• Diablo III Community Manager Bashiok made a post yesterday on the WoW D3 forum with some info on respecing.
      There will almost definitely be some sort of system to respec; however, it isn’t likely to be as liberal as World of Warcraft. We don’t want to lock a player into a system that punishes them for mistakes, experimenting, or lack of knowledge early on in the game. We also don’t think a system that allows immediate, complete, and at-a-whim changes to a character spec matches the feel of Diablo. It’s likely to be somewhere in between.

      That said we still feel like the desire to play the same class again that you may have played before is still a part of the game, and with some ability to respec could potentially require other incentives.

    • In less happy Battle.net forum news, the tech-troubled D3 forum is being blasted by a spam attack this morning. 2500 pages of junk posts, and counting. Screenshot here.
    • Articles that summarize what’s been going on in the Diablo III community since the game’s launch are popping up on various gaming and tech sites. None of these are likely to have anything you guys don’t know already, but if you want to read more people writing about D3, click away. Jonric gives his D3 thoughts in his weekly RPG Vault column, GamesPlanet NZ summarizes the graphics debate, and Pacific Daily News from Guam runs down the game’s features.
    • Elsewhere, VoodooExtreme had a correspondent file a video report from the WWI with some early reactions to Diablo III. This is a week old, but if you want to see a pretty girl talk about D3 as though she really cares, where else are you going to go?

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