@Diablo continued a theme begun this morning and shared out a couple of other DiabloWikirunestone effects. Better yet, they’re ones we’ve never heard about before.

    What effects (other than damage on impact) do runes have on mobility skills?—FingolfinGR

    Witch doctor’s DiabloWikiSpirit Walk applying DiabloWikiDoTs on enemies you move through is a good one.—Diablo

    The Barbarian Charge skill- Any rune effects applied to it that you can tell us about?—swordadpt

    DiabloWikiFurious Charge! So cool all by itself. One rune gives a run speed boost after use. Another leaves a trail that damages enemies.—Diablo

    I linked to it in the previous post on this topic, but I have to point it out again now, since we’ve got a whole thread in the WD forum devoted to possible rune effects in Spirit Walk. There are more than twenty concepts there now, but I’ll just quote one of them here, for obvious reasons.

    I think one where he deals damage, like a trail of poisonous gas behind as he moves would be cool. Ideally it wouldn’t be visible until he reappeared, so as not to give away where you were moving.

    What other Spirit Walk skillrune functions are correctly anticipated in that thread? I’d bet at least 2 or 3 of them…

    Incidentally, these newly-revealed runestone effects will soon be on the wiki skill pages, with damn never everything else you could want to know. The skill pages were all updated right after Blizzcon, but MrFrye has spent the last couple of weeks blasting them into shape, adding pertinent quotes from hands-on reports, and fleshing out the skillrune and development portions of the pages. Enjoy.

    Update: @Diablo answered another question about runestone effects on Saturday.

    How are you guys handling runes for more passive skills like DiabloWikishouts or DiabloWikiauras?—Scyberdragon

    Depends. Mostly increasing effect/duration, but some do actually change to offensive abilities or change mechanics entirely.—Diablo

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