New Reaper of Souls Follower Armor Slots

A fan brought up what most of us think is an almost default feature for Reaper of Souls: additional equipable armor slots for DiabloWikiFollowers.

I know that you guys are continuing the story line for a couple of them but please don’t forget about them when designing new armor and skills. Currently when I go to chose a follower I just feel like “meh” oh here I go to pick a cookie cutter follower again. Give them new skills, new armor slots and things like that.
Grimiku: What gear slots would you add to followers? Keep in mind that adding all of them could be a little tedious for some players, and Loot 2.0 will offer a broad spectrum of new Legendary affixes that will make gearing them up more interesting.

Grimiku makes two good points. 1) Having to manage too many armor items on Followers would be annoying, and 2) all of the new passives on legendary rings and amulets are going to be insane on the DiabloWikiTemplar, DiabloWikiEnchantress, and DiabloWikiScoundrel, depending on how much of their bonuses transfer, if they have reduced DiabloWikiproc rates on followers, etc.

That said, I’ve just been assuming that Followers would get additional armor slots in the expansion. At least a helm, maybe a chest as well? A second relic slot? The real issue with more slots is if their transferred bonus caps will increase. Most players use Followers for their skills, and some players use followers for damage dealing, but almost everyone who plays solo and can afford it uses their Follower for bonuses to DiabloWikiMagic Find, DiabloWikiGold Find, and +% Experience. There’s no cap on +%exp (though you can only add 20-30% (Leoric’s Signet) + 35% (DiabloWikiHellfire Ring), but Magic Find and Gold Find are hard capped at a 30% benefit from the Follower. (Remember your char only gains 1/5 of the total bonus MF/GF/+%EXP on the Follower, and only the Templar can get over 150% MF.)

Twelve skills per Follower in RoS?
Twelve skills per Follower in RoS?

Those caps would become much more interesting in RoS if the Followers get to equip helms, given the various bonuses a socketed hat can provide.

Aside from gear, what other changes could Followers get? Well, they each had 12 skills during much of development, before that total was distilled to 8 for release. The 2D UI images for each Follower from RoS datamining show 12 skill icons. The icons all being present in RoS data files doesn’t mean all 12 skills will be enabled, but it’s an interesting maybe hint…


Which changes should Followers get in Reaper of Souls? (PIck all that apply.)

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30 thoughts on “New Reaper of Souls Follower Armor Slots

    • I’ve changed it now to be multi choice. I don’t think you can vote again however. I’d have to nuke it to wipe your names from it.

      Sorry ’bout that.

  1. The poll is bugged; it says to pick all that apply, but it only lets you pick one option. Thus, the whole list I would have picked:

    -add multiple armor slots (includes helm and chest)
    -add more/better skills
    -add a 4th type of follower

    In terms of Follower functionality, as a player, I use Followers mainly for extra MF/Gold Find, with a little extra function from passives. However, I’d really like to see Followers optimized for real high-level play. Originally, Followers weren’t going to be playable beyond Normal, so it made sense for them not to be particularly customizable. Because it was only fairly late in production that Followers were designed to be Inferno-viable, I feel that Followers were not given the functionality that they should have been. Namely, Followers have very little in the way of damage/tanking potential (Templar can tank if geared only for tank, but none of the others really can), and are mainly useful either for A) stacking up passive skills/Bonus MF/GF/XP, or B) as carriers for Freezing gear and CC (Azurewrath on Enchantress, Buriza on Scoundrel).

    For the expansion’s release, I would be interested in seeing an overhaul to the Followers, so that they could be a more active part of the game, rather than just being bonus item carriers. The original intention of Followers was for them to be single-player versions of other players, to simulate multiplayer even when playing alone. However, I feel that at the early levels, Followers are unnecessary, while at later levels, Followers are largely impotent. Because of this, I’d like to see Followers become a more active part of the game, kind of like customizable support players. To that end, I would ideally like to see more/better follower skills, and more item slots in general for them.

    Also, something I would like a lot, though I doubt it would be implemented, is special follower-only abilities on Follower relics. Currently, relics just stack up stats, rarely ever rolling the right stat for the particular Follower, and being wholly uninteresting even when the right stat rolls. In particular, I would be the most interested in seeing a few legendary Follower relics, with abilities created specifically to synergize with their respective Followers. As for Follower-specific abilities on relics, I am talking about stuff like how every off-hand item adds extra damage and one extra class-based stat (+ max AP for Wizard, mana regeneration for WD and %AS for DH). For example, Templar relics could always roll + % chance to block, Scoundrel relics could roll + %AS or CC, and Enchantress relics could roll cooldown reduction. This plays into the roles that each Follower represents: the Templar tanks for you (thus extra block chance), the Scoundrel adds extra ranged DPS (thus the attack speed or crit chance) and the Enchantress either passively buffs you, or actively debuffs enemies (thus the cooldown reduction for active debuffs). I think that little things like this, along with special abilities on Follower-specific legendaries, would help to turn Followers from a gimmick into a real end-game option.

  2. Allow followers in multiplayer. Possibly add a 4th follower so each player can have a follower.

    Either that or give players something to talk about to other players. The amount of random dialogue that occurs with a follower versus with another player instead is drastically different. As in, there is no such thing with other players. =/

  3. [11:19:32] EllyD, problem here, your post states ‘pick all that apply’ but only 1 can be chosen…

  4. Hate followers. The best ring for them would be a “ring of shutting up”, or better “your follower disappears but you got +40 mf, +… (caps + 10 for mf, exp and gf)

  5. I would have picked 1-3, 6 and 7. Rather than 4, I’d prefer something else like a relic but not just another slot for the same item type. Maybe each boss has a chance to drop some kind of token that only Followers can equip in this new hypothetical slot, and each one has a fixed skill that it adds to Followers, or a passive.

  6. I’m quite happy with the number of follower slots. The datamined follower UI has five skill tiers, so it looks like we’ll get two new skills to chose from. I wonder if they’ll be old skills returning or properly new.

  7. Clearly, a new follower armor slot would come secondary in priority to a mute option.

    That said, followers gaining more damage/utility from their equipped items would certainly be sufficent. No need for another slot in which a powerful item only shows a a small fraction of its full potential.

  8. TEDIOUS? For who? Who DOESNT like options and customization in an ARPG? Especially for followers? What he means, really, is \tedious for the lazy devs\ who programmed out this turd.

    • I guess for a game that takes every step to assure that you only require the IQ of a monkey to play, managing a few items on a follower could be a bit too much.

    • A year and a half later and you’re still visiting I guess that makes you the bluebottle, just eating up that delicious turd.

      Anyway, it would actually take more work to do what they did. They could just clone your character and all the associated UI, that would be lazy yet it would give you what you apparently want. There were less slots for followers compared to PCs in Diablo 2, too. Those lazy Blizz North guys and their turds!

      • I’ve defended why I come back here, just like others, repeatedly. but you go on ahead and be a blind blizzard zealot

        • I’m not, I’m just being objective. There are more items for followers in Diablo 3 than there were in Diablo 2. By your very own logic, Diablo 2 is lazy and by the other guy’s logic, it’s aimed at people with an IQ of a monkey. I’m just pointing out that the words your making appear on the screen seem to have different meanings than you realise.

          • And of course, no skills for followers in D2. All in all, D3 is actually more complex than D2 in this regard, yet you two are still saying the same lines about it being dumbed down. If you have a strange OCD urge to troll comments threads for a game you can’t stand, go ahead; just try and at least bring reality into it once in a while, if only for variety’s sake.

            Also: *you’re, before that’s brought up.

          • You’ve meant no manual skill selection for followers in D2: Each type of follower had a different selection of skills in use. And not always was +skills the affix to get the best out of a followers skill selection, whereas D3 (up to now) just offers exactly one method of maxing the damage of a follower: High main damage stats on items worn. (Excluded high damage on weapon here, as this was as important in D2, as it is in D3, to boost the followers damage)

          • In addendum: Ok … also excluded attack speed/cast speed here and totally forgot about +crit, which plays a much bigger role in D3 concerning overall damage. Mea culpa.

  9. I for one have been hoping they’d allow followers to join you to fight Diablo. That to me has always been so stupid. Followers are there so if you’re not multiplayer you can still enjoy a little support, mainly from their passive bonuses to crits, life regen etc. If a player can take his friends into Diablo’s room and crush him together, why can’t I have a follower to give (an admittedly small but still relevant) bit of help?

  10. For a character who only does 1/12th of my DPS, (or whatever it is) I’m not too excited about decking them out in full gear for what will amount to maybe 10k more DPS. Getting a ton more game changing affixes on them would be nice, because what really made the mercs in D2 awesome was finding the clutch items that really helped you out, like Reaper’s Toll and Insight Runeword. And you didn’t need 12 item slots to do that. All they need to do is preserve that element of merc gearing, and I’ll be happy.

  11. What I’d like:
    -New follower skills (my vote)
    -One additional item slot, either helm or armor
    -Allow crossbows to roll with MF so I can kick it with Lyndon more often

    -I would also like to bring followers into the act boss fights. They don’t have to talk during the battle, but I could use their support skills. Am I the only one who cares about this?

    -One of Kormac’s moves causes him to charge enemies and knock them back; I think he’s supposed to knock the enemies /away/ from you, but many times he has knocked enemies /into/ me. i.e. I’m trying to keep my distance with a ranged character and he knocks an Unburied right on top of me. This has actually caused my death on more than one occasion and is pretty annoying. They should fix his AI or whatever is causing that.

  12. How about a ball gag item slot? I tried to count how many times I wished for that, but I’ve lost track.

    • I’m still fairly convinced that a lot of the datamined legendary properties we’re seeing are only attached to rings as test items and will be moved onto other stuff later. If the goal is to increase itemization options, it wouldn’t make much sense to tie most of the legitimately interesting options to one item type and then do nothing but adjust numbers on the other stuff.

      • That’s pretty much confirmed by the dataminers. Many of the Legendary rings were clearly named test rings.

  13. “A little tedious for some players” = we can’t be bothered doing all the slots . Seriously who would’nt want the follower decked out in great items ?

    • Someone who never bothers playing solo at all? It’s much quicker/easier to random PUG your way to 60+.

  14. I have to start off saying that I completely disagree with the whole “followers are useless” line of thinking. A Scoundrel loaded up with a Buriza + Star of Azkaranth (freeze or chill) + a cold SoJ is a formidable ally. I would argue he’s just about as useful as an Act 2 Cold Merc from D2. Same goes for Windforce + a knock back version of the Star of Azkaranth. Or, try out a Maximus + Band of Hollow Whispers on an Enchantress. My whole point is that they are far more useful than most people think IF you put a little time and effort into gearing them up.

    Even though I realize that most of the folks on here are not playing the console version extensively, there are some useful hints there as to where they may be going with followers. It takes zero effort to get them over 50K damage on the console. Hell, one of my Scoundrels is doling out 89K at the moment. He can effortlessly clear the screen (including Elites) on his own on Master 1, which is the equivalent of MP6. While that could be just a side effect of the generally inflated stats on console, I tend to think it’s somewhat intentional. That 89K is roughly 40% of the damage of the character that he is supporting, which is far higher than what you would see on the PC. A 40% increase in damage, without taking up a skill or item slot, is nothing to sneeze at. Add in all the other little benefits that a follower can provide and you’ve got a pretty handy sidekick.

    As for the poll- I would like to see a chest armor slot. Helmets would be potentially OP. It’s already fairly easy to make them damn near indestructible on anything less than MP10; adding a Radiant Star Amethyst into the mix just seems like overkill. Topaz would just make it easier to hit a cap that isn’t that hard to hit as it is. Rubies would be useful, but gearing for straight XP is pretty boring.

    A fourth follower option would be nice, although it would be tricky deciding what the “main stat” should be. I suppose you could go with strength, since the Templar’s most beneficial stat is actually vitality, despite what most people think.

    I may be the only one, but I honestly think that followers are vastly under appreciated. The overwhelming majority of players just blindly toss their trash gear on them and then complain that they aren’t any good. These are the same players, mind you, that complain about how simple-minded this game is. That makes sense. Just put a little time and effort into them and you’ll see that there is more potential there. Once you factor in the new Legendaries and Loot 2.0, these guys (and gal) aren’t really going to need that much more help.

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