The promised D3 site update has arrived, and it’s a juicy one. There’s a new monster entry, which reads as part two of the one that began two weeks ago, with the medieval Steve Irwin hunting a Dune Thresher. The story concludes in this entry about the Scavenger, a much-improved version of the leaping creatures we were all annoyed by in Diablo I and Diablo II.

    I had indeed seen scavengers: small, burrowing creatures that feed upon carrion. Unlike most animals of this type, however, they are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Scavengers have powerful legs which they use for swift springing attacks, striking at vulnerable faces and throats. Their anatomy bears a striking resemblance to that of the leapers of the Aranoch desert, and thus, many researchers classify the two groups as part of the same family of creatures. An ensorcelled (some say demonic) variant is known to have plagued adventurers in the Tristram region twenty-odd years ago as well.

    We already had scavengers in the wiki, since a pack of them is seen in the WWI gameplay movie. If you missed it, a swarm of them tunnel up and ambush the Witch Doctor at about 13:40 in the movie.

    In addition to the Scavenger page, there are 4 new artworks and 7 new screenshots. Here’s the artwork:

    • Scavenger Concept Art: We’ve been thinking this was some kind of mutated demon horse. Turns out we had the scale all wrong, and it’s a scavenger.
    • Scavenger Art Palette Shifts: Various color varieties of the scavenger concept art. *insert color controversy joke here*
    • Scavenger faces: Concept art that only a mother could love.
    • Triune Leader Blood Guard: Concept art of the Blood Guard, a monster type we’ve not yet seen in the game. Apparently they guard the Triune Leader, a type of Dark Cultist monster we’ve not yet become acquainted with.

    And here are the screenshots:

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