New Skill Movies Released

A reader noticed that Blizzard had just added some new skill demonstration movies to each class’ active skills page. There are a few new ones for each class, and it’s easy to tell which are new by comparing to the skill movies documented in our post from two weeks ago. Thanks to B Crookz for the news tip.

As before, these are all the base skills, not any of the more effective and better looking runed versions. The newly added skill movies on each page are:

  • Barbarian: Seismic Slam, Call of the Ancients.
  • Demon Hunter: Rapid Fire, Evasive Fire, and Companion.
  • Monk: Crippling Wave, Wave of Light, Inner Sanctuary.
  • Witch Doctor: Spirit Barrage and Sacrifice.
  • Wizard: Blizzard, Archon.

As in the last update, the enviroments and monsters are generally more interesting than the skills, most of which we’ve seen previously. I particularly liked the snowy Act Three setting and huge demons seen in the Wizard’s Archon skill. Use the video below to watch all of the new skills in a single movie, for your convenience.

The previous batch of skills were given similar treatment in our other video after the break.


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  1. Archon looks freakin sweet

  2. Power overwhelming.

    I mean…


  3. Monk looks boring to watch
    Barb looks like he has some kool tools for pvp
    The wizard has somewhat defined herself as her own character,but the classic d2 spells were nice to see.
    The witch doctor seems odd, he will be a total baller or a fail from the looks of his skill set.
    The demon hunter looks like vayne from League of legends started to borrow some of the amazon;s spells from d2.

  4. couldn’t they come up with an original graphic for Frost Beam? why did they have to copy Disintegrate and only change its color? lazy asses

  5. mmmm sacrifice is so delicious !!

  6. The link to Barbarian appears to be a second link to Demon Hunter.  I think something may have gotten mixed up in there somewhere.

  7. Sad that they killed that awesome graphic for blade trap and replaced it with…..nothing.

    • You do realize there is potentially 6 different graphics per skill right….?
      So how do you know it was replaced at all…..?
      And why do I even bother explaining this to people time and time again….?
      They’ll still complain about something no matter what  😐

      • There is absolutely nothing in the skill rune descriptions to lead anyone to believe that the Whirling Blades of Doom are still in the game. Every rune effect reads as though they’re all bombs. And, at 30 Hatred a pop (they cost now, instead of generate Hatred), some runes (Bandoleer) are completely ridiculous. The previous trap seemed to work so well w/ the Hunter and her skill set. So many snares, positioning, kiting, and an area DoT trap? Gravy. These bombs aren’t much better than Bola shot (mechanically), and w/ all of the other changes (removing Fundamentals, no two hand melee weapons, one non-bow Hatred generator, free 30% damage reduction for Barbs and Monks, but not Hunters et al), melee Hunters are a pipe dream. So why choose Spike Trap over Bola shot? None of the runes seem to really make Spike Trap so totally different from Bola shot as to really make it its own skill. The Blades of Doom were different, and different in an interesting way to make it fit into a build’s niche more readily. This new skill is, frankly, boring and redundant. Something that was bound to happen when you start cutting corners to get the game out the door faster, although not nearly as egregious as delaying PvP or the Mystic.

      • The vanilla skill was replaced. You cannot counter that using any sort of logic. There was once a spinning blade contraption that would come up, and now there is not. That’s it. It’s done.

        As for the videos, I think I’ll be spending most of my time in Act II. Looks so great. 

    • The blade trap may have looked awesome, but the dmg was over time, whereas the new spike trap has instant dmg and is thus much more effective, so an explosion effect makes more sense in that context. Anyway this is as far as I know the unruned version, so who knows how cool the runed versions will look 🙂

  8. Those environments look GRRRREAT! 

  9. Its incredible how complete thous game dedicated community sites are!
    Great job from Blizzard!


  10. Didn’t they say Ureh was cut from the game? The area at the beginning of the last skill (Blizzard) looks uncannily like an entrance into Ureh. Also the rocky wasteland we see around it does not suit any other location (Act 1 plain lands, Act 2 deserts, Act 3 snowy mountains, Act 4 you know what)

  11. the archon looks amazing, while blizzard looks totally lame
    the monk looks meh, and i was pumped to play him once he got announced…
    barb will be definitely my second chara, while WD the last
    evasive fire looks badass, but i don’t think im gonna play DH …ever..;)

  12. We should have a poll soon. Sacrifice: Great skill, or Greatest Skill?
    Spirit Barrage looks cool; is it AoE on impact, or only single target? Hard to tell in the video.
    What the hell does the Raven even do?
    And Blizzard, does it count each actual ice strike, or is it more like Acid Cloud, where it’s just a DoT zone? Earlier, it looked more like a misty cloud, and now you can actually see giant ice crystals smashing down. So does each crystal strike get calculated? Or is is still an AoE DoT?

    • Who cares? There won’t be PvP or any challenge in PvE mode to care about those details.

      • There will be PVP. It’s a confirmed feature since 2007 or something.

        And I guess you played the later difficulties like inferno and can confirm to us all that the game offers no challenge… can you? Guess not.

        oooh…permaximum, why do I even bother with you.   

        • Challenge to you, not to me. I’m pretty good at clicking monsters in the right order with the right skills while wearing the right items from the right position.

          • I agree, if you have the right items, stand in the right position and use the right skills at the right time in every situation, the game is not so challenging.

            However, it could be hard to do this while being feared by a champion-pack, don’t you think? 


          • All this e-peen flexing, must be compensating for something.

      • You care, care enough to make a post.  Those are just your opinions, not facts.  The fact is you don’t know if there will be pvp OR challenge in pve.  But nice try though.

  13. sorry to say this but some of the skill graphics (spirit barrage, spike trap, earthquake, energy armor, ray of frost…) look like utter crap. i’m pretty disappointed

    • Sorry but not all spells can look over the top in Epicness and all flashy, otherwise those really awesome spells lose there unique look above the rest, every RPG has spells that look “plainish” in comparison to the bigger spells, they look great for what the spells are

      Oh and keep in mind, there un-runned and will look have 6 different looks for each different rune, 🙂
      Game is loooking great, please release!!!!!!

  14. Looks amazing, for better quality go to Blizzard’s D3 guide, there is a video for every skill.

    The environment for the Archon video looks badass! 

  15. The environments are stunning. Bit disappointed in the Blizzard graphics, but runes might take care of that.

  16. I lol’d @ DH’s Rapid Fire. wtf is this shit?  😆

  17. Sweet, if you hear some sound of water dripping, its me drooling over the archon skill…
    but tbh im even more amazed by the environments, then the actual skills

  18. monsters look pretty lame so far…some of those skills look pretty lame too unfortunately..

  19. love the ice worlds. first time iv seen such beauty in D3 sadly..
    i hope there is a white rune version of spirit barrage. if not i really dont know what class to play (all not very cool except for spirit WD) 

    • yeah gotta be white, right? Racist 😉
      Seriously, what does it matter what color your skills have as long as they look good and do what you want? Also, if you only have one certain color in all of your skills, you’ll end up bored fast for sure.

      • if they would look good i wouldnt mind different colours. since i think green-blue doesnt look good and i cant think of anything else but white/white-blue (or black which doesnt fit the spirit theme and therefor wont happen) that would look good i hope there is a white version.
        and i wont get bored of skills with the same colour… punk 

  20. Not only do the environments look awesome, most of the abilities look great too.

  21. DH’s Rapid Fire, Evasive Fire are already usable at the Beta. How old is this videofeed ?

    • They’ve been adding videos to the skill descriptions on the main site more or less at random; some of the things with videos are things that are in the beta, and some are not. Presumably they’ll eventually all be up there.

      • more likely: “they are the awesomest of da awesomest, but one or two out of 100 skill previews still not live up to our internally set standards/expectations, so we have to take down all 98-99 other previews, too. We’ll patch it in “soon””.
        signed: the worst lying bunch of the world.

    • I didn’t realize Act II and III were available in the beta.

  22. Hmm, the archon skill sure does look like fun. Was planning on starting with a barbarian, but might have to consider wizard now. Although I’m sure like 60% or something will be wizards from start, so maybe not 😛

    • Yup, the Wizard definitely went up several notches for me watching these vids.  My new order is gonna be WD, Wiz/DH, Barb, Monk.

    • I thought the same thing, but if I remember the polls correctly, the Wizard was actually lower in the list of class people planned on starting with.

  23. So I believe you have to take the skill video’s with a grain of salt.  Blizzard in no way shape or form is going to give away any cool previews to acts 2/3/4.  From playing the hacked beta material I am extremely excited for the game.  However, WTF is Blizzard.  The shit looks completely effin lame.  I hope it is like magic missile in the sense once you add runes the skill graphic improves dramatically.  Archon looks a little cheesy no? 

  24. The DH’s bird is a high level skill but looks to be the same as the Druid’s lvl 1 skill…

  25. Yet again, I think, Monk is the worst and the most boring and out-of-place class in the game.
    Skills – Archon is freaking sweet. Now I want to try a mage. Yet Blizzard looks like shitting with water.

  26. I really like the look of the archon, sacrifice, seismic slam, and call of the ancient skills.   The flaming Arreat Crater Flyers and the mutant goatmen look awesome also.  Did some of the mutant goatmen shamen look morbidly obese or was it my imagination?

  27. Hmmmm…I was expecting spirit barrage to be more of a, um, barrage…

    • hey cool I’m not the only one that thought that?
      To me “barrage” implies a machine gun style attack, like rapid fire of the Demon Hunter or arcane torrent of the Wizard. In the skill video spirit barrage looks more like a spirit bolt, or a toned down spirit version of firebomb. Actually to me it looks like a less-hauntier direct damage haunt. Pretty unimpressive. I am a bit disappointed in this skill

      The other new skills look cool, though, except Blizzard. The leaked older version, iirc, looked much more ice-stormy. Much more powerful, much more devastating. This version looks a bit… weak. Anyone played gunbound? One bot – I think it was the turtle – has a similar special shot: water balls dropping from the sky..

  28. DH’s sucked, and what the hell is Rapid Fire? an AK? Monk is as underwhelming as ever. WD’s Barrage……where? D2 hardcores will love the Ancients, and Blizzard looks like water balloons being dropped from the sky. what happened to the storm cloud?

    gotta say, after playing Kingdoms of Amalur for a bit now, D3 spell graphics look inferior as fuck. Wizard’s meteor is a complete joke. I keep thanking god for the Zoom function, hoping that they look better closer up.

    • This isn’t to sound like a flame, though it may come off that way, so I apologize in advance.  I too am playing through KoA (it is AWESOME), but you do realize that game has exactly 13 spells in the sorcery tree… if you add in the other trees (and staff abilities) then entire game may get you up to 30 spells.  I’m surprised you can see the spells at all in KoA with the camera angle pointed so that 65% of the screen is showing the ground, which doesn’t work half the time in a 3rd person perspective.
      D3 is trying to have somewhere around (rounding down for WD) 135 spells X 5 classes.  I’m pretty sure KoA would be a bit more rough around the edges if they had 675 spells to animate and create art assets for.  Now we know why some of D3s spells are just reskins, that said, it is amazing how many animations are unique.
      BTW, rapid fire is very fun for clearing a dungeon.  That skill has been in the beta forever.

      • come on man, of all the shit they’ve put in (and taken out later lol), you’re telling me they didn’t have time to create a single original spell skin? they’ve already spent months or probably a year or 2 redoing stuff that was already working just fine, and they couldn’t take the time? come on.

        the Frost Beam I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t even feel like an ice spell. the only thing it’s got going is the iceblue color, and other than that it’s a blatant Disintegrate clone. yeah it freezes shit because it was programmed to. anyone who knows what they’re doing can reprogram any spell to cause frost damage. Median XL comes to mind right about now.

        where is Brother Laz when we need him?

        and where KoA is concerned, my camera is fine, what is everyone bitching about? you use the mouse to control the camera movement, and you assign whatever keys you want to move your player. does everyone have Huntington’s or something, that they can’t control the mouse? I’ll take the in-my-face KoA meteor over D3’s crap meteor any day.
        D3’s doesn’t even look like a meteor. it’s almost like a projectile in the shape of the level-up graphic. and given what you said, it probably IS a projectile in the shape of the level-up graphic! they got no time to be innovative.

  29. I thought the skill blizzard looked awesome. I still can’t acknowledge that big f’ing bell the monk has though.

  30. BAH im at work and cant watch youtube vids… can someone send me a vid thats NOT youtube??? I really want to see these skills.  thnx guyz

  31. The environments look great, but man do some of those monsters look goofy and out of place.

  32. sorc skills animations suxx

  33. Environment looks great..the only thing that bugged me the most is the “cartoony” monsters. Can’t they just have a better proportion weapon and limbs and just have a less colorful skin? oh and the animation looks too arcadish too…

  34. Demon Hunter – Rapid Fire: “Say hello to my liddle fwend…”

  35. Wow, that Blizzard skill looks worse than the one from DII…
    Strange, the effects seem to be a bit hit and miss. Some are really awesome, whilst others are totally lackluster. I would be dissapointed if these graphics were all final.

  36. Is it just me or does the blizzard skill look LAME as hell?

  37. Really disappointed with the DH’s skill animations.
    Rapid fire looks like you’re fireing uzi’s or something. The animations alone of the DH class are really turning me away from this class, yet I was so stoked for it when they introduced it.

    Monk has awesome animations though I hate how he isn’t using his weapons during skills. I want some sick bo-staff animations for every skill he has. Really don’t know why Blizzard forogot this when they were designing the animations. In the monk introduction movie it even shows him using the bo-staff during fights, yet ingame it just seems to be there for looks.

    Untill they fix this, I refuse to play a monk.

  38. Maybe I am the last one to point this out (I noticed it a while ago), but the Barbarian is so much like the Destroyer in Torchlight it’s crazy. Especially Earthquake and Seismic Slam. Nothing wrong with that, though; he will probably be my first character. His attacks all look wicked. And this is the first time I’ve seen the Monk’s Wave of Light with the giant liberty bell; all I can say is WTF. It really, really looks like a goof or some April Fool’s joke. Oh yeah, and Blizzard doesn’t look right, either. At first I hated the Witch Doctor but the more I see videos of his skills in use and their visuals getting polished, the more I think I will play him after all.

  39. Wow, Spirit Barrage changed a lot. When we first had any details of it, it was going to be a DFA skill. Hopefully they will have a rune variant that is a DFA type.

  40. Game overall looks freakin awesome.
    Can’t wait to play it.
    Some skills are “meh”, some are very very “wow!”. I ‘d like to mention 2 things though:
    1. Blizzard looks quite lame. They can make it much better, I’m pretty sure.
    2. Does D3 have the characteristic of frozen enemies, like in D2? Can you freeze an enemy completely, and then shatter him to the ground, leaving no corpse?

  41. Spirit Barrage really ought to be called Spirit Bolt and have the word “bombard” removed from its description. The impact isn’t much more than a whispered threat. 
    On a positive note, I’m thoroughly impressed with Call of the Ancients…LOVE their entrance and exit. Well done.

  42. Thats the first time I have seen the blizzard skill and that sucks balls. The blizzard animation in D2 was better than that. I was expecting something reminiscent of an actual blizzard storm since they should be able to do more with better technology in the graphics dept. I agree the monsters do look kinda childish. I also agree on Call of the Ancients, I might go barb with my first character, as the wizard skills aren’t really doing it for me.

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