A number of new Blizzard posts on RMAH issues today. First is news from Cisgo, reporting something that took me by surprise. There’s sales tax charged on RMAH purchases?

    I made a purchase on the auction house and noticed I was charged sales tax. I have been using other legal RMAH products since 2005 (Station Exchange, Live Gamer, etc.) and never seen or heard of sales tax on player to player virtual goods transaction. I think it is bad enough that Blizzard represents a 15% PayPal transaction fee when they are only paying 2.2% to PayPal (transfers are free) and pocketing the other 12.8%. I would think that would be enough (along with the $1.00 fee) considering the highest transfer fee I have ever seen in any other service was 10% total sale without any other Mickey Mouse fees.

    Any accountants out there that wish to take a stab at this and reply I would appreciate it, thanks.

    This is probably buried in the RMAH ToS that no one reads until it’s too late. Maybe everyone’s paying California’s quite high state sales tax on sales, since that’s where Blizzard’s located? Or just US residents? Or just California residents?

    Other fans had other technical problems with the RMAH, and a few of their queries got replied to on the Battle.net forums.

    Bobby Kotick reacts to the RMAH launch.

    RMAH Will Not Allow PayPal Setup

    I noticed that the auction house was back up, so I figured I’d try out the USD function. Now, mind you, I’d been trying to locate the information on how to set up a PayPal account to receive since the game launched, but the information is rather cleverly hidden or non-existent. So, I tried it in-game, and was surprised to learn that the auction house offered to let me set up an account in-game. Naturally, I decided to try it.

    Nothing happened. “Click Ok to set up an account now” was the message, but absolutely nothing happened. I clicked it once and the message stayed. After about a minute, I clicked it again and the dialog box closed, returning me to my auction listing (which still would not process).

    So, I’m honestly confused as to how this is supposed to work. The Battle.net site offers no information on setup, the in-game client refuses to function, and the forums are devoid of any useful topics (as expected). Can I ask a Blizzard representative to point me in the right direction?
    Lylirra: This is an issue we’re looking to address. In the meantime, if you’d like to set up a PayPal account for use on the real-money auction house (which will also include setting up Battle.net SMS Protect), you can start that process here: https://us.battle.net/account/d3/auction-house/landing.html

    There’s also some additional information about setting up Battle.net Balance and PayPal here.

    My account has a Paypal Attached however when i change the option to use Paypal it still is saying my Paypal isnt attached.
    Lylirra: For clarity: have you set up that PayPal account for use in the real-money auction house? There’s a separate process for that: https://us.battle.net/account/d3/auction-house/landing.html

    If you’ve already done this, please let me know.

    When I follow the link https://us.battle.net/account/d3/auction-house/landing.html and select continue to paypal, and then log into paypal I get this message
    Lylirra: Have you synced up a PayPal account with your Battle.net account? Here are the steps.

    Just rechecked and yes my PayPal is setup and listed under my options. Just won’t let me sell via PayPal still.
    Lylirra: Looks like everything is set up fine on your end. Would you be willing to exit the game, wait for a bit, and then try again? There may just be an odd delay in the game recognizing your PayPal account.

    Amazing how complicated it is to give Bobby 30% of your transaction, isn’t it? There’s more of the same in another blue post, if you click through to see it.

    How long to get $ to bnet balance? 24 hours ago i transferred 10 bucks from my credit card, just to have a bit of cash in my bnet balance… Yet its still “queued”.. How long does it take?
    Lylirra: Adding funds to Battle.net Balance typically takes between 3 to 5 days when using a credit card. Other types of payment transfer might take a bit longer.

    Another player already linked this post, but I’d encourage you to also check out the Battle.net Balance FAQ. Should cover most of your questions. 🙂

    I’m not a genius, but I would like to think that if something is well documented, I can figure it out just by reading the docs.
    Lylirra: You buy items with multiple different types of payment — including PayPal and credit cards. It’s not required that you use Battle.net Balance specifically.

    You can also collect the proceeds of successful sales via PayPal, too. The other option is, of course, Battle.net Balance.

    I’m sorry that wasn’t immediately clear. 🙁 If you have some time, there’s quite a few resources related to the real-money auction house here.

    Anyone dipped toes into the RMAH yet? Reports I’ve heard are that prices are still all over the place, with most people listing items for vastly more than they’re worth, just hoping to get lucky. Anyone found bargains? Hoping for a profitable resale? Or are you so disgusted by the P2W that you’re just counting the minutes until TL2’s launch?

    We have a quick ‘n’ dirty poll going on on our Facebook page right now which asks the question “Will you use the newly launched RMAH?” – Yes, right away. I have gear saved up or I’m going to wait to see how it goes first or No intention of using the RMAH.  Which category do you fall into?

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