A fan brought up what most of us think is an almost default feature for Reaper of Souls: additional equipable armor slots for DiabloWikiFollowers.

    I know that you guys are continuing the story line for a couple of them but please don’t forget about them when designing new armor and skills. Currently when I go to chose a follower I just feel like “meh” oh here I go to pick a cookie cutter follower again. Give them new skills, new armor slots and things like that.
    Grimiku: What gear slots would you add to followers? Keep in mind that adding all of them could be a little tedious for some players, and Loot 2.0 will offer a broad spectrum of new Legendary affixes that will make gearing them up more interesting.

    Grimiku makes two good points. 1) Having to manage too many armor items on Followers would be annoying, and 2) all of the new passives on legendary rings and amulets are going to be insane on the DiabloWikiTemplar, DiabloWikiEnchantress, and DiabloWikiScoundrel, depending on how much of their bonuses transfer, if they have reduced DiabloWikiproc rates on followers, etc.

    That said, I’ve just been assuming that Followers would get additional armor slots in the expansion. At least a helm, maybe a chest as well? A second relic slot? The real issue with more slots is if their transferred bonus caps will increase. Most players use Followers for their skills, and some players use followers for damage dealing, but almost everyone who plays solo and can afford it uses their Follower for bonuses to DiabloWikiMagic Find, DiabloWikiGold Find, and +% Experience. There’s no cap on +%exp (though you can only add 20-30% (Leoric’s Signet) + 35% (DiabloWikiHellfire Ring), but Magic Find and Gold Find are hard capped at a 30% benefit from the Follower. (Remember your char only gains 1/5 of the total bonus MF/GF/+%EXP on the Follower, and only the Templar can get over 150% MF.)

    Twelve skills per Follower in RoS?

    Twelve skills per Follower in RoS?

    Those caps would become much more interesting in RoS if the Followers get to equip helms, given the various bonuses a socketed hat can provide.

    Aside from gear, what other changes could Followers get? Well, they each had 12 skills during much of development, before that total was distilled to 8 for release. The 2D UI images for each Follower from RoS datamining show 12 skill icons. The icons all being present in RoS data files doesn’t mean all 12 skills will be enabled, but it’s an interesting maybe hint…


    Which changes should Followers get in Reaper of Souls? (PIck all that apply.)

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