Bashiok and the other GMs created a couple of special “patch preview” threads on April first, giving players a heads up on some upcoming game changes. You do not need to play WoW or SC2 to enjoy reading them (I don’t and I did), so it’s recommended. Here are some quotes.

    WoW Patch 4.1.11 Preview

    We?re introducing an all-new Random Guild Finder! Players may use this new feature to queue for automatic guild placement. You?ll be placed with a random guild at the click of a button, allowing you to partake in whatever content they may or may not be doing. After being placed, you?ll receive a cooldown which will not allow you to leave the guild, or for them to remove you from the guild, for fourteen days. Get to know your new friends! We?re sure they?ll enjoy getting to know you. If the guild you?re automatically placed in does not exist on your current realm you?ll be automatically charged for a paid realm transfer and moved there.

    • Players in capital cities will receive a 2-hour debuff ?Homebody? that increases damage taken and reduces damage and healing given by 10% for every 10 minutes they?re within city limits. We hope this encourages something.
    • Due to player feedback regarding night elf, blood elf, and worgen ?flippy? jumps, player characters can no longer jump.
    • Druid forms are now considered vehicles, allowing one player to ride on the druid?s back while in any form, even their humanoid form.
    • Paladins are now required to tithe 10% of their gold income to their church.
    • Some paladin abilities did not contain the words Sanctity, Divine, or Justice. This has been corrected.
    • All NPCs now have a 25% chance to Dodge right-clicks.

    They’ve also officially changed the spelling of Rogue to “Rouge” since more people used that anyway. It’s nice to see that the spelling ability of B.net users has changed not at all since 1996.

    There’s a SC2 patch preview as well, Again click to read the whole thing; these are just some highlights that amused me:

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty ? Patch 1.4.11

    • Players who do not type “GG” before quitting a game will receive an automatic loss for bad manners.
    • To balance the issue of Zerg under-representation and Terran over-representation in the upper ladder brackets, the names of these two races have been switched. This should result in higher “Zerg” representation and lower ?Terran? representation.
    • Due to lack of appreciation by players, the Mothership has been surgically altered to be sleeker and more visually appealing, and has been renamed to the Cougarship. The Cougarship will automatically gravitate toward enemy units that have been in play for 18-21 minutes and attempt to bring them back to the nearest friendly base.
    • The Ghost can no longer be produced. Once a Ghost’s progress bar is partially complete it will be postponed indefinitely.
    • Fixed a bug where Terran players were able to lose a game.

    No such patch notes or other similar features were posted for Diablo III because THEY DO NOT LOVE US.

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