New Version of Auction House Live, Video

Azzure from Diablo 3 Markets has posted a video showcasing the new version of the Auction House. The new Auction House is jam-packed full of new features, and looks far more polished and progressed than the previous version. Check out the video below, or check out the post on the Markets site.

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  1. In the RMAH (“betabucks”), at 3:58 in the video:

    Subtle Essence
    Transaction Fee: 15%
    WTF?  Did i miss the memo and commodities are going to have percentage based fees on RMAH?

    • Something tells me 3rd party sites and the like will still be the best way to go about trading. A shame really.

      • I thought this was because the minimum fee would probably be higher than the cost of most commodities.  This allows you to still sell commodities on the RMAH without feeling like your losing money. 

        • Exacly, if every essence in Inferno cost more then 1,25 USD/EUROs noone would buy these through the AH, since it would take 10 minutes to get 20~30 bucks worth of essences, this way if you sell 0,5 USD worth of comodities you’re not loosing money.

  2. I thought the gold AH and real money AH were two totally separate pools of items.  For some reason this vid makes it look like all the items are in one AH and you can choose gold or $$ as payment.  Can someone fill me in on this?

  3. Well it sucks they weren’t able to get to PvP, but thank god they were able to squeeze months worth of work on the RMAH in.

    • If the game launched with a broken AH which led to a poor in game economy, that would have a far more detrimental affect on the game than the omission of PvP.

  4. Here’s hoping the RMAH is a total flop…….

    • Yep and here’s hoping that Blizz will keep updating/maintaining the game while lacking an continuously extra income source such as hmm RMAH 🙂

      Pretty sure both our wishes got the same chance of being fulfilled

      • They wanna make it online, then they can keep hosting the servers.
        Patching it / keeping it working on new systems is fine. I’d be surprised if there is any new content released for free. It will just be expansions we have to pay for.

      •  Yup, supporting the game 10 years later has no advantages, like D2 proved…

        EDIT: Not that Activision will ever understand that.

    • I hope not, as the RMAH may be the one thing that gives D3 long term legs. 

      Think of it like this: The ATVI board and shareholders will be comparing investing in D3 against investing in other games with income models such as WoW with monthly subs or Titan with micro transactions.

      It’s going to be RMAH all the way, unless this development team is suddenly capable of creating an expansion per year.

    • The RMAH will replace all earlier models in on line RPG.

      Better get used to it.

      Your loot will have a real money value now directly IN game.

      It is a far better system than subscriptions (which is a dying system as can be seen in Rift, SW and about a million other sub based games that already went free to play) and the player driven RMAH is far superior than LAME passive cash shops to buy gear or content from the designers. 

      In fact the IN game RMAH is THE feature that will make Diablo 3 legendary.

      Players will play this game LONG after being lvl and gear capped because of this. Your dropped items can be sold for real money and converted into a real life jacket, beer or ticket to the superbowl 🙂

      • When I read the 1st time that they’re trying the RMAH way I was stunned ( in a good way ), what a perfect way to keep a game profitable ( which is good for us, more profit = frequent updates ) and not ruin the game for everyone with Cashshops or Subscription. Genious… and evil, but that comes with the genious.

      • I total agree with you…but your dreaming if you think you will get enough cash from RMAH to buy superbowl tickets.

  5. You lot are a bunch of whiners. 

  6. thanks for the video and tips. One question though. You said there is a 15% transaction fee for each sale. That is only if the item sells correct? 

  7. Are you seriously writing in third-person?

  8. Why so serious? lol 

  9. A really nice over haul. Lots of quality of life changes. Love the character sheet selling mechanic.

  10. Blizzard – Bioware 5 – 0 in the AH League.


  11. The (RM)AH is an option you can choose to use or not, and neither of the decisions is going to affect the game for you in any possible way. I personally prefer to find my own gear compared to trading for it, but if I’m ever in a situation like I’ve been so many times in D2, where I just need one stupid piece of a set to complete it, I can’t say I wouldn’t be looking at the AH.

    In any case, it’s going to be a heck of a lot easier than having to 1. check the item being traded is actually the item you were going to buy and 2. put 30+ SoJ’s in a trade window…


    • Ofcourse the RMAH will affect anyone that will play this game you halfbrained moron, since now people will have to deal with idiots like you simply buying that last set piece instead of fairly earning it though playing the game.

      • Talk about reading what you want to read…
        I have no need to justify anything, but in 12 years of playing Diablo 2, I’ve traded for 2 items – I find item hunting far more exciting than trading, which is what I was saying. The only reason I mentioned that I might be using the AH is to avoid trying to appear saintly by saying that I’d never do it…

        Besides, what the hell does it matter to you how I want to play the game?

        • By all means don’t justify your BS, i honestly don’t give a shit how you want to play the game since you’re obviously retarded.
          Pro-tip: I’m not arguing against an AH you airheaded dimwit.

  12. Hate it. Square, pointy.

    Bring back those round icons,  reminded me of the Bitmap Brothers art style, loved it.

  13. Awesome changes.  This is a nice follow up to the news around late February that the RMAH listing fee would be removed. Go Blizzard — making D3 better everday. 😉

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