New Visual Delights

Two newly-added images today. The first is a screenshot that was on the Blizzcon Press CD but that I’d somehow overlooked when adding all of the others to the gallery. I only noticed it was missing when I went looking for that chokepoint bridge between the Howling Plateau and the Canyon Rim Mines (map).

The second image is a scan from some promotional material the Bliz PR guys were handing out last month at Gamescon. It’s a great view of the Barbarian that we’d only previously seen in the WWI Art Trailer. The version of it previously in our gallery was pieced together from multiple views in that trailer, and the Barbarian looked pretty cool, but the castle in the background could hardly be seen. Now we can see the whole Barbarian, and the background as well, which I find more compelling. I want to fight my way up those steps, sending evil cultists tumbling to their dooms every step of the way. But maybe that’s just me? Thanks to for providing the scan. (The Tristram Cathedral image they link in that update wasn’t new at Gamescon.)

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1 thought on “New Visual Delights

  1. So funny seeing people attacking the red outline idea when it is:-

    1-Taken from D1 which many hardcore fans keep using as an example of immersive moody game.

    2-It helps you see which monster you are attacking no matter how messy things are (and as we all saw it can get messy specially in Co-op).

    3-Can very well be toggled, there is no reason to ask for its removal, not every freaking feature you don’t like has to be 100% removed from the game .. others might need/want/like it .. stop being selfish people.

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