Along with the new skill runes videos, Blizzard presented us with a new screenshot of the skills window. It shows off the interface of a Clvl 20-25 Wizard, with DiabloWikirunes socketed into five of her six skills. There’s minimal text visible, but presumably hovering your mouse would show the level and stats for the skill, or the level (and name) of each rune, plus a tool tip about what it does in that skill.

    As you can see, the skill window interface has changed a bit since we last saw it in the Blizzcon 2010 demo. You see a photo from that demo below on the right; note that the DiabloWikiTraits tab is no longer displayed right beside the “skills” icon on top, but is now accessed by the star icon tab on the right of the window. It looks like the DiabloWikiCharacter window can open from a similar tab. I think the right arrow icon opens the full list of skills, though it’s fairly subtle. You see the big text button below the window from last October, with “View Skills List” written right on it.


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