Next Activision/Blizzard Investor Conference Call on 2 August 2012

The Activision/Blizzard second quarter 2012 financial  results conference call will take place on Thursday 2 August and as usual it will be broadcast live via the investor website. Expect it to be up-beat with the huge sales of Diablo 3, and don’t expect much discussion about the problems with Diablo 3, I’m sure the management will be body-swerving those questions if they arise.

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    9 thoughts on “Next Activision/Blizzard Investor Conference Call on 2 August 2012

    1. $360 000 000 in sales for D3

      the RMAH is doing fantastic, many users making much money

      the PvP patch is on schedule

      everything is glorious !

    2. yeah, just imagine if the game was actually good and 70-80% hadn’t already quit the game lol. who knows the exact % but if peoples friends lists that have evaporated and games are any indication.. /shrug.

      I wouldn’t say I have quit completely, but I log in, maybe get 5 stacks, maybe not.. run in to an uber elite pack with insane mods.. die, then say, oh yeah, that’s why I quit. I log out

      I find myself playing minecraft till gw2 and torchlight 2 comes out.. got beta for PoE, might play it some more now with the new recent patches..

      • Even on Xfire the number of players is around 40% retention rate (not played time). So I wonder where you would get that 80% leaving ?

        As Xfire is a closed non random and non changing number of club members it is a PRETTY GOOD number of people that keep playing from the original launch.

        2 months after launch now and so with a 25-30% future retention rate it beats every other non PvP game with ease (just look at playing numbers of May Payne as newly launched or even Skyrim) on that Xfire sample.

        Also I always wonder how people “quit” a B2P game. It is only a click away of being played.

        Unless you were foolish enough to desinstall the most successful PC game since 2005.

        You don’t like ? Many other do and keep playing it while it resides on their Hard Disks.

        • “closed non random and non changing number of club members it is a PRETTY GOOD number of people that keep playing”

          😆 at non-random being a pretty good indication of anything

          that’s like polling the POE forums and asking them what’s better, POE or D3

          hey ! I asked a closed non random and non changing number of people which was better and they said POE, so that proves it ! 🙄

          • By the quote I meant that by using this “closed non random and non changing number of club members” only shows an intitial point at launch.

            And so it is logical to compare it with retention rates of other games in “that limited club”.

            Xfire doesn’t mean anything for the global PC players, but it shows a trend of retention rates within their club.

            To be scientific you would need a random and CHANGING sample like any other decent tracking tool.

            Nevertheless it shows that 10k+ Xfire players still play Diablo 3 from launch (coming from around 26K after the initial burst play of launch).

            Xfire doesn’t track the new “non club” members though. So its rentention after 2 months is still far above that 25-30% mark of any new game. Compare it with the newest Max Payne which launched at the same time.

            The long term playing value with D3 comes with new adapted loot tables, PvP and the RMAH.

            As a matter of fact only PvP games tend to stay at a certain high playing volume these days.

            So : people who stated 80-90% left already are proven wrong (they mostly deduced it from the public games change in numbers after patch 1.3, but as explained by Blizzard, they changed the calculation of public games within that patch from 1 player open games to 4 player open games).

      • I would be surprised if most of the 7m+ people kept playing after “beating the game” (killing Diablo). The average person isn’t a hardcore grinder. Beat the final baddie and move on to the next game. 😛

        • This.

          A lot of casuals boght this game. Most people on this site obviously have no clue what “casual” really means. They are happy to pay 60$ for a game, play though it on normal difficulty in few weeks and that’s it. They’ve seen it, they have no more interest. I know, it sounds unimaginable, because this game was supposed to devour most of your spare time for the next 10 years.

        • Indeed. In fact, if Bashiok is to be believed, we have WoW like retention rate for the first 1.5 months, and that’s probably very good news for the investor conference, despite whatever QQing that occurs in the forums. If that is a failure, then I don’t know what is success.

          Regardless, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a >50% drop off in player rate. I stopped playing SC2 after I beat Brutal, and that didn’t take too long. (I still follow eSports, but I hardly touched ladder myself.)

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