New Patch #8 Item Images

Spoiler WarningThe patch brings us new items and a few changes to item art. We have been digging around the files this morning and pulled out everything that is changed in the item art, including new set images.

I’ll post these after the break  in case you don’t want to see what’s new.


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  1. Nice! Its always refreshing having new art from the patches. Some of the shoulder pauldrons looks great!

  2. Arghh, the sword to the right on the second picture looks soo familiar to me!!
    Was it in D3 before? I think it came from other game… mb TQ

  3. I like the witches hat and the toothy, crotch-biter pants. Haha

  4. wow, so we are almost in 2012, and they are still developing art for items…
    d3 will only be complete in 2013, sorry

    • You know, if I were Blizzard and one team was still working hard on rune revamping and another team working hard on bug fixes – I’d make sure the art team didn’t just say, “Oh good, our part is done. Now we can sit on our hands until all you other teams finish.” Certainly some of them may have the skill sets to help out the other teams – but if they’re truly skilled at art, why not just add more until the game is ready for release?

  5. Personnally, the items looks better in Diablo 2 … pretty strange

  6. There has also been a major update to the Official Site Game Guide. Loads of other new item images. You may need to refresh the pages to see them though.

  7. Nice! One of the red sets looks like they’ve been ripped off of Diablos body. =)

  8. When they are going to show full stats of legendary and sets items in their website. I am so excited about them 🙂

  9. what’s spoilery about any of this? stupidass whiners “this a spoil……that’s a spoil……”

  10. It seems that although these items are not parts of actual sets, they still want different legendaries to match eachother… btw those shoulder guards that look like azmodan’s head are called the Seven Sins…

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