New Male Wizard Artwork

Well, it’s not exactly “new,” as the 2009 date shows, but it’s newly-released in full quality, thanks to the Sons of the Storm Blizzard Artist website. The male is below on the left, and this is clearly the companion piece to the female wizard you see on the right, which was revealed at Blizzcon 2 years ago. Both are by Wang Wei, AKA DiabloWikiGlowei, and deserve a much closer look. Click them to take it.

These and oh-so-many more can be seen in our Diablo 3 Character art gallery.

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7 thoughts on “New Male Wizard Artwork

  1. This piece makes me forget the whole feminine male wizard controversy. He looks in this early 30, keen and badass…

    also, how do you know this piece is old without looking to the date? easy…he´s using stone skin

  2. Wei Wang (it’s not wang wei btw) is one of my favorite Blizzard artists… Nice to see him cross over from the Warcraft stuff every now and then… 8)
    Interesting how he worked in the demon and angel statues from the health/resource globes…

  3. I like this one posted above comapred to the others. Wish Blizard would update the male wizard models to look like this art!

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