Awesome in-game graphic.

    Awesome in-game graphic.

    One of the changes to items in the new PTR patch is a removal and substitution of one legendary shield, which has caused some confusion and needless worry amongst Crusader early adapters. But not to worry, as the change is actually a benefit to the class. Diablo 3 Legendary Buffs: New Crusader Shield Improved

    Amazonian Parma – problem

    Does any1 besides me have the problem with this shield? Ever since I’ve logged in today my shield does not have the x2 phalanx buff. Did they removed it permanently or it’s just a minor bug that it could be solved in hours?
    Tsarnis: For now, this is intended. The legendary affix on the Amazonian Parma was removed intentionally, and the item itself will no longer drop on the PTR. I can’t say for sure whether or not it will return with the same legendary affix, a new affix, or even weather it will return to the game at all, but for now, the missing affix and the fact that it does not drop are intentional.


    There is a new CRUSADER Shield: Unrelenting Phalanx!

    It has the SAME effect (Phalanx now summons twice). BUT it is a CRUSADER Shield, which is WAY better for us! Since it can roll Phalanx Damage and CDR! Stop flaming, they just made it BETTER
    Tsarnis: This is indeed correct. The legendary affix on the Amazonian Parma shield has been moved onto the new Unrelenting Phalanx crusader shield. Please do keep in mind that this is a PTR and that iteration on items, skills, and systems are still happening at a fairly rapid rate, so changes like this can occur.

    Thanks again for the reports, everyone!

    If you want easy reference, we’ve got all the DiabloWikiSeasonal Legendaries compiled in a wiki article. It includes the changes and updates made to Season One legendaries in Season Two, such as the Monk gloves being removed and replaced with a better Monk weapon, etc. The Seasonal Legendary items are obviously still under construction, with several still awaiting an official name, but they all have interesting legendary affixes, and dozens of existing legendary items are getting new legendary affixes as well, in Patch 2.1.

    Season 1 version.

    Season 1 version.

    There are even a fair number of legendaries that are now (on the PTR) spawning with 5/1 or 5/2 primary/secondary affixes instead of the standard DiabloWiki4/2 ratio. This is seen in the current Live game on only a few of the bestest and most popular legs, such as DiabloWikiMagefist, DiabloWikiIce Climbers, and DiabloWikiThe Barber. Those are still 5/2 or 5/1 in Patch 2.1, but a handful of other legendary items are getting upgraded to 5 primary affixes as well.

    Legendary items confirmed with 5 primary affixes on the PTR include:

  • DiabloWikiStone of Jordan
  • DiabloWikiBand of Untold Secrets and DiabloWikiThe Compass Rose
  • DiabloWikiHalcyon’s Ascent
  • DiabloWikiThe Flavor of Time
  • DiabloWikiLacuni Prowlers
  • DiabloWikiLidless Wall
  • DiabloWikiDoombringer
  • DiabloWikiFury of the Vanished Peak, now rolls +25-30% Seismic Slam damage as a fifth primary affix.
  • DiabloWikiThe Grand Vizier, now rolls “+25-30% Meteor damage as a fifth primary affix”, plus has a new legendary affix, “Reduces the Arcane Power cost of Meteor by 40%-50%”
  • DiabloWikiIncense Torch of the Grand Temple now rolls “+25-30% Wave of Light damage as a fifth primary affix”, and has a new legendary affix: “Reduces the Spirit cost of Wave of Light by 60%-80%”.
  • DiabloWikiQuivers can now roll DiabloWiki+elemental damage as a primary stat, since it was much too easy to DiabloWikienchant exactly what you wanted on a quiver before. *cough*
  • We’re holding off on updating all those legendary changes to the wiki until they’re finalized by the Patch going live, and there are lots of other changes to the inherent properties on existing legendaries, but it’s interesting to watch how many big changes and improvements items are getting on the PTR.

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