A reader noticed that Blizzard had just added some new skill demonstration movies to each class’ active skills page. There are a few new ones for each class, and it’s easy to tell which are new by comparing to the skill movies documented in our post from two weeks ago. Thanks to B Crookz for the news tip.

    As before, these are all the base skills, not any of the more effective and better looking runed versions. The newly added skill movies on each page are:

    • Barbarian: Seismic Slam, Call of the Ancients.
    • Demon Hunter: Rapid Fire, Evasive Fire, and Companion.
    • Monk: Crippling Wave, Wave of Light, Inner Sanctuary.
    • Witch Doctor: Spirit Barrage and Sacrifice.
    • Wizard: Blizzard, Archon.

    As in the last update, the enviroments and monsters are generally more interesting than the skills, most of which we’ve seen previously. I particularly liked the snowy Act Three setting and huge demons seen in the Wizard’s Archon skill. Use the video below to watch all of the new skills in a single movie, for your convenience.

    The previous batch of skills were given similar treatment in our other video after the break.


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