In addition to the blast of new artwork and screenshots we saw on the Blizzcon Press CD, Blizzard’s web team uploaded a stack of 13 new images to the official D3 site. They all feature the wizard using various spells, and the eye candy is as lovely as always. All the images have been given informative captions and added to our Diablo 3 screenshots folder. You may view them there by thumbnails, or click the following links, which are sorted by the spell on display.

    In addition to the screens, a few new pieces of artwork were also added to the official site’s gallery.

    Finally, we somehow missed this one last month, but Side Show Toys posted an article about the sculpting of the Barbarian figurine, with a ton of “making of” photos of the model. From the initial wire frame, to the dozens of individual parts, to the muscular and sexless body, to the detailed armor,  to Diablo’s skull that the Barbarian stands on, it’s all profiled in exquisite detail.  The images have all been added to the merchandise gallery.

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