New Skills Window and Beta Log-In

As the patch notes said, there’s a new Beta Log-In screen. It’s now animated, and it matches the scenery of the character creation screen. It’s probably not the final game version of this window (the animation is pretty minimal), but it’s something new.

Of more importance for gameplay, there’s a new in-game DiabloWikiskills window as well. The skills are all now grouped by type, with no scrolling required to see the whole batch. We’ve got full quality, 1900×1080 screenshots of all five active skill windows, and you can see them below, or browse via our new Beta Skill Tooltips gallery.

We don’t know if there are any changes to the passive skills window yet, but as the devs have long treated traits passive skills as the red-headed rented stepmules of the Diablo III interface, I’d expect them to be unimproved.

Anyone in the Beta is welcome to upload their screens to our Beta image galleries; all are open to anyone with a forum account here, and non-testers would be overjoyed to see your Tristram vacation photos.

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34 thoughts on “New Skills Window and Beta Log-In

  1. Strange that they now classify skills: offensive, utility… If i remember correctly, somebody from dev team said that some runes can completely change some skill mechanics. I wonder how they deal with that ?

  2. Don’t know if someone already mentioned it, but didn’t they say they’re removing all crosses, pentagrams, etc. from the game? So what does that symbol in the skills tab, where the runestones should go, doing there :)? I mean, removing those symbols from the game and then leaving it in the UI is just plain silly.

  3. Jarring at first, but I could learn to like it.  Not much room, however, in some, for more skills in the two planned expansions (at least while keeping the present scale, cleanness and continuity).  Here’s hoping that Blizz never makes a decision based on that.

  4. Hum at first glance it feels mmo inspired with how everything is directly shown to you with clear level bracket markers on every skill

  5. I’m thinking that login screen is a temp screen while they animate the other one or something. Or they are making/have something new.

    • Perhaps it changes based on the act you last played in. This is clearly from act 1.
      That would be pretty cool.

      Sounds dumb but the login screen looks great in 3D.

  6. At first glance, it might seem to be less skills than D2, however remember there are passives still (and passives took up 75% of D2 skilltrees in some cases).

    Although active skill-intensive classes (especially ones like Hybrid necromancers) will be sorely missed.

  7. Why the Wizard has more skills than the rest? Didn’t count all the chars, but the wizard got 25 while the rest got around 22?????

  8. Number of skills for each class:


    Witch Doctor-22


    Demon Hunter-23


    Don’t know if each class will have a different amount of passives to make it all even out somehow.

  9. Love these new ones … way better than the previous ones … but still think the “spender” part of the titles needs to be replaced .. it just doesn’t feel right XD

  10. Interesting how they all have their own set of labels… I’m guessing that they won’t leave passive skills in the old list format since that was identical to the way actives were til this new version… they’ll probably categorize them into resource management, offensive, survivability, etc…

  11. i have a problem, can any admin (maybe flux? :)) have a look at my forum account. I registered yesterday but havent got an activation email since 🙁

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