Updated PTR Social ArtThe PTR will be getting a new NPC soon that will be unique to the PTR server who will be selling the new Bags of Fortune.

    With the Patch 2.4.3 PTR, we wanted to try a little experiment based on the feedback from previous PTRs. Many players had trouble testing new items in the past and, as we continue to add more and more legendary items to the game to test, it gets harder to track them down and find them (even when a legendary drop rate buff is in effect).

    We will be introducing a new vendor to help with this issue, who sells PTR-exclusive Bags of Fortune. These bags contain all the new class-specific items that have been introduced in Patch 2.4.3. Once the vendor is available, they will be located in all town hubs.

    However, this vendor didn’t make it into the first patch in time for PTR launch. In the meantime, we’ve hotfixed a temporary solution—all normal Rift Guardians will drop a guaranteed PTR Bag of Fortune. Note that this loot will only drop from Guardians in regular Nephalem Rifts and not Greater Rifts.

    We hope this eases the PTR testing process and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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