Along with the new concept art and in-game animation of the female DiabloWikiWitch Doctor, Blizzard has added six new screenshots showing the female WD in action. They’ve now been added to our gallery of Act One Screenshots, with informative captions and appropriate wiki links, and can be viewed by clicking the thumbs below.




    While (5 of these 6; see comments) these have never been seen before, and are very pretty, they are not shots from the latest build of the game. They do not show any new areas or monsters or spells, and in one shot the Witch Doctor’s DiabloWikiMongrels are shown flaming/poisoned, an “enchant your pets” ability that was removed from the game prior to last year’s BlizzCon.

    DiabloWikiBashiok replied to a comment about the shots in the forum post announcing them:

    It looks like the two newest Tristram Cathedral pictures have a different lighting scheme than previous. Is the whole dungeon changed for just specific sections?

    Bashiok: No changes. Go back a few pages and you’ll see the same lighting schemes. Different areas of the dungeon are just lit differently.

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