be ready to go but short of dueling and minor fixes that won’t impress anyone I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Major things like items sucking, lack of build diversity, farming Act 3 getting old, crafting being totally retarded, and group play still sucking CERTAINLY won’t be touched this coming patch. Some of those probably won’t even be fixable with an expansion pack.

    4. identify all

      identify immediately

      crafting improvements

      elemental damage/elemental side effects

      more gem choices/gem stats

      capture the flag PvP

      travel between Acts

      maintain NV between Acts

      increase monster density

      Monster Power on public games

      release by end of January

      • Identify all and MP in public would go a good length to improving multiplayer for sure. Add in some way to label the game’s purpose (e.g. Alkaiser001, A1 woods fields) and you’re on your way. Ever made a public game on the last quest and try to get people to run different areas? It completely blows their mind.

        And they could improve A4 alot by just letting NV carry over. Doing Heart of Sin and leading into A4 with 5 stacks would be nice. Then just increase mob density and scatter some more trash mobs around. If hell has invaded heaven, there should be giant groups of demons right? Oh, maybe any type of event or random dungeon/tower. Now I’m asking alot.

    5. Btw, “next few days” is just another way to say “soon”. So expect to wait for a while for this update 😀

    6. I’d like to see an Arena mode where players could challenge and wager IGG or even the gear they’re wearing (sort of like racing for pink slips). And in this Arena mode you should be able to spectate and also wager IGG on the fighters as well.

    7. Only thing I care about is some sort of revamp/relook at A1, 2, and 4. Its ridiculous that doing anything other than the same few areas of act 3 is not only half the xp, but incredibly more tedious (trees I’m looking at you). If they increased mob density and tweaked a few of the more obnoxious monster types the game itself wouldn’t be bad at all. And of course doing something to make it even mildly worthwhile to fight sub and act bosses would be a bonus.

    8. Remember when they said “the next few days” 2 weeks ago! These morons at Blizz are just trolling now.

    9. I’ll be happy if they fix the dashing strike bug finally so I can play my monk again. They really need an item sink in this game, NOTHING sells on the AH any more cause everyone is geared. Imagine something that would make people buy items off the ah again.

      • There 2 solutions to the item problem that I can perceive:

        1) Add ladders.

        2) Use powercreep. Add OP new stuff like new and legendaries or up the stat-caps on a bunch of different stats on a bunch of different item slots. Old stuff becomes useless and everyone buys and collects new stuff. The system fails long-term however.

        Bonus 1) Make every character hardcore. Why not, Blizzards no stranger to f*ing over its fans and now items leave the economy.

        I’m not saying I want any of these. Just that they’d fix your proposed buying/selling problem.

        • I think that would be awesome, just to see:

          “Good Morning. All your characters are now Hardcore. Enjoy!”

    10. Boy, am I glad that I found Path of Exile so I won’t longer have to worry about this game and it’s depressing lack of improvement. I used to watch this site every other day or so, hoping that some much needed fixes were coming our way. Something along the lines of patch 1.04 and 1.05 but then 10 times more drastic.

      About a month or two ago, I gave up all hope of this game ever fixing it’s major problems anytime soon, so I tried out the PoE beta. Turns out it’s the best game I’ve played in 2012 and it’s not even out of closed beta yet. To be honest, I was skeptical about the game before, but having played it extensively, I can safely say it’s an ARPG player’s dream. Awesome customization, awesome itemization.

    11. Zappafan, you read my mind. Making PVP available for people to watch and interact would be really cool.

      ^Just go play PoE then, if thats whay you like, blow your fuckin brains out with it. Have they ever fixed the absolutely shitty graphics?

    12. With 800+ hour logged primarily on my Wizard, with most of that time spent on stacking DPS I really hope they fix “Reflects” affix bug. That really kills the fun for me.

      Other than fixing Reflects issue, for Akarat’s sake add identify ALL button somewhere. Is not true that 99.9% of the time, the rare drops are garbage? Fine, say majority of the drops are really crappy. If agree with that, then why do I need to ID each and every item where each one has up to almost a second to identify? Sigh…super annoying.

      Those two are on top of my wish list for the next patch.

      • I’m going to quote myself from a long time ago when it was argued that D3 needs to be more fun and have an ID-all button:

        “Diablo isn’t a game about fun. It’s a game about grinding away in a semi-meditative state wile being stuck in a giant skinner box. The game’s a slot-machine. Designed to trigger chemical reactions in your brain. Lets draw a simple comparison: you pull a slot machine, it deliberately takes a few seconds before the outcome is shown. You identify an item, it deliberately takes a few seconds before the outcome is shown. (This is why there will never be an identify-all-quick-use button btw)”

        I should also mention, when I originally wrote the above we didn’t have the 6 second timer to ID legendaries. Legendary are supposed to be something good to look forward to and hope drop for you. Them having a higher id time straightens my argument.

        TL;DR: Never going to get no-ID or ID-all. The anticipation of finding out if you got something worthwhile and the accompanied chemical reaction in your brain is a core reason why people are addicted to this game.

        • The problem with the slot machine analogy is slot machines let you win sometimes. There’s no sense of anticipation when you feel like you know the outcome already.

    13. My main gripe with D3 is the fact it is TOOO easy. All the details aside, there is no complexicty or depth. Once you have gotten the top gears, there is nothing much to do, actually thing is nothing to do.

      Here is what I think happened. This is just my opinion, so JWilson don’t take it personally. But I think the D3 team did not plan out this project well at all! I think the original idea for D3 was great, but they ran out of time and had to get out a rushed product (either that or the team is just not talented enough).

      Here are some evidence of that:
      1) Notice how act 1 was huge and had variety. You had the highlands, dungeons, forests, and crypts. Act 2 was about the same way, desert, realms, sewers and wetlands. But you get to Act 3, you see it was really linear, the outpost, keep and the tower levels. Act 4 was really bad, the high heavens were the only thing. You see a trend here? Seems like they spend so much time on act 1/2, but seems like they ran out of time for act 3/4.

      2) Originally the game had skill runes (similar to POE’s skills gems) where you can vary your skills by these runes and they can be leveled up (forging them like gems) to be more powerful. Check out the videos for evidence. Also, word about charms and enchants were also promising. But where are these things now? Did they run out of time to incorporate everything?

      3) I can really go on, like how PvP was not shipped, all damages (melee/magic) are all based on weapon atk rating, lack of item creativity, etc…

      All these are signs that either the team is not capable of making the game, or the team simply ran out of time (which is the project manager’s fault). In either case, the project manager needs to take responsibility.

      • I felt similarly on point 1 When I played d3 at launch. I’m thinking perhaps it was longer and had a different layout at some point due to either the plot/story being changed or it was changed because of internal feedback. Something along the lines of act 1 and 2 were long but a3 and 4 being long is not “fun”.

        Honestly though I don’t think it’s about not planning ahead, but second third and fourth guessing their design decisions. So many iterations and changes were made so close to release its no wonder there are so many problems.

      • Not to mention that act 1 has these random quest events you can encounter. Don’t remember much of those in Act 2 and none in 3 and 4. At the end of the day, for me the lack in customization and crappy itemization killed it.

        My guess is that they got a very strict deadline to get the game out a few months before the pandapack and their goals were too ambitious. Then they got some wow people in who did their over-polishing and balancing and there you have it.

    14. Maybe they’ll get following for creating an item sink again: put a possibility in the crafting system, to upgrade your Items. When they are getting higher, there is an increased possibility, that the items can break by the next Upgrade you do. So, from time to time, when you wanted to get an even better UBER-Item, you failed, and need a new one after it brake –> people will buy Items again, cause they try to get better and better items via crafting/upgrading and fail from time to time

    15. I’d love a crafting overhaul.
      I would also like the AH changed a bit.
      I was looking for stone of jordan with spirit regen, you can’t sellect it in the dropdown boxes, so you have to manually sift trough all of em to find one.
      I would color the stats that normally wouldn’t be available on a certain item slot, but they would still be selectable, so you can look for those odd legendaries and such.

      • @kamap
        Select all armor – bonus vs elite and spirit regen – only monk sojs will appear. But you still can’t select skills like tempest rush or multishot for dh.
        Isn’t the monk long overdue for a buff? They said they will rework the skills. Maybe this patch. Or not.

    16. ID All is one for me as well.

      I would like to see awesome legendaries that I could create a build around. One item is so bad-ass that it doesn’t matter as much what your other gear is.

      I would hope act 3 & 4 would be fleshed out/enlarged in the expansion. I don’t think we will see that in a patch at this point.

    17. Yeh. Another next few days tweet. How many weeks of dead silence are we going to have to endure before we get a tweet saying they spoke too soon and more info will be coming soon? How many weeks has it been since Blizzard said 1.07 info was coming soon?

    18. 1) Identify all. Could put on merchant at a cost.

      2) Automated gem combine, at least within a single tier

      3) “skip all dialog boxes” toggle

      4) Dueling

      5) New compelling crafting recipes requiring materials from act1-4

      6) New hellfire recipes, with crit, ias, or critical hit damage that always spawn

      7) Skill tweaks for more build variety

      8) Move waypoints in act2 and 1 to make alk style runs there possible.

      9) Way more elites in act4 as mp goes up.

      10) Nv below level 60.

      11) Nv stack granted for completing quests/chapters.

      12) Nv stack cap increase to 6,7,8 as you kill act bosses. Bosses also grant a stack.

    19. HA HA HA! Guys. Seriously, guys. I check back in on the scene after several months offline and I see that pvp is STILL not even close to being released. Just sayin… I’m glad I got out when I did.

    20. I agree with most of those 12 points. 10 and 11 aren’t good ideas to me the rest is good.
      12 implies that nv stacks don’t drop after an act which would be awsome.

      I would also like something done about the randomness on items (less) and random on maps (more).

      If a monk only weapon drops, make sure it always has dex.
      Or make it possible to change the stats for a cost / chance the weapon breaks / a portion of the stat is lowered 200 str -> 180 dex or so.
      The more stats you change, the higher the chance the weapon breaks / the more the stat it will change into is lowered.

      Offcourse the ah overhaul I talked about earlier is still on my list.

    21. Patch 1.07 will only come AFTER the next WOW 5.2 patch goes live.

      That’s normal: what would you do ? Subscriptions take priority.

      The same goes for organised PvP forms: you will only see that one AFTER the Blizzard DOTA will have launched (aka Blizzard All Stars).

      Blizzard wants to support D3, but to the extent of making other Blizzard games extinct.

      D3 is a perfect on line game filler (between sessions of other Blizzard games), you have to play it as such and then D3 rocks greatly.

      A casual dungeon crawler on line that’s ALWAYS there to jump in for a few moments. Nothing more nothing less: a kind of Gauntlet with long term golas (Paragon, Hardcore, etc…).

      Learn to enjoy the game as it is.

    22. Of course I meant to say : “Blizzard wants to support D3, but NOT to the extent of making other Blizzard games extinct.”

      Time to get an editor in this room.

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