Bashiok used the @Diablo twitter feed to share with us another cool piece of artwork from the Blizzard Museum on their Irvine campus. This one is a painting by famous fantasy artist Brom, and it’s entitled “Tomb Viper.” It’s not clear if this is exactly “concept” art; it might be Brom’s take on the finished creature, but it’s a very cool visual in either case.

    Also unknown is how the DiabloWikiTomb Vipers changed from snakes with arms in D2 to the snake-taurs, half men/half serpent, they seem to be in Diablo 3.And what happened to their faces? This might be explained by the game lore, and the corrupting influence of evil forces seeping into the Land of Sanctuary, or perhaps the D3 monster designers just wanted to change things around?

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