Another day, another landslide of D3-related news.

    [*]Mtv’s MP blog has posted an interview with Blizzard’s COO Paul Sams, and Executive VP of Product Development Frank Pearce. This one focuses on the overlap in player bases and marketing between their 3 upcoming titles, their release schedule, new gaming applications, and more. A quote:

    On why Diablo III isn’t an MMO:
    Sams: When we’re deciding what type of game we’re going to make, we look at what the gameplay experience is going to be. We talked to the team a lot and say, What is it you want to play? What is it that you want to make? And we really felt like Diablo is a franchise that is very cooperative in the manner in which you play it. We felt like the gameplay experience that we had delivered historically with being in a non-persistent world was the right way to do it for this particular product. I think a lot of people expected us to say that this is going to be an MMO maybe an obvious choice in a lot of people’s minds. But really, the bottom line is we thought the right game to make was Diablo III in the way that we’ve announced it.

    [*]In other news, Kotaku has posted a bunch of D3 artwork they say is new. Sadly it’s not, it was all on Blizzard’s site the day D3 was announced (and has been in our D3 Artwork gallery since then), but who are we to deny you additional eye candy?

    [*]In other recurring themes, WiredGamePlanet,  and Gamasutra all comment on the previously-reported surge in D2 battlechest sales.

    [*]And Bit-Tech and Fragland comment on the previously-reported news that Diablo III might be adapted to a console release. (If you’d like to join an acrimonious argument about the console issue, complete with an online petition, step right this way.)

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