As the patch notes said, there’s a new Beta Log-In screen. It’s now animated, and it matches the scenery of the character creation screen. It’s probably not the final game version of this window (the animation is pretty minimal), but it’s something new.

    Of more importance for gameplay, there’s a new in-game DiabloWikiskills window as well. The skills are all now grouped by type, with no scrolling required to see the whole batch. We’ve got full quality, 1900×1080 screenshots of all five active skill windows, and you can see them below, or browse via our new Beta Skill Tooltips gallery.

    We don’t know if there are any changes to the passive skills window yet, but as the devs have long treated traits passive skills as the red-headed rented stepmules of the Diablo III interface, I’d expect them to be unimproved.

    Anyone in the Beta is welcome to upload their screens to our Beta image galleries; all are open to anyone with a forum account here, and non-testers would be overjoyed to see your Tristram vacation photos.

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