• Diablo III looked great at BlizzCon, but we know that there’s still a great deal of work to be finished on the project, a point driven home by the fact that Blizzard’s employment page still has a considerable (worrying?) number of key jobs open on the D3 Team. They’re not just “3rd assistant programmer” type openings either; 4 of the positions begin with the word “senior” and Blizzard is still actively looking for a new art director, a position which opened up back in August when Brian Morrisroe left the company.
    • GamerZines are free, downloadable, .pdf format gaming magazines. They look like any other gaming magazine, with short game bits, feature articles, and ads, but they are digital, so they have animations and trailers embedded in the pages, along with other nifty features. The latest issue features Diablo III on the cover, and has a lot of post-Blizzcon info about D3, as well as SC2 and WoW. There are numerous Diablo 3 screenshots (none are new, despite the “exclusive” tags on most of them), some good info about the game, and even a short interview (text or audio) with Jay Wilson. Download the 30meg file here.
    • The SF Examiner’s games blog has a post about the high standard D3 has to meet, illustrated by the Seven Reasons why Diablo II Kicked Butt!

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