AusGamers has posted a new interview with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (console) lead level designer, Matthew Berger. It covers a lot of new stuff about the PS4 version of the game, which bundles Diablo 3 with Reaper of Souls and adds numerous new features exclusive to the PS4, some of which are also coming to the Console in the future. Here’s a quote revealing three new PS4 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Features which sound quite cool.

    We have this philosophy on the original, and you and I talked about this (at Gamescom), where we wanted it to be ‘one couch to rule them all’; we wanted it to be tailor-made for console and pick-up-and-play. Those were our guiding pillars for the original console version of the game. We added a new one, to share your adventures, and what’s social is very much in the air these days. You can see the new consoles are very much embracing that. Our version of that is: we want you to feel like you’re part of a greater community when you’re playing the game, even if your friends are not necessarily playing with you at the same time.

    So we’ve added three things: we’ve added

    • Player Mail,
    • Player Gifts,
    • and Avenger Kills.

    Player Mail is very simple: there’s a mailbox in town, you go there, you’ve found a cool item and you mail it to me; I get it, I’m happy; awesome — it’s very basic.

    Player Gifts is this neat little feature where you’re adventuring in Sanctuary, you kill a monster and an item drops: a legendary drops for instance, and there’s a column of light with a little sound, and you’re, like, “ooh, legendary!” and before you’re able to pick it up, another item is going to jump off that legendary and drop on the ground. There’s going to be a little box on the ground, and it’s going to say “Gift for Matthew”, because you and I are friends, and I’m on your friends list. So you’re going to take it and you’re going to send it to me, and I can open it with anyone of my characters, and it’s going to give me an item that is level-appropriate and tailored to that class.

    So I have a level 10 character, and I have a level 70 character; I’m not really playing with my level 10 barbarian right now, but I am playing with my level 70 demon hunter and going through my paragon levels, so I’m going to open it with that one, and I’m going to get a level 70 rare or legendary item that is going to be tailor-made for my demon hunter. That’s cool, right?

    Now most things are just like “hey, we’re connected, whatever, blah, blah, blah”; Avenger Kills are where it’s at! Our game director Josh Mosqueira love to say “Love the player”, that’s his big philosophy in life, love the player — it’s a good philosophy when you’re making videogames. But sometimes you’ve got to give a little bit of love back to the monsters, because you know, they’re the ones getting murdered — they’re getting killed by these players. So you’re adventuring, and a monster kills you — bummer, you’re on the ground and waiting to resurrect — and that monster is going to level up, and a portal is going to appear, and he’s going to jump in the portal and disappear. Then he’s going to pick somebody in your list of friends who plays Diablo III, and he’s going to jump into their game.

    They’re going to see a unique-named monster, and it’s going to say ‘you are being hunted’, and that monster is going to be named after you, and it’s going to come and hunt them, and have new powers. If they kill it, they get loot and you get loot. If it kills them, it’s going to get named after them and it’s going to level up, have more powers, and jump into their friends list and hunt another one of their friends.

    So it’s that idea of: we’re not playing together, but we’re connected as adventurers going through Sanctuary. That’s out version of social today, in a sense. Those three features are unique to console.

    See the whole interview for more details about the console. As for the social features, what do you guys think? I’m not sure I understand the description of that “your friend find a legendary and you get one too” part, but I love that “being hunted by” monster thing. Especially as I play Hardcore, and seeing the actual monster that granted a friend’s character their ultimate release would be fascinating. And imagine if it killed me to? One unkillable enemy rampaging through a long chain of Friends, like a lethal virus in demonic form. (We could call it “the Kardashian.”)

    Could you catch it again yourself? Say your Monk died to the “K”, and then it went on to kill some other people on your friends list? Could it come back around to you with another character?

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