New TV Commercial for Diablo 3 and Gamespot interview

Here we go, a brand new TV commercial for Diablo 3 called “It’s Not Safe”. This TV Spot is very much more a “OH MY GOD DID I JUST WATCH THAT” than the first one. I’m not going to spoil it, all I can say is watch it.

Gamespot posted an interesting interview with Jay Wilson

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    78 thoughts on “New TV Commercial for Diablo 3 and Gamespot interview

            • Still looks like they are fighting.  Imperius isn’t turning to face someone, he just slapped Diablo with his mace.  You can see that he’s turning to the side and downward with the momentum from the swing.  

              I think you can tell that is the case because Imperius is kind of facing towards the camera and to the left a bit, and Diablo is facing back and to his right as the momentum of the hit turns him away. If they were turning to face Tyrael, then they would both be focused on the same point.

        • It might be the other way around. Diablo and Tyrael might share purpose in maintaining Sanctuary. Imperius might just as well want to destroy humanity.

    1. I like that one too because its much darker than the previous one.

      Also loving the narrator voice (Dark and gritty).

    2. I liked the previous one better, but looking forward to the actual cinematics.

    3. These adds have been pretty lame. Is the opening cinematic and The Black Soul Stone their only FMV or what? And Am I the only who doesn’t poop their pants whenever we get a half a second look at this Imperius angel?  I don’t get the hype over ‘ZOMG Imperius Fighting Diablo & Tyrael!’ Some game play would be nice… On second thought, scratch that. Their gameplay videos always suck.

      • Imperius is not fighting Diablo, watch the video again. They are both turning to face someone in the same direction. Also notice Imperius’ spear, at the end of the video Tyrael stabs it into the assumed Crystal Arch.

        • It looks to me like Imperius just smashed Diablo across the face and (s)he is reeling from the blow , because Diablo takes a couple unbalanced steps sideways.  However, since the hit itself isn’t shown it’s difficult to be sure.

          Also, why is Tyrael always going around blowing up important shit?   😆

      • I’m sure that the full game will have some amazing cinematics, but I also don’t get the hype for Imperius. Maybe the people excited about him are big fans of the novels?

        • Maybe because the only archangel we’ve seen in the previous games is Tyrael so it’s nice to have another Angiris Council member be a main character. And he looks really cool so…

          • The Angiris Council was really cool to read about, and I’m pumped to see imperius in the commercial.  I’m actually really looking forward to d3’s story.

          • The “Anigris Council” is, again, something only found in the novels as far as I’m aware.

            Sure, I think it’s cool to see another angel in the cinematics, but not “crap your pants” cool. 

      • Yeah i mean i enjoyed it muchly, but the blurb above the video made me overexcited.  I guess i should have checked to see if it’s actually Flux, i understand the tone now knowing that it wasn’t him.  😛

    4. Jay is correct when he said maby will play both D3 and TL2 because they love the genre alot. Like me, I said I wasn’t going to play D3 because I did not like all the changes that were made but when I finally played it , it was fun and I love the arpg genre alot so it is a nobrainer for me to play both!

      • SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER its Imperius, and next we see… he is fighting vs diablo and tyrael blow up tower in haven SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

      • The bolt streaking down form the sky is Imperius’s spear flying into his hand, which is pretty badass.  8)

    5. WTH IS THAT?!?! Watch the Jay Wilson interview @ 1:22. The TV screen behind him.

    6. 2:19 

      If the games no good the community is gonna be fisting your axes over and over again 

    7. So Jay is the mind behind the least well designed class. Didn’t expect that.

      • So I heard you played Monk from 1 to 60 and beat Inferno with it. In that case; Yea, bad work Jay!

      • Heh, I thought the same thing…but then he said he just meant the core concept not the skills & tuning type stuff. But yeah, I’m worried about the poor Monk…

    8. Imperius don’t f*ck around, he fights his enemys and allies

      • Imperius is all about fighting, just as much as Tyrael is all about stabbing the remnants of Anu and watching them go BOOM!!!

        • I don’t think he’s stabbing the Crystal Arch there if that’s what you mean. The room they’re in doesn’t match the Arch chamber in the Book of Cain…

    9. Imperius hits Diablo with his spear in a different location to the Imperius Tyrael fight..

    10. Something looks wrong with Imperius’ left hand at 00:19 when the spear (Solarion?) lands in front of him.

    11. Am i the only one who thinks Diablo seems to have boobs in this video?
      Further evidence that Lead falls and becomes diablo ???


    12. Are we watching different videos, imperius clearly twats Diablo with his spear and Diablo reals back. It is also in a different location to the Imperius, Tyrael fight.

    13. I have a hunch that it will be imperius on our side and it is Tyreal that we must fight.

      • You may be right as it seems Tyraal stabs the gate with his spear, possibly his only way back in after his banishment?

    14. Omfg. The Solarion summoning animation looked better than I imagined in my wettest dreams. /dr00l
      I didn’t expect from blizzard to pull out such an awesome character like Imperius. Wow.

    15. you noobs, can you even press pause key and watch closely ? 
      diablo is not fighting imperius but i dont think they fight tyrael ( different background propably different cutscene )
      imperius vs tyrael = in round room , imperius swinging solarion , hes standing in front of angel with blue wings – tyrael
      tyrael wins – smashes spear against floor
      gratz to ppl who can watch closely 

      • Yup. It is pretty obvious Imperius and Diablo are not fighting. His spear (Solarion) never even touches Diablo and in the subsequent frames Diablo proceeds to take a step towards the direction where both him and Imperius were looking at in the initial frames.
        I’d make a gif with frames each millisecond but I really can’t be bothered to fire up Vegas.

      • Your the noob its an aftermath of the swing the scene cuts in to, else why does his spear keep traveling into the floor?

    16. Looks like I’ll be really busy this week with new wallpaper artwork!

    17. Or … imperius wins tyrael got casted out of heaven … and the Tyrael’s smash there is from ACT4 😛

      Really interested in that 100% unlock 🙂 

      • It’s not a cinematic from the game so don’t get your hopes up for that…

    18. So many posts and not one of you mother * * * * * * * * * cared to mention that we are 13 days away from launch.

      I’m appalled! Really…like totally…like appalled.

    19. palwe… stfu… Imperius is fighting both of them in two separate scenes…

    20. So many think it has to be either Diablo and Imperius fighting or Tyrael and Imperius fighting when it is clearly both. They are two separate scenes with him fighting Diablo and then Tyrael. It will all make sense in two weeks…
      Anyways, I have to say I like this one a little better than the first, although I wonder why they gave it to Entertainment Weekly first before showing it and not even announcing it on the official site like they did the one on Sunday…

    21. To me it looks like at 0:19 Imperius hits Diablo with his staff and Diablo falls back a little. We can’t see the actual hit, but Diablo’s reaction makes it seem like he was struck.
      And then at 0:21 it looks like Imperius pushes Tyreal back, like against a wall.
      Just what I gathered from quickly pausing throughout the video.

      • Doesn’t anyone else think it’s Tyriel and Imperius fighting over the spear?

    22. With some lucky pausing at 21 seconds in the second commercial, i got a perfect overhead shot of where Imperius and Tyrial are about to square off. Its a giant circular room, with intricate markings on the floor. Its just the two Angels in the room, no Diablo or Belial there.

    23. Guys, it’s clear that imperious is not fighting with diablo in the clip. If you download the clip and slow it down they both turn to face someone and there is no spear bashing at all. 

    24. I watched it in slow-mo and you can see the 2 angles fighting while holding onto the spear, kind of reminded me of T2 where Arny and the T1000 square off in the fashion shop. A bit of biffo. Yeah I noticed that the spear shot down too. I’m also under the impression that the reason you can’t see Diablo getting hit is because its already happened. There is also some sort of beam of light/ning that gets fired by Imperious (between the Diablo and Tyreal scenes) not sure though if that was in the circular room or meant for something else.

      Edit: Also in the circular room when viewed from the top down there are about 2 frames of animation (edit: there’s more than 2 or 3 frames). The first shows a circular bright glow then 2nd frame has the glow encompassing the entire room. Clearly meant as a shock wave to me. It seems to me that Tyreal is pulling on the spear, trying to tear it from Imperious’s grasp as Imperious seem to be getting pulled rather than pushing.

      Edit: On further inspection the beam of light/ning is firing from the spears tip. You can see the unique spearhead design just behind it just before it shoots. It seems to be firing upwards possibly in the circular room, towards the roof.

      Final edit: Then in the last scene Tyreal has the spear and is smashing stuff up again.

    25. When will you guys realize that it’s not Tyrael, it’s actually Baal in disguise! Just like in D2X with Marius in the rat-infested asylum.

      And Belial is actually in disguise as Imperius. It’s like that Far Side cartoon where all the sheep turn out to be wolves in sheep costumes.

    26. haha Nizaris and myself were both right. Imperius Vs Diablo and Imperius Vs Tyrael, but ummmm……… it just me or does the tv spot imply that Imperius is the falling star? and indeed it appears that Imperius turns away from Diablo, like someone just joined the fight off-screen.

      Diablo didn’t get hit in THAT particular scene, but of course it’s obvious that he and Imperius were going at it in the scenes BEFORE that one. actually lmao looks like Diablo is hightailing the hell outta there, full pun intended. the look in his face is like saying “ooh shit I’m vapor!!” and buggering off.

      despite the lower quality compared to the first tv spot, I gotta say I’m starting to feel the heightened anticipation, and having 2 CE on preorder is making me sweat in places I’m not meant to sweat. I also do have to say, Imperius is one awesome matha, despite having PMS 24/7.

      hey cue JamesL “go watch Maple Story commercial to see how it’s really done”

    27. That interview was bloody gold. Really loved how Jay talked about the innovation vs execution, and the Torchlight + Diablo and ARPG gaming community.

    28. #1 ARPG and game of 2012. Epic commercial, this is the true Diablo 1 successor.

    29. Or could it be that the video has been cut in such a way as to mess with our minds? Wouldn’t be a first for Blizzard to do that

    30. Trailers have that dark and spooky feel which the actual game lacks. Cant wait for the game to come out anyways 🙂

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