New Monk Screenshots

New Monk Screenshots

As promised last week, here’s the first (of five) batches of new screenshots, culled from the huge number (mostly not-new) that Blizzard added to their D3 community site. These are all Monk shots, and while most of them are not brand new shots (several of the Act Two Monk shots were clearly taken a second before or after other shots we saw back in February 2011), they are all, at least, never before seen outside of Blizzard.

Since just throwing in a bunch of tiny thumbnails is not a real inventive or inviting method of presentation, I’ve cropped out a few of the juicier bits, which you can see below, linked to the full size shot from which it came. There are thumbs for the other newly-added screens.

This shot features a female Monk with impossibly, delightfully-long legs. Now you know why the DiabloWikiScoundrel keeps trying (unsuccessfully) to flirt with her during the game play? A number of Monk shots show kicks, or leaping/flipping kick attacks, and sadly we don’t know exactly what skill(s) is being shown off. The only named “kick” in the DiabloWikiMonk skills is DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kick, which is pretty clearly the flipping roundhouse kick. That doesn’t seem to be the “face punt” seen in this shot, unless there’s a basic kick on the way to the leaping roundhouse? Perhaps a kick is part of one of the new DiabloWikiCombos, or it’s a move that gets mixed in from time to time with the basic attack?

Click through for lots more new visuals.

A nice view of a Monk battling a pair of DiabloWikiFallen Shaman Champions. They’re shiny, eh? Almost WoW-quality in their SparkleFallen graphics. Theyr’e definitely DiabloWikiChampions (you can see one more in the full-size shot, battling the DiabloWikiEnchantress), but we don’t know enough about Champion appearance yet to say what type they are. Confirmed Champion types in Diablo III include Champions (like mini-bosses), Fanatics (faster movement and attack), Frenzied (super fast and hit point bonus), and Possessed (huge health bonus), but there are surely more types than that. We don’t know if their graphics are individualized; can you tell Frenzied from Champions at a glance? Also, Champions may have additional DiabloWikiboss modifiers in Diablo III, something they didn’t qualify for in Diablo II. (D2 champion stats and types.)

A Monk prepares to unleash one of those leaping, spinning, DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kicks against a DiabloWikiWraith in an Act One dungeon. Another shot from later in this same encounter was released previously. This shot shows off the return of the DiabloWikizoom feature in Diablo III, which we were told would not return, because some noobs turned it on by accident in D1 and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. Presumably the developers found a way to use the UI to idiot-proof this feature?

A lovely, fiery battle here as the Monk takes on a bunch of DiabloWikiFallen Shaman and DiabloWikiFallen Hounds. We’ve got two new shots from this sequence, and they mesh nicely with a shot from the same encounter that was released back in February. To proceed in order, do your mouse wheel click thing to open new tabs for step one, step two, and step three. You can almost makie movie! (Spoiler: the Monk wins.)

A nice view of the DiabloWikiScoundrel‘s Multishot skill here, as he teams with the Monk to deal with some DiabloWikigoatmen. As every shot I can remember of this skill shows poisoned bolts, and plenty of other Scoundrel shots show bolts that are not glowing with green pestilence, apparently the poison is a default property of Multishot. And yes, there is a Demon Hunter skill called DiabloWikiMultishot, though it fires out just a few more projectiles per use.

The Monk stands safely within his DiabloWikiInner Sanctuary, which keeps attackers out. When I used this in past demos, it was literally a barrier, but only to the monster bodies. Short-armed enemies like DiabloWikiFallen Imps lined up at the edge, helpless, but attackers with longer reach, like DiabloWikiFallen Overseers or DiabloWikiLacuni, could still poke at you, and it was no barrier to projectiles. We think this same skill is seen in other screenshots where it’s got a a very different graphic, so it’s either changed during development, or the runestone makes a big difference. (Though it looks a lot like DiabloWikiSweeping Wind, it’s not identical.)

Another new shot shows the Monk battling zombies in the DiabloWikiBlacksmith‘s surprisingly-extensive basement (with the Blacksmith assisting) in the early game quest that earns that NPC DiabloWikiArtisan‘s trust and assistance. Because if helping a man to murder his ex-wife won’t earn his trust and loyalty, what will?

I like this almost black and white shot of the Monk fighting a DiabloWikiLacuni in a box canyon in the early stages of Act Two. The clickable bone shrine just above the action is a nice design touch.

Here you see the Monk using DiabloWikiFists of Thunder against an assortment of Desert enemies. I think the skill might still have been called Hands of Lightning back in February, when the shot was taken. Not that that makes any real difference.

I like this one, showing a DiabloWikiSand Shark attack. It’s like those Chuck Norris joke pictures, where he’s punching toothy, carnivorous, aquatic life forms. Or was that Lara Croft in one of the Tomb Raider movies? I forget. At any rate, the DiabloWikiEnchantress, busy sand bowling in her miniskirt, hair scrunchie, and hot pink sports bra, is a nice added bonus to the image. When we have our “NPC who is least appropriately dressed for battle in the medieval era” vote, I know who I’m putting my money on.

The Enchantress looks a little braver in this pic, where a chain of Fallen Imps seem to have caught her scent. This may be a nice preview of what our Wizards and Demon Hunters will see in Diablo III, as melee monsters occasionally elect to bypass the meat shields in the front row and train right towards us. And won’t that be exciting!

You can see all of these shots in the Act One and Act Two folders of our Diablo III screenshot gallery, right on top if you sort them chronologically. Enjoy, and we’ll have a similar update for the Witch Doctor’s new screenshots tomorrow.

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40 thoughts on “New Monk Screenshots

  1. Nice, I’m really liking these pics. Some of the act 1 photos look very dark and creepy. Blacksmiths basement for example, looks quite scarey =)

  2. What’s weird about the “black and white” monk shot is that there was a shot with the female DH in the same area, and she was also shrouded in shadows. I wonder if this is quest-related or something that just isn’t translating well in screenshots. I would guess “debuff” if the Lacuni were not also shadowed.

    And yeah the blacksmith’s basement is huge. As is Adria’s cellar. They must have been really worried about tornadoes or something in Sanctuary.

    • Must be their tornado alley, then?

      Also I noticed in that shot that both Lacuni have four stars over their head (or in the case of the one standing upright, in their torso), but I’m not sure that’s the cause of the shading, or even related.

  3. Yikes, Flux, do you have every screenshot ever release memorized to be able to reference them all like this??? It’s a little scary sometimes. 😛

  4. I guess we know where all that gold we’ve been giving the npcs has been going…

    Also the female monk’s roundhouse kick is probably just her specific animation for the lashing tail kick. Why would both genders have the same animations for their skills?

    By the way, the Scoundrel’s “multishot” you see there is called Poison Bolts so yeah, it’s always poison… there is another skill he has in his second tier called Multishot that will probably be more akin to the Demon Hunter’s skill of the same name…

    • Or, more simply, they liked showing off the build with Poison Bolt and Multishot selected. Actually, that’s probably what I’ll end up using!

      I would have preferred them calling the Scoundrel skill Multiple Shot, though, like D2 since it’s identical to a low level Amazon Multiple Shot.

  5. (while looking at the legs) I FINALLY see the appeal of the monk, which (before today) was my least favorite of the classes.

    • Dem Monk legs…

      Edit: Also just noticed that full-shadows have been implemented. Have those always been there? I thought they always had the old school shadow-blobs under character models in place of realistic shadows.

      • They’ve had full shadows for some time. You can see the weapons the chars and monsters are holding and the exact shapes of armor and stuff. They’re actually too sharp and precise in some shots; black dark shadows directly below the chars even in cloudy areas or dim dungeons. But they are definitely there.

          • There are shots with AA turned on. Some ninja pictures of the options menu where also taken where you can see AA is indeed in the game. Why they have it turned off most of the time when presenting the game they’ve worked so hard on is beyond me.

          • Maybe they had it turned off most of the time due to it not being optimized and therefore causing hiccups within the game?

  6. I doubt that the  Poison Shot shoots 3 arrows at the same time, I am going to say that multiple arrows are from the Scoundrel’s Multishot. We haven’t got all that many video’s or pics of the Followers in action(really . I am just going to say that it was a coincidence that every time the Scoundrel had Poison Shot he had Multishot at the same time. After all, here is a pic where the Scoundrel has Multishot, but doesn’t have Poison Shot:
    So why should Poison Shot automatically have Multishot built into it? It is not like we can use runes on the Follower’s skills.

      • You know, it would actually be really cool if they implemented a way to pick up some of the more interesting monster weapons. It does seem a bit ridiculous that we go around picking up all the weapons our fallen enemies were carrying, but never the ones they were actually using.

  7. Now I’m just waiting for someone to create a thread claiming (once again) that people working in Blizzard are all sexist, becouse they shown a naked legs.
    If you don’t know what I’m referring to, go look on forums a thread about Demon Hunter in high heels.

  8. Dem purrty legs, says the Scoundrel. lol. nice screenshots. Monk reminds me of the AsSsassin a bit with the clawed weapons.

  9. There’s something terribly wrong about how those Fallen Shaman Champions look… I don’t really like that shot…

    The others are nice though, really enjoyed the scoundrel multishot screen, really nice and dark…

    • I have to agree. The sparklies flying off their bodies -not to mention the fact that they look like they’re covered in colored body oil- is rather comical but I’m sure that it’s probably not an issue when in motion.

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