New Official Diablo III Site, Forums, Coming Soon

Bashiok replied to a question about the forums, “Why do these forums suck?” with a tease of coming soon technical upgrades. He doesn’t mention it, but I have it on good authority that the new Diablo 3 “community” site will be online very soon, presumably at the same time as the upgraded forums. (It will be just like the SC2 and WoW blog-style sites.)

“Upgraded” forums means more features, but probably not for you, since the new forum will only permit posting by people with active Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft accounts. The rest of us will have to wait until Diablo 3 is released to gain posting access to the forum; a Diablo 2 account won’t do it.

does this mean forums before beta perhaps?!
Bashiok: Most indubitably. They’ll require an active WoW or SC2 license to post, though, since there won’t be a Diablo III beta license yet.

We won’t allow “classic” keys. I think that was probably obvious, though.

Why wouldn’t you put in a restriction on just having a ID? Why require other games?
Bashiok: We have a concept of high-level accounts, but there’s no such thing as an account-wide ID, so to allow people to post we have to have some kind of attachment to a product.

One, because we want there to be some way to actually have a punishment mean something if they’re suspended/banned from the forums they can’t just make a new account and keep breaking whatever rules they want to, but second so we actually have an identity to display which they create in either StarCraft II or World of Warcraft.

How about when the beta is finally out. Will you then lock it down to D3 Beta users only?
Bashiok: No, because there’s only a limited number of people that are going to get into the beta and we want people to be able to talk about the game assuming they won’t have a game license until they can buy it.

We will have specific beta forums where only people with beta licenses can post, though.

…We’re planning to leave this forum open until release of the game for those that don’t own WoW or SC2.

Happily, if you’re like me and access the forums entirely through our blue tracker and news on this page… nothing will change! You’ll still be able to get just the Blue posts without muss or fuss.

If you do post in the new forums, especially once Diablo 3 is out… you’ll want to be very careful what you say. Forum access isn’t the same as game access, but people have been banned from both for various infractions, so they’re not entirely distinct. I don’t think anyone would be too heartbroken over a forum ban, but if you get banned from D3… that’s it. With no offline mode, you’ve got a shiny sixty-dollar paperweight in your DVD drive.

One would hope that Blizzard remains somewhat tolerant of different points of view and allows criticism, but seriously, you might want to take it easy on the “Bobby Kotick needed a new solid gold bathtub in his guest mansion” jokes in RMAH threads. Their unchallengeable authority to lock you out of playing your favorite game is quite a powerful tool.

If you’d like to speak your mind and debate openly without such fear, might I humbly suggest some our own very active and professionally-moderated Diablo III forums?

Post updated slightly after useful feedback in comments.

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44 thoughts on “New Official Diablo III Site, Forums, Coming Soon

  1. Not able to play the game? No, you’re thinking of BioWare/EA. Blizzard has never done such a thing due to forum conduct. If they’re smart, they never will.

    Worst case is that you get banned from the forums permanently, and that’s it. On that account, at least. That’s all. There is no punitive measures in-game. That would be stupidly ridiculous (ie, Electronic Arts dumb).

    Again with the bnet bashing when I’ve read better ideas there than I’ve see here, per capita. Every diablo community has its highs and lows. I’ll be Risingred.781 on the new forums.

    • Historically it’s more about the flaming and trolls that has dogged the bnet forums which happens because of the sporadic moderating.  You’re right though, you can find some good posts amongst them however.  With this new system and better moderating they’ll no longer be swamped by the dross.

      They won’t ban your account. That does not make good business sense as it only shoots themselves in the foot and cuts off a revenue stream no matter which game you are playing.

      • It’s not so much the lack of moderation as it is the ease of which one may circumvent a ban. They ban your cdkey? Just grab another one from a keygen. Let’s not even get into IP banning, which I believe they don’t/won’t do anymore.

        The new forums are much better. They did take into consideration a lot of the feedback we had during the SC2 development. I personally started some threads to make suggestions for it. There’s a “vote” system now and a better reporting system. If a post is downvoted enough, it can’t be viewed, like it used to be on here before the wordpress switch. So it kind of is self-moderating in that respect.

        And there’s actually a host of pretty nifty features that tie into the game very well. They did a great job on the new forums.

        • They IP banned that Sammie guy who kept using the N word incessantly. At least it appears they did, b/c he came back a couple of times claiming he switched proxies or something.

          • He’s just gotten bored, I think. He has come back numerous times. Lately it has been on different WC3 accounts.

            They rarely do IP bans because, often, it can cause more harm than good. Like for instance, a while ago there was an issue where GF banned someone from the war room (IP ban) and it banned the entire campus. The kid was a college student. They’re real touchy about that type of moderation.

  2. Oh come on.  Posting on Bnet forums is for hardcore players!  You go down once, you stay dead.  Character gone.  Items gone.

  3. Might I humbly suggest some […] far-better-moderated Diablo III forums

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahh, you’re so funny Flux.

    • Well, it’s true. It’s an active set of forums, and they have much better moderation than bnet.

      • No, the moderation on bnet and these forums is equally as terrible but in different ways. Although, I note the news post has been changed and the “far-better” has been removed.

        • Our forum moderator guys do a really good job. If you have a genuine complaint about a moderator/moderation decision please leave it in the feedback forum or PM me privately if you’d rather.

        • I’ve seen your posts, basically you getting butthurt when your opinion isn’t shared. If this is what you are referencing, no amount of moderation can fix that besides moderation on your own part of reading and posting material that you aren’t able to cope with.

          I’m sure this sounds harsh but there was no real polite way to say it. : /

          • My posts are me “getting butthurt” over people bothering to argue over who’s entirely subjective view is the right one.

            A decently moderated forum wouldn’t have a new “the artstyle is different from what I like”-thread every week, that runs for 10+ pages and degenerates into recursive arguments and name calling while effectively trying to convince everyone that your favourite colour is better than theirs.

            Lately RMAH threads have been the same. It’s already been argued to death, the pros and cons weighed, at the end of the day Blizzard are doing it regardless. Is it bad? Yes, I think so. Is arguing about how it kill the game and trying to convince someone else to share your world view going to change anything? Nope. All it does is foster ill-feeling and frustrate people. And arguing about it for the tenth time, with a slightly different subject line and OP each time helps even less as it degenerates into crap faster because no one can be bothered to restate every they’ve already said nine times previously.

            It’s not even “someone is wrong on the internet” ( It’s “someone likes something I don’t like; stop liking it”.

            And decent moderation and liberal locking of threads that have already been discussed to death could very easily address this.

          • I don’t post in the forums much, so maybe I just don’t get it, but I’m assuming people come there because they want to discuss/vent on their particular pet issue, regardless of how many times it’s been discussed before. I don’t think it’s going to foster much of a community if the response to a new art controversy thread is to lock it and say “discussed three years ago, please go read all 30 pages of that thread.” People are egotistical and want to type their own angry words. 🙂

            The expectation for discussion forum moderators should be just to make sure stuff stays on topic, legal, and with a modicum of decency. Maybe they’re failing at those modest goals, but it certainly seems like it shouldnt be to make sure everything only gets discussed once. Particularly now when we’re begging for any scrap of new info to form wildly speculative opinions on.

          • soo true; even though its from Risingred who is occasionally goes hostile for no good reason :/
            nowadays we dont even get reaons anymore for deleted commets / posts. i mean most of the times i have very good picture for the real reasons – though iam very curious about the justification of an official source.
            i guess being butthurt makes no good justification :p 🙂

            deletion incoming.

          • even though its from Risingred who is occasionally goes hostile for no good reason :/

            There’s always a reason. It’s usually someone saying something so dumb that I feel compelled to respond.

          • I don’t know how many moderators they have but that will increase when they open their new ones.

        • I like this Glass guy’s view.

          I think the problem with moderators is that you need to have rocks in your head to want to be one. I haven’t seen any do a really good job. There’s always some kind of petty biases or stupid shenanigans going on within their noggens.


  4. WoW and SC2 forum accounts are seperate from playing accounts. You will not be banned from the game for posting stuff, unless it’s extreme violation of the rules.

  5. Come on. They dont ban you for having an opposing opinion. There’s like 20 “Blizzard is ruining my game/ I hate the RMAH” threads on there every two minutes.

  6. Come on guys give him a break.  He had to spin the negativity in there somewhere.

    Now people can complain about losing their accounts right along side complaining about RMAH.

    Facts be damned. 🙂

    • He’s under the assumption, that’s why he asks the question. Why not answer it?

      Edit – Sorry, my mistake, he asks two questions.

      • So spending two seconds on google before reporting something on one of the most visited d3 news sites is too much to ask?  This sort of thing just gets people riled up for no reason.
        It isn’t anything I should be surprised about.  Most news seems to given out with a heavy dose of personal opinion.  Which is fine I guess.  If you want to be negative that is your right but at least spend a few second getting your facts straight.

        • There’s a site that collects feedback from dozens of people about their experiences with forum banning, that I could have accessed in 2 seconds on google? Perhaps. But it’s almost as if I was trying to spur some conversation or debate in a news post?

          “…on one of the most visited d3 news sites…”

          Just FYI, but you misspelled “by far the most visited D3 website…”

  7. even in extreme cases, forum accounts and game accounts are separate. when i played wow several years ago, my forum account got banned after some of my idiot friends postet a link to a quite famous video of 2 girls and one special cup in there. permanent lifetime ban for the forum accounts, but nothing about the actual game.

  8. sounds like the fourth reich, blizzard edition…. Seriously, I post some stuff that some mod doesn’t like, my forum account gets banned, and then so does my game key, which I PAY FOR? Who the hell does blizzard think they are?

  9. They wont ban you from the game unless you’ve hacked it or are cheating. If you misbehave on the forums they’ll ban you, but you’ll still be able to play. I got banned on the WoW forums once, but I was still able to play, just wasn’t able to post for 72 hours.

  10. It’s been awhile since I played WoW, what about in game chat? If you’re constantly typing racial slurs and obscenities non-stop in game, can they ban your game account?

    • That’s an in-game action, which is different. From what I understand (as this isn’t something I commonly do) they offer a warning, and different increments of time-based bans. For instance, if you’re caught buying gold, you may or may not be banned for an hour. If you are caught being a complete and total tool like Sammie, nothing will likely happen unless it’s multiple offenses. In that case, they may choose to ban you for up to three hours.

      Seriously. They do by-hours bans now. You have to do something pretty freaking nasty (like speedhacks) in order to be permanently banned.

  11. Bashiok quote:
    “Well, no, if you’re banned from the WoW of SC2 forums (or D3 forums for that matter) you’d need to buy the game again and make a new account to post again. We ban on the license level, not IP.”
    That sux. Another reason to stay away from that forums…?

  12. I’ll get as much use out of Blizzard’s new forums as I do their existing ones… i.e. I’ll never post there.

  13. yeaaaaaaah new forums yes final i love to see one soon i cant even get into the old forums any yes im happpy thanks alot flux

    • Are you not able to log in, or do you just not have a cdkey? I can probably help you out if you have a cdkey.

      Send me a PM if you need some assistance.

  14. Does this mean that my hopes for beta access can depend on whether I’m an active member or not? I really hope not.
    I’m not an active member for WOW( Quit a while ago play off and on but not enough to keep a subscription every month) or SC2 (Just can’t get into the peon resource collecting concept anymore. Company of heroes and Dawn of War 2 has changed my opinion on the old AOE and SC/WC resource management.)  Still play D2 and am extremely interested in D3 and love to give feedback.

    • No.  How often you log in to their site doesn’t affect your chances of getting on the beta tests.

  15. All that said, the Wizard is a blast to play and still would be even if skills like Disintegrate and Electrocute weren’t so overpowered. It’s just fun to use Wizard skills; to watch the sizzle and crackle and explosions. I think the class would be just as much and perhaps more fun if the killing weren’t so instantaneous. I’m sure I’d like it more, since then there would be a need for strategy in positioning, skill use, etc.
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