New Skill Videos Added: #4

Blizzard has added several new skill videos to their class pages. As with the previous three updates, (one, two, and three) these all show the base skills, without any skill rune effect. The newly added skill videos are:

  • DiabloWikiBarbarian – Hammer of the Ancients, War Cry & Wrath of the Beserker
  • DiabloWikiDemon Hunter – Chakram and Strafe
  • DiabloWikiMonk – Seven Sided Strike and Sweeping Wind
  • DiabloWikiWitch Doctor – Soul Harvest and Gargantuan
  • DiabloWikiWizard – Arcane Torrent, Slow Time, and Teleport

We’ll have one single video up shortly with all these new ones in it, for easier viewing. Thanks to DiabloIIIChris for the tip and for help sorting which ones were new.

Update:  Here’s that compilation video we promised.

Click through for compilation videos showing all the previous skill videos.


The first batch.
The second batch.
The third batch.

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17 thoughts on “New Skill Videos Added: #4

      • Yeah… you haven’t seen those by now? The base wizard off-hands come in orb, book, and skull form and the official game guide has shown that for many months now…

    • Bit depressing that it probably looks exactly the same while wielding a bow.

      • Probably, but then again, Whirlwind seems to show the barb’s weapon in its animation.

  1. had to re-watch 7-sided Strike a few times to see what the hell happened, haha

    oh, and the screnery in Soul Harvest reminds me of Act 5 ice caverns, which I really liked. awesome!

  2. That TERRAN Marine sure made quick work from that ZERG base. Even without a shield upgrade.

    *adorns cloak of flame resistance*

  3. Hm… What’s with the bright blue trail effect on his attacks with sweeping wind going? I wonder if that is an indication that it’s being refreshed or an indication that he crit and it has been increased in power…

  4. Sweeping wind looks neat, although I think other runed versions might look more like wind and less like blue kool-aid.

  5. Thanks for the compilation vid!

    Don’t want to sound ungrateful, but could you guys try a different encoding method for the video?  It’s not as sharp as what’s on the Blizzard website :[.  


  6. Is it just me, or does Monk look cooler by the day, and Hunter continues to look lamer… 😉

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