New Tristram in Minecraft

The Minecrafters are at it again and a keen fan has recreated DiabloWikiNew Tristram in true Minecraft block style. This one comes on the back of the Diablo Minecraft video a few weeks ago.

Thanks HolyKnight.

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    16 thoughts on “New Tristram in Minecraft

      • Took some time for sure, my first mistake was to pick an area with water closeby.. It’s a pain in the ass to cover it all up :P. Also the mountains and stuff are all “handcrafted” in creative mode.

        Still lots of work left to be done. Stay tuned.

    1. congratulations for helping build notch fortune, over a half assed game with code borrowed from others

      • I guess your games are better? 🙂

        He did take others’ ideas, for sure… But that doesn’t mean he cannot have credit for perfecting them.

        I, too, envy the guy for raising some 40-50 millions of euros over a bit more than a year… But that only means he’s cool, and I’m less cool 🙂

      • I’ve come to expect at least one mindless hater post on any topic, image, info, etc we post here, usually from an anonymous user. So thanks for filling that role here. It’s nice to know that not even Minecraft is immune.

    2. Thanks for featuring this here!

      This is actually just a very first look and still quite rough version of the town. I have lots of additions and details that I plan to add! I had to post the video before I could finish it up since the contest was due for yesterday.

      Any suggestions are of course welcome. Thanks again :)!

      • It’d be cool if you could record a video while flying, “from Diablo game cam”. Someone could run down there as a player, though it will be hard to synchronize.

        • Hah, yeah maybe I’ll do that someday. I was partially inspired by the Diablocraft video in the first place so I might do something similar. It’s probably possible to do somehow.

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