New Item Sets Coming in Patch 2.2.0

New Item Sets Coming in Patch 2.2.0

Last year’s Blizzcon demo showed off multiple new legendary items and three whole new item sets, one each equipped on the Demon Hunter, Barbarian, and Wizard in the Blizzcon demo. The sets were lots of fun to use and seemed quite powerful (the ones for the DH and Wizard, at least), but they obviously looked closer to finished than they were, since Blizzcon was back in November and there’s no sign of the sets in the game yet, though all of the other new legendary items we saw at Blizzcon are going live in Season Two.

How about on update on the progress of those new Item Sets? New Item Sets Coming in Patch 2.2.0:

A few months ago 3 new sets were announced: Barb: Whirlwind-Rend, Wiz: Slow Time, DH: Multishot. Dose anyone know when they will be released?
Tyvalir: The new sets – including Delsere’s Magnum Opus, Wrath of the Wastes and Unhallowed Essence – are currently planned to arrive in patch 2.2.0, along with updates to existing 4 piece sets. While this could change depending on a variety of factors, and while we don’t have a date to announce yet for that patch, the plan is for all of these to arrive at around the same time.

You’ll note this post contains not a hint of an ETA for v2.2.0. Not even a “soon” offered ironically. So let your imagination run wild there, but obviously it won’t be for the start of Season Two. Mid-season? Season three? Meh.

As for the sets, we discussed play testing them in detail in our post-Blizzcon podcast, and N3rdwards contributed an article about the Wizard’s set and some other new wizard legendary items seem in the Blizzcon demo. You can see the special set bonuses in the screens below, at least as they were when presented back at Blizzcon. They may well have changed by now, and I hope that at least the Barb set has, since I didn’t think it worked very well when I gave it some trial runs in the Blizzcon demo.

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30 thoughts on “New Item Sets Coming in Patch 2.2.0

  1. I do not understand the issue with adding these sets.

    Did they build the game backwards? Diablo II I could mod sets, uniques, and have them in the game in 10 minutes (Saying I make a generic set with no thought process, and set bonus of say giving Thorns).

    Why is it such and issue with these guys. Are they incompetent? Do they believe we all think it is a rough go to implement sets and unique items?

    • I think we would all be amaze to learn how many people are actually working on Diablo. My bet would be 2 are working on it daily, 1 weekly, and 2 monthly.

      Don't be delusional about the amount of re$ource$ a publicly traded company is willing to spend out of good will.

    • While I agree that it shouldn't take *months* for implementation, I'm sure they do have to perform usual QA bug tests for skill interactions that didn't exist before, and also balance checks.

      I'm actually more annoyed that they aren't releasing one set for every class. Might as well go big, if you're going to do it at all.

  2. Doesn’t 40% dmg reduction as a 4-piece bones (3 with rorg) seem a bit OP? Maybe I’m missing something but that is basically a Unity combo while leaving the ring spot open for an SOJ or something else.

    • Yeah I agree, a bit too OP considering they’ll most likely have an enemy within 20 yards of them all the time. Monk fan here :D.

      • It's only for 4 seconds though, so you may have to move out of range to be eligible for another lot of damage reduction, or maybe it has a cooldown.

      • Bear in mind the usual DH MO is to keep far away from enemies, especially if using Zei's/Steady Aim. The bonus will either be very infrequent (though there when you need it most) or will force a major playstyle change.

    • Might be awesome damage reduction, but 300% MS instead of Marauder's 500% + 5 sentries X100% won't cut it.

      • Are you sure ?

        The 10% increased dmg for every point of discipline is neat.

        Default 30
        Ring 10
        NatalySetBonus 20
        Cloak 10
        Quiver 10
        HandCrossbow 10

        [+ maybe 1 or 2 unique legendary (legacy soj?) items that got Discipline.]

        That’s 300 base + 800.

        • I didn't realize so many items can have discipline. Might be able to compete with marauder after all.

  3. 2 things.
    When they mention new sets being added they say “including …”. Does that mean there will be more than just those 3 sets added?
    The wizard set model isn’t finished right? It looks really stupid like that so I’m assuming it just wasn’t finished ^^

    • I hate to be critical of the Dteams hard work but, I kinda felt the same way … like, after all this time, I wouldn't mind if they put a little more love into the set costumes. I kinda like the barb helm the best, but, then I look at his boots and it's that same old camel toe boot look again. It's kinda like … can't we go w something different; like a Gene Simon's KISS boot with little teeth or something?

  4. Is it me or does the new 2.2.0 Wizard Set remind of Kule, making a “Kule-build” with energy twister and slow time skills :D? I also feel they could have released more sets than this, moar because moar. Taking their time a bit too much I think.

  5. Something important to note is that one of the game developers in the last "play your way video" (the one where they invite a player to play with the devs) said that not only would these item not appear till the next major patch, but that the patch would have it's own ptr. Which is, to me, the message that we wont be seeing these items for a LONG LONG LONGLONG time.

  6. My guess is this will be the Season 3 patch. They've said Season 1 went on longer than they first planned/wanted and they'd be aiming for a few months with Season 2. I expect the PTR will go live about two months after Season 2 begins. They'll plan it to last a month, making Season 2 three months long, but the PTR will inevitably drag it out for longer than that.

  7. Still no new monk set. The raiment set is borderline useless (unless things have changed drastically with the patch) and the innas set is OK but lacking. That leaves the monkey garb as the primary set. A four piece with no +Dex or +vit and 2 set bonuses.

    I wished I hated playing a monk so this wouldn't bother me.

    • The thing, for my monk, is combining sets. If you combine Monkey and Innas … you're a bad ass … as it stands, you can have both sets complete. My monk on the PTR was insane

  8. For the barb set, they should replace the skill 'Rend' with the skills Overpower and/or Revenge. You can use Overpower & Revenge while whirlwinding, but Rend makes you stop. Rend and Whirlwind are also both secondary skills that consume Fury… Overpower/Revenge are not.

    • True.. but with the set you would only need to use rend every 15s (rend last 3 times as long and does triple damage) or so depending on how fast you can cut through the groups and how often more enemies jump at you. rend can have a reach of 12 to 18 yards so you can hit HUGE groups with one shot.

      you will probably need to invest in some fury generation items to make this build work best. If they leave the IK 2/3 set bonus they way it is that would be a start. (use the IK boulder breaker and binding belt) The passive to generate fury would come in handy as well.

  9. Why is there no talk of the “updates to existing 4 piece sets”. I for one would like to see a 3rd set bonus added to 4 piece sets with only 2 set bonuses currently i.e. Vyr’s & Raiment set

    • They said they plan to make all 4 piece sets become 6 piece sets. I don't know if they plan for that on this patch though. But this means Tal Rasha, immortal Kings, aughild's, ect. will have 6 pieces and bonuses.

      • They’d better make it worth it. the only reason the monk is getting along is becouse we can mix monkey garb with inna’s. if they change it to 6 set and move the monkey garb 4 set bonus to 6 and add a new 4 for example, they’d better make it worth it. else the monk will be broken yet again.

  10. I'm so excited i might pee!
    Is this actually real?… if so… (which i hope it is because the sets look fun) any news on "when"?

    I'm a huge Barb fan and i loved the old rend/ww builds. I did also enjoy the wiz slow time skills.

    also… would the belt "lamentation" stack with this set? (rend stacks 2 times on enemy) if so, might be worth finding a good ancient before this patch comes.

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