A lot of you guys had fun guessing at the new DiabloWikiskill rune names in this morning’s thread. There were some good guesses, but from the replies I saw no one got them right; a fact we can state now that Bashiok has returned to the post to add their new titles, as well as some additional info.

    Ok, Jay said it was cool, so the rune names we’re currently using are:

    Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, Alabaster

    I’m just curious if certain spell effects have been cut to make the new rune functions fit their theme.
    Bashiok: No, that would sort of go against what the purpose of renaming them was, which was to remove a strict theme. I’m not aware of any rune effects we’ve shown being removed, I think all those still exist just the way they were shown. Just instead of multi-strike/hydra, it’s called Indigo, and while for a lot of skills it still has a very mutli-strike theme, it’s not a rule dictated by the name.

    So how would those rune names work in context? Alabaster rune of________?
    Bashiok: ”[quality] [rune type] Runestone”

    I don’t think quality names have been decided for sure yet (?), but for example it would be something like “Minor Alabaster Runestone”.

    No offense, but the older names were better. Hydra and Viper are cool, whereas Indigo and Alabaster are female shampoo varieties. Hydra could be a multistrike quality, a poison or fire quality, or a regenerative quality. Indigo is something you add to a potpourri basket.

    Bashiok: Could be. I don’t know that cool factor is as important as clarity, inevitable acronym use, translation, etc. though.

    Also I sort of like that they sound like they could exist normally even though the common people of the world probably don’t know what they’re for. “Oh hey, a piece of alabaster with a rune carved into it. Weird. Maybe someone will buy it. Hey want to buy this alabaster runestone? No? Ok cool.” as opposed to “The mystical viper rune! No idea what it does, just sort of seems like we should call it a viper rune.”

    Update: Bashiok added one more tidbit the next day:

    “what is an indigo rune?” use it and find out.

    Bashiok: Pick up a rune and mouse it over a skill and the tooltip will tell you how it affects the skill. The UI does a good job of informing you how each rune interacts with each skill.

    The bigger issue is what the runes do and how powerful they are, etc. But since Blizzard isn’t going to give us that info yet, the names are fun to play around with.

    One thing that struck me is that several of these names were used for prefixes or suffixes in D1 or D2. Does that mean that we won’t see Crimson, Obsidian, or Golden as affix names in Diablo 3? Or at least not on runes, at least? On the other hand, getting a Golden Golden Runestone (for instance) would be kind of cool…

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