News Bites: Bashy Bye, Blizzcon 2013, TL2 1m, and Morhaime Interview

Catching up on some miscellaneous, not-quite-D3 news bits from early in the New Year:

  • DiabloWikiBashiok‘s not been seen on the D3 forums in months, while we’ve seen dozens of posts from Lylirra, Vaeflare, and Grimiku, so it wasn’t a real shock when Bashy returned from the Christmas holidays with an announcement that now that he’d rejoined the WoW CM team full time, he was going back to his pre-D3 CM name of Drysc.

    I was curious how the WoW community would take it, and skimmed the comments on this thread from WoW Insider with curiosity. There’s no consensus there; opinions are all over the place ranging from D3 bashing to forum bashing to Bashy bashing. So I guess there is consensus… that any excuse to complain about anything is a good one. Welcome to the Internet!!1!

  • Mike Morhaime kicked off 2013 by re-confirming what he announced in November of last year:
    Happy new year everyone! Hope to see you at #blizzcon 2013. –MikeMorhaime

    There was no Blizzcon 2012 and most fans figure that’s because the timing didn’t work well to promote upcoming Blizzard products. D3 came out in May 2012, WoW Panda was coming out in Sept 2012, and SC2 news was already well known, so what would they have done at Blizzcon in October? The obvious question then, is what they’ll have to debut at DiabloWikiBlizzcon 2013 in 8 or 10 months? WoW expansion? Project Titan revealed? D3 expansion?

  • Congrats to Max, Erich, and all the others at Runic Games for Torchlight 2 hitting the 1m sales mark.
  • Finally, Forbes has a new interview with Rob Pardo in which he talks about WoW patches, SC2, digital game delivery and more. There’s one D3-related question:

    Do you see potential for Diablo III’s Auction House translating to other games like World of Warcraft?
    Rob Pardo: I’m not so sure. I think it’s a really interesting thing that we did with the Auction House and I think there were some pros and cons with Diablo, but I really don’t see it ever coming to World of Warcraft because World of Warcraft was never designed for it. It really wasn’t designed up and we already have a player economy. We have an Auction House in the game for virtual currency of course, but I really don’t ever see us bringing real money currency to World of Warcraft like that.

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    15 thoughts on “News Bites: Bashy Bye, Blizzcon 2013, TL2 1m, and Morhaime Interview

    1. “I really don’t see it ever coming to World of Warcraft because World of Warcraft was never designed for it”

      So… D3 was designed for auction house, not the other way around?!?

        • Sure it’s obvious, but Blizzard would never publicly say such a thing. This is their closest public statement to saying Diablo 3 was built around the auction house.

          • No, not really. Bashiok in the past said that drop-rates were designed with the auction house in mind.

            Some ridiculous idiots on the forums took this to mean that the drop-rates were determined by the items that were currently present in the AH (eg, if there were many of a particular legendary item up, they thought it meant fewer of them would then drop in the game).

      • Diablo’s basic design supports Real-money trading due to the fact that anything in a game can be bought for X sum of money. MMORPGs instead work more on progress rather than luck. So, yes, RMAH was designed for Diablo. Okay, not designed, rather adapted from the deep Black-market culture that was rampant in D2.

      • If you want to learn how to piss of fans, come to Blizzard. We’ll show you how it is done! I wonder when the faux pas comes that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Can’t be far away now. It’s already been seen on the horizon! (By the nephew of a friends friends brides uncle, of course… ;))

        But really: Hasn’t the PR-crew done enough overtime last year for years to come?

    2. “Ohhhhhhh Diablo 3, yeah we actually created the auction house first and slapped a minigame around it.”

    3. Diablo2 was played all the time with real money paid to illegal sites and dupers.

      You guys are a bunch of idiots for blaming Blizzard to correct the gold maffia.

      • Except drops were designed around the AH. I don’t have a problem with the rmah or AH in fact I still like them, but I do have a problem with the design philosophy of tweaking how items drop because of the inherent inclusion of the AH.

        • Let me see, action RPG with stats and generic D&D-style stats.

          If the game was designed around the AH it would have had items that can ONLY be attained from the AH. Instead, the game is designed around monsters which drop the loot. No bang without matter.

          • No, you’re wrong. This should be obvious when you compare unique drop-rates in D2 to the legendaries in D3, even with the 100% increase and free MF from Paragon, it still isn’t as high as D2.

            Also Bashiok said they designed the drop-rates with the AH in mind. See my comment earlier up this thread.

    4. Sometimes my guess is to read the instead of …
      Someone else feel that?

      • I realize you’re just trolling for the sake of trolling, but just out of curiosity I checked, and the last news item with a TL2 tag was posted back in September. Nearly 4 months ago.

        On that topic, if Jay Wilson and Wyatt Chang publicly leave Blizzard in 2017 after two successful expansion packs, and a new dev team takes over to make a whole new D4, and Wyatt and Jay form a new gaming company to make ARPGs in the D3 style… we’ll probably post semi-regular news updates about what Jay and Wyatt are doing with their new game.

        Just giving advance warning, as such occasional digressions are apparently rather upsetting to some.

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