Next Diablo 3 Beta Key Wave Sent

diablo 3 beta invites
It could be you!

It’s the start of the week which means that a new round of Beta keys have gone out from Blizzard.

If you are gagging to get on the beta the check your email, perhaps you were one of the lucky ones this time round.

Thanks Lukk1989 for confirming they are now winging their way to new testers. If you did make it in this time don’t forget to drop me a PM so I can pimp your forum title with the coveted Diablo 3 Beta Tester title.

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    52 thoughts on “Next Diablo 3 Beta Key Wave Sent

    1. yeah ! another week without invitation :O , not that i ever had any hopes to get into the beta – just saying :/

    2. Not gonna lie, I always think I’m gonna get into it, even now.
      I sure hope they send invites even after this facebook event thing.

      I’d like at least a hope of getting into the beta while I wait endlessly for the real thing to ship out.

    3. I just checked my account and I got beta from the opt in today!!!

      I also have a very modern computer with i7 and amazing video card that I just bought a few months ago so I guess those need to be tested too!

      I was thinking I’ll check again, but I know I won’t get in.  Then it was right there staring at me and I pinched myself and nope I wasn’t dreaming!


      “Diablo III® Beta
      [DIII-1] (Beta)
      Public Test Realm (PTR)”

      • Same here! I checked Facebook and it was a no go, but I checked my account like always and there it was 🙂

        Keep checking your Battlenet accounts guys!

      • You got a new computer and you got a beta key….just rub it in why don’t you.
        Hehehe….grats though!  😀

    4. I am wondering if as many mac users as pc users are selected to play the beta, I choose to use my mac instead of my pc for the system checker

    5. So like usual I checked this site to see if any keys got released and with a sigh I checked my email and…………………… I actually got in!!!! so just letting you guys know because I always see everyone talking about people from the site getting it!  It’s possible 🙂 <3

    6. I regularly read the site and forums (though I am not registered) but I am happy to announce that I got IN too (Opt-in). Good luck to everyone else.

    7. I am a hella beasty gaming rig. and I’m still not in, again. and I check ever monday and tuesday.

      this is depressing

    8. I got in, but I didn’t get an email. It’s on my game account, but Blizz never sent me an email about it. Anyone else have the same issue? And is anyone else also experiencing server problems where they’re stuck at the login screen with error 3006 “request has timed out”?!

    9. would be a great time for me but… you know with my luck ill just end up waiting till release, ill buy skyrim soon if d3WONT be out in a month or two

    10. WOOO!!! I got an invite (opt-in) I think. 

      Soooo excited to be a part of this chapter in DIII development!

    11. Attn Blizzard:  Why don’t you just TELL me what system specs you want to test and I will build that machine!

      • It’s a pretty big misconception that your system specs will get you into the beta.  People are just trying to find ways of explaining the phenomenon of luck.

    12. i have intel core 2 duo, nvidia geforce 8800GT, i dont think it has anything to do with it.. no invite for me.

    13. You don’t need to get the email once you get the opt-in on your account. I downloaded everything today, after a a dozen 3003 errors it finally logged in. I created a character but it disconnects from after about 60 seconds every time. I have tried asking questions on the actual beta forums regarding the servers being down or not but no one says anything. So, try logging on and see what it’s doing for those of you who got the opt-in.

    14. HOLY !&@#*!^#(!$* I GOT IN!!

      No email yet but I checked my account and D3 BETA – Public Test Realm is sitting there 🙂

      From Australia, overclocked i5, Win7.

      • the last couple weeks there have been quite a few aussies, if you’d been reading…  makes me wonder if Americans are victims of Beta Invite Affirmative Action…  haha

    15. no invite for me 🙁

      I’ve decided that if Christmas rolls around before i get a key i’ll send blizzard a piece of coal.

    16. what does it look like on the bnet account page when it says you’re in? 🙂 just out of curiosity

      • When you log in under, you’ll see a game added to your account that specifically says “Diablo III Beta”  The one that says “Coming Soon” you won’t be able to click on.

    17. i pretty much gave up trying to get a beta key, i see topics like this and my hopes dont even go up, its like my soul is being torn apart!

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