I posted a batch of these a few days ago, showing off the Monk screenshots newly added to Blizzard’s community site, and planned to do updates with all the new screens, sorted by class. continuing that update series seemed pointless for a moment yesterday, with new Beta screenshots blowing up… but now that we know the full beta won’t start for a week or two, and that leaked screens may be few and far between during the F&F beta — here’s more! This time we’ve got the new Witch Doctor shots, and like last time, these aren’t just thumbnails, since those are no fun.

    I’ve cropped interesting bits out of the better shots, and you can view them in much larger close-up size, then click them to see the full screens, most of which are huge, 2560×1600 dimensions. Sadly, we don’t have a super-leggy kick pic to start off with, but here’s something just as good… putrescent corpses!

    Corpses in Diablo III show very obvious signs of what killed them. Monsters that die frozen can shatter like in Diablo II, but more often you’ll see burned bodies from fire, splattered bodies from DiabloWikicritical hits, blackened bodies from lightning, glowing purple corpses from Arcane, and perhaps most noticeably, green, smoking, rotting, disgusting corpses of monsters killed by poison attacks. Such as the DiabloWikiPoison Dart skill the Witch Doctor is firing away here. See the full shot for a good splash impact from one such dart, and some nice DiabloWikiMongrel tanking as well, as two of them chew on an DiabloWikiUnburied.

    You also can’t miss the glowing blue item drop there, on the top right. It’s a ring, a magical one by the blue glow, and it’s been “enlarged to show texture” like they say about the picture on the front of your box of cereal.

    Click through for half a dozen more screen closeups from Witch Doctor screens, all from Act One, with captions and stuff. There’s even a bonus ninja shot of the Act One DiabloWikiwaypoints that you may not have seen yet.

    One of the first quests in Diablo III orders your character out of town to deal with the “Wretched Mothers.” Besides sounding like a good name for a rock band, those “mothers” are actually zombies with an interesting behavior. They vomit. A lot. Like, even more than a cheerleader.

    Worse yet, their puke isn’t just a margarita-based substance that’s expelled to help them maintain a trim figure… it’s actually a sort of petri dish that grows (births?) additional zombies of the type you see in the full screenshot. Yes, zombies will rise up out of the pink and green spew as long as the Wretched Mother that um… laid it (?) remains alive. Well, functional. (This can be seen a couple of times in the most recent gameplay movie.)

    It’s not often in Diablo that a mop would prove a more useful weapon than a sword, but this might be one such occasion.

    A nice view of two “firedogs,” DiabloWikiMongrels enhanced with fire, (which adds fire damage to their attacks and causes nearby enemies to burst into flame) courtesy of the DiabloWikiCrimson rune. Mongrels got fire (or poison) from being hit by [/wiki]Witch Doctor spells[/wiki] in earlier versions of the game, but that went away when the devs decided to provide the effect via [/wiki]Runestones[/wiki]. We don’t know the other Mongrel rune stone effects, but I’d assume one grants poison, and the others.. dunno. Pity there aren’t going to be runes in the beta, or we’d have gotten answers to a lot of those low level skill/rune effects we’ve been wondering about all year.

    Also shown in this shot is a nice view of a DiabloWikiDark Demon, a quadrupedal alligator-dog type thing that DiabloWikiCultists summon. Look at those snappers!

    Another new shot, taken like one second later, can also be seen in the gallery.

    I couldn’t make this screenshot out at first, until I realized it was our first screenshot view of the Witch Doctor’s infamous DiabloWikiZombie Bears spell, which is a runed version of DiabloWikiZombie Charger that grants big skinned bears as charging attackers.

    One odd effect of some of the WD skills is that the seemingly-solid objects just pass through monsters like a gas, dealing poison damage but not causing an actual impact. The poison attack looks awesome when it’s from something like DiabloWikiPlague of Toads or the gaseous default version of DiabloWikiZombie Charger, but when it’s coming from huge, bloody-red bears, or the undead acrobats of DiabloWikiZombie Tower, it looks weird. These Bears should hit enemies and drive them back, or explode like Corpse Explosion; not just vanish into the ground. Or else they should look more like poisonous ghost bears.

    When I first saw one of these ghoulish little guys in another screenshot, I thought they were DiabloWikiFetish that the Witch Doctor can summon as minions in Diablo III. We’ve seen those guys in very LQ video footage form a Blizzcon panel, but not in a good movie or in a screenshot. Sadly, I soon realized (by reading the title of the screenshot in the press kit) that these were actually a monster called the “DiabloWikiCrypt Child.”

    Presumably these are something like the Rat Men, a type of Fetish found in the later dungeons of Act One in Diablo II, though they look a little larger. We’ve got no idea if they move as quickly, attack in huge swarms, etc, as they’ve never seen seen in a gameplay demo; just the two screenshots (which were obviously taken about .5 seconds apart, during the same encounter.)

    Here’s a nice shot of the Witch Doctor in a cemetery, while a variety of undead shamble in from all directions. Most notable though is the glowing waypoint to the north. This is the third dungeon waypoint (the fourth if you count the one in DiabloWikiTristram) you find, and it’s located in the DiabloWikiCemetery of the Forsaken. A level that appears to be full of assorted undead, for obvious reasons. They look like they’re scattered around and aren’t really working together yet, probably since it’s still fairly early in the game. Later on monsters are teamed up for greater effectiveness, with DiabloWikiskeletal shieldmen like the one you see here usually tanking for DiabloWikiskeletal archers or mages.

    We know the name of the area because of the ninja photo of the waypoints, which you can see to the right. It demonstrates some of the new DiabloWikiWaypoint features: there are cool graphics on each one, representing the level the waypoint is found on. The display tells you what area you’re in, it lists the last DiabloWikicheckpoint you reached (where you will respawn if you die), and note the anti-spoiler feature, with the other waypoints you haven’t found yet not displaying their names.

    This came in response to player requests, motivated by the way every waypoint in the act was named as soon you as you opened the interface in Diablo 2. I never noticed that as an issue myself, but some players considered it spoilery, since the waypoints named all of the later levels, and sometimes gave away plot twists.

    As for this level… do you suppose it was called “Cemetery of the Forsaken” before the DiabloWikimeteor fell and the dead began to rise and all hell broke loose? I hope not; that would have been a fairly depressing place to plant your granny, wouldn’t it? Bit like dining at the Restaurant of the Indigestion.

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