Blizzard released a bunch of super high quality artwork in the Blizzcon 2010 press kit, including some new monster arts. Here they are.  The new Skeleton King artwork is probably the best of the bunch, but I’m also partial to the concept art for Leoric’s flaming dungeon, one level of which was prominently featured in the Blizzcon demo.

    I’ve also uploaded a few photos of artwork from the Blizzard museum at the show, one of which showed concept art for a new/unknown demon. It’s called DiabloWikiLanzuul’s Minion, which just begs the question… who’s DiabloWikiLanzuul? A demon? A powerful human conjurer? A Blizzard artist who was really proud of his creation? A second new, unnamed monster can also be seen, thanks to the ginormous-sized version of the Monk painting by DiabloWikiJosh Tallman.

    Click the thumbs below for much larger views, or browse directly via the Diablo III Monster Art Gallery. This bunch brings the total up to 80 images, pretty much all of which are worth a view, if you’re a fan of the game and the artwork that gives it life.


    Update: As Frisky points out in comments, the semi-unknown monsters in the character paintings were discussed some time ago, attracting some Blue comments for good measure.

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