New Info on PvP in Diablo III

Bashiok interrupted his usual Saturday routine of extreme ironing to drop a few forum replies about the future of DiabloWikiPvP in Diablo III. In them he restates the fact that D3 will not have any form of PvP when it launches, and nothing will be enabled for PvP until they can patch in the full Arena system at some point in the future.

Speaking from Taiwan earlier this week, Jay Wilson said they hoped to get the Arena patched into the game sometime later this year, but we all know how Blizzard is with words like “hope,” “later” and “this year.” (Hey, at least Jay didn’t say, “DiabloWikisoon.”)!/Bashiok/statuses/195724850835361794

So there’s no plans for dueling at all? I thought Jay had said awhile ago that Blizz planned to implement dueling in some form, and he wanted to also have hardcore dueling to the death. Does this mean it’s totally canned? Or considered for a patch in? Or maybe an expansion?
The person was specifically asking if we could implement duels so they have something to do before the PvP patch arrives. And so I said ‘no plans for duels’, which out of context is quite misleading. What I should have said was ‘no plans for any PvP before the PvP patch’.

We’re open to the idea of custom PvP matches, which would allow for duels in the arenas. There are a lot of decisions before we can get there, but on the design philosophy front we don’t have anything against practice duels or other custom matches (1v4?), as long as they can’t be used for progression. It’ll just come down to implementation and what we’re able to pull off in a timely manner.

…While we’re talking about PvP it’s probably worth reminding everyone that what we’re targeting is a very loose and ‘for fun’ system. Imagine clicking a button, being matched up against another team of equal skill and gear, and win or lose you move forward (although faster if you win) on a personal progression system that gives you some cosmetic recognition as you go. There won’t be ladders or leagues, we have no intent to expose team ratings, and very likely nothing besides a win/loss record to track performance etc. etc. etc. Anyone who has tried it at BlizzCon knows the PvP in Diablo III is a blast, but I’ve seen some people start to get ideas that it’s going to be an eSport, and that’s just not something we’re targeting – for the sake of our goals in the single player/co-op experience.

It’s one reason custom matches can make some people nervous, because it means players can start setting up their own games in attempts to create a more competitive system. Or just complaining their 1v1 duels aren’t balanced. When that happens people start demanding the sacrifice of PvE, “I need more mobility/stuns/dps”, separate systems with different abilities, and on and on. I think if there were one good argument against duels and custom games, it would be the players themselves. 🙂

There won’t be any PvP in Diablo 3 at launch

Click through for a couple of follow ups, though the first two posts above cover all the main info.

uhh I still don’t get it. If you balance PvP and PvE separately, this issue of one’s balance affecting the other would never occur.
Aside from some very basic user experience issues it would cause, and which we vehemently oppose, asking us to design, balance, and maintain two separate games just isn’t reasonable.

So my next question would be, why is it going to take so long to implement if it isn’t supposed to be something so central to the core mechanics of the game?
How do you know how long it’s going to take? 🙂 Jay says it’ll be this year and everyone assumes that means December?

No offense Bash, but you guys ARE Blizzard =)

You should be astounded that people actually believe that it will be “this year” when you guys said this year. hehe
Fair enough…

My concern is the strict queuing of players with similar gear and skill in arena.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea to be matched with equal gear and skill players, but sometimes in Diablo II, don’t you sometimes have the urge to enter Public Dueling Games, and pubstomp lesser geared and skilled players with those godly items you have just found or crafted, just to exert your dominance? If all the players you face scaled with your gear, there may not be a great incentive to get better gear, since if you get a windforce, chances are, you will then be upper to face other players with windforce.
In a balanced system (and if we’re matching you correctly) you’d win 50% of the time, and lose 50% of the time. It absolutely feels awesome to win, but for someone to win someone else has to lose. The ‘fun’ comes from being matched fairly and overcoming a challenge. Yes some fun can come from just being totally overpowered and dominating, but for most people that gets old and they’ll just stop playing if there’s no challenge.

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60 thoughts on “New Info on PvP in Diablo III

  1. PvP in Diablo 2 was like barbarians or amazons oneshotting me 🙂
    good times.
    Cant wait for the pvp 🙂
    Maybe pvp will be a little more balanced now

    • Why should it be? They specifically said they won’t sacrifice PVE for the sake of balancing PVP.
      Oh and the argument that dueling might be a bad idea because players will whine about balance in 1v1…. Am I the only one who went “wtf” on this one? Isn’t ANY PvP a bad idea by this logic?

      • I’m so confused by this, wasn’t separating it the point so they COULD at least put some balance on it without gimping pve?  How could it possibly affect PVE if its a completely different mode?   Do they just wanna stop the ticket ahead of time of XXlegolasXX wondering why his stun is only half duration on a player?   

          • Just because bash says they would have to balance two different games doesn’t make it reality.

            They would have to balance select skills, stuns (slows,knockback, CC in general) for example, while many if not most of the pve game play could remain intact.  Remember that D3 pvp isn’t exactly about equal balance, its more about not allowing one class to dominate everything.

            I think this was the point the original post was trying to get at.  I also agree with hylian, this seems to be more of a noob friendly decision, they don’t seem to want l33tlilbilly3  or imbashsgma to become confused as to why there would be separate styles for separate modes.

            Additionally, with blizzard standing to make around 15%(i think) off all money that flows through their RMAH, its really not as ridiculous as bash makes it sound.  They essentially need to bring CC in between classes into balance, (and possibly an odd damage skill or two)  they aren’t designing or balancing two separate games.

          • And I might take that as a actual argument if they were a smaller team like PoE.   Not asking for esport but saying they won’t try and balance it at all is just plain lazy seeing as how its completely separate we could have a actual interesting mode since it won’t affect pve unlike how it did with WoW.

    • It won’t be balanced in it’s raw state, but I think they’ll explore the potential of arenas… I feel Diablo 3’s client/server architecture would lend itself well to a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style game, similar to DOTA, League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth. That is premade characters with purchasable items in game duking it out.

      Although they have plans to release their own Blizzard DOTA for SC2 ), I still think Diablo 3’s engine would be better considering PVP reception at BlizzCon. Also, with Bobby overseeing creation of revenue streams, why not make those SC2 players shell out $60 for Diablo 3? Then buy a few Bobby Bucks for some Blizzard DOTA skins and heroes?
      Anyway, just speculating.

    • It is amazing that they are keeping their stand on this issue. They have said that PVP won’t be an e-sport and it won’t affect PVE in any way, and they are serious about it. Not flinching to the demands of the fans that think D3 is a PVP game.

      I’ll say it again, one of the reason we PVP in D2 was because of the lack of serious end-game content. We needed to do something to show-off our decked out characters. While it is still a viable thing to do, we should also remember that they intend to “patch” content for us if they see that the game has started to be boring. Meaning, we won’t probably run out of content, so PVP won’t be the focus.

  2. Looks like they won’t make any E-Sports effort for now. 🙁 But I’d love to see them cast matches on youtube. 🙁

    • Blizzard has never claimed they would make it an E-sport, quite the opposite in fact. Some people start talking about how cool it could be, then see the delay of PvP in game as a sign of it. One thing leads to another and suddenly PvP is going to be the next major olympic event…

      Unless it comes from the devs themselves, don’t buy it 

  3. While I do whish that at least some form of PvP was enabled at lauch because I know there are a lot of players who will be playing D3 primarily as a PvP game, for me personally, this is a non-issue. For the first couple of months after May 15th, I’ll be too busy leveling various classes and builds to 60, fariming Inferno, trying to kill Act IV boss on Inferno, as well as trying to get hardcore character to level 60, to really care about PvP. Once PvP launches, though, I already have a few builds planned for it, I’ll just gear up those characters getting ready for PvP.

    • the good thing about that is that when pvp rolls around, the only thing you need to change on your character is a few rune words here and there 🙂

  4. I really do not understand the demand for PvP. There are plenty of other games that are designed around PvP. Diablo 3 is not. It will never be balanced for PvP and like he said, people will complain that it is not balanced. They had this whole mess with WoW where dueling started out for fun, but turned into this horrible balancing nightmare where every single ability had to be tweaked for both PvE and PvP.

    Stop ruining my PvE with demands for PvP! 

    • But with SO many builds available to our characters via the new skill system SURELY we can work out a character who can compete??? 

    • I don’t know how many times people need to say this, if you dont want to pvp you DONT have to. It will affect you in no way if you choose not to pvp.  Stop complaining I dont care if you get butthurt in pvp usually just stop complaining.

  5. I hope they implement the most basic dueling option there is, i.e. right click a party member, click “invite for duel”, other person has to accept and you fight until one has 1 hp (also available in WoW). At least this can keep us busy when they decide to push the big promised PvP patch because <pick 1 of 100 reasons they like to give>…

  6. “Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea to be matched with equal gear and skill players, but sometimes in Diablo II, don’t you sometimes have the urge to enter Public Dueling Games, and pubstomp lesser geared and skilled players with those godly items you have just found or crafted, just to exert your dominance? If all the players you face scaled with your gear, there may not be a great incentive to get better gear, since if you get a windforce, chances are, you will then be upper to face other players with windforce.”

    I “love” people like this. Its funny how he is trying to hide his real reasons for wanting this. If you are that “skilled” as you imply you are you will still be able to beat many people…if you start loosing than the players you are playing against are amazing and there is no shame in loosing to them… What you want scumbag is to slaughter players with s*** gear because you DONT have skill therefore fullfiling your real life failures! Scum of the earth…

    Sorry for sounding so angry but scum like this drives me insane. These are the type of people who hate RMAH since RMAH will give a chance to people with less time (people that have actual jobs and dont live in their mothers basement) to buy gear and than roflstomp these retards who are so “skilled”… People who are really skilled AND dedicated players will always stay on the top and they are not afraid of any game systems because they have something you cant buy or implement in to the game…quick brain, quick fingers and a lot of experience to deal with any situation!

    On the PvP matter… i dont care about it that much since it is not ballanced…yeah it might be fun but i wish they made it somehow ballanced and had some ranking system. I really thought that they will try to do this since they are taking their time with this but it seems not. If i want to PvP ill just play SC2!

    • “What you want scumbag is to slaughter players with s*** gear because you DONT have skill! Scum of the earth…
      These are the type of people who hate RMAH since RMAH will give a chance to people with less time (people that have actual jobs and dont live in their mothers basement) to buy gear and than roflstomp these retartds who are so “skilled”…”
      So what you’re saying is, you hate people who want to just pwn some newbies with their awesome gear, and would love to see players who bought their gear to pwn those guys, i.e. do the thing you abhore so much… Seems like Cognitive Dissonance to me.
      “People who are really skilled AND dedicated players will always stay on the top and they are not afraid of any game systems because they have something you cant buy or implent in to the game…quick brain, quick hands and a lot of experience to ddeal with any situsation!”
      That would be all nice and so on, but in the first blue post it’s clearly stated that there won’t be no ladder/league support, so it’s PvP which is competitive in nature, with competitiveness neutured. You don’t have any way to see if you progress in PvP, without refering to 3rd party sites. So, there’s no concept of Top within D3 PvP.

      • People who bought the gear will be matched against people with similar gear in this game…what this guy wants is a system where he is allowed to play against people with horrible gear and own them. Please dont twist my words…i never said i want system where people who bought awesome gear can play against people with bad gear… i said the exact opposite!

        People who are on the top will be known through chat channals, sites and simply through the fact that after playing against someone for a few minutes you will know exactly how good they are! Also if you are a skilled player and have great gear you will be be matched against similar people and you will know how good they are even before you start the match!

        • You’re the one twisting the words. I pointed out that you don’t want gear disparity used against new players and still wouldn’t mind that gear disparity being used against those who want it. Refer to the quote in previous post.
          Misread the blue post, didn’t notice that win ratio might be there. As vital as this information is, it won’t tell you where you’re placed on the ladder itself. To know that, you will have to either refer to word of mouth/gut feeling/site that tracks all of this, which to me seems like no indication whose on the top of the ladder WITHIN the game itself. You have to admit, it is bad for competitiveness (and i’m not talking about eSports, just casual pvp fun).

    • I don’t think he’s hiding – he’s saying up-front that he wants to just stomp players with weaker items :P. 

      But yeah, you’re right -that’s just wrong, I think :P.  At least in a match-making environment.  You can always convince someone to duel you if you want to do that.   

      • Yeah i guess you have a point! I think he was hidng to an extant when he said how he likes the new system but he still wants to own people with bad gear and less skill sometimes…and than he added that he doesnt want other guy to have a Windfocre if he has it :). He is definitly more open than most of the people with his idea of fun…ill give him that!

    • Some of the best pvp moments I remember from D2 was when a higher lvl dbag enters our friendly pvp game and starts killing everyone.  True joy comes when we would all rally together and take said dbag down and continuously naked kill the jerk.

    • The guys motivations are certainly transparent.  Although my concern would be more with players like leetbilly13 taking daddys credit card and roflstomping a pub game.  Personally I think thats the more likely scenario.

      My question on the issue is this:  Isn’t if fun to be able to challenge people, or be challenged by another person (or team)?

      I understand that their matchmaking system has its place, but I still don’t understand their push to social isolation.  A more open pvp system than the one they currently have planned also has a place, and (if its done right) it doesn’t have to detract from game play.

      Also I think jamesL is correct, that matchmaking is done based on their point system.  Bash mentioned you have a personal progression system whereby you progress faster if you win.  Sounds like a hidden ‘skill’ attribute will be assigned.  I wonder then what the point of a win / loss record will be, if you are expected to win 50% and lose 50%, and if you don’t..blizzard just bumps you up..?! 

  7. No matter what Blizzard think is fun, if you can’t control who you would be PvPing against, then it automatically takes the fun out of it for many. And if there aren’t detailed stats, it will also take the fun out of it for many. I certainly have no interest in clicking a button, being tossed into a team with unknown ppl, playing against other unknown ppl, and then the match is over, and then what? Back to the sucky chat channels?

    I think I stay away from all of that anyway. I’ve never understood the idea of PvP in Diablo.


    • And then you go back to killing monsters and minions of Diablo. Diablo is primarily a PvM game, what that means is, that it is a game, and it is around killing monsters. What Diablo isn’t is a pure PvP game, while PvP can be a fun aspect of the game, it is not something that game centers around. Unlike in something like DotA or LoL, when you finish the match, you don’t go looking for other match, but you return to killing monsters. And what I mean by game is, that Diablo is not a glorified chat channel. As in, playing the game, killing monsters is the fun, not chatting outside of the game.

      • Bobby doesn’t want u chat channelling or PvPing. He wants u killing monsters collecting as much sweet lewt as possible and selling it on the RMAH. moneymoneymoneymoneymoney

        • Funny, though, loot was the center of Diablo serial since the beginning, as in, people were collecting loot loooong before anyone had the idea of real money trading. Another thing to consider before posting, RMAH operates on the principle of supply and demand, at its core. During D2 a lot of people bought gear through shady sites to make their characters better. If players didn’t want ability to buy items with real money (demand), Blizzard wouldn’t have provided them with a way to do just that, in a safe and controlled enviroment (supply). Also, all items on RMAH have to be first found by the player and put there, on GAH or RMAH. So, if the player really feel such moral outrage over RMAH, there is an easy way to stop it. If there is no demand, there is no supply. But, in my experience, those who critisize something the loudest are the ones who are likeliest to use it.

          • True but now Bob’s found a way to cash in on items and cut out those evil shady dark dark sites so now he doesn’t want you wasting time chatting or PvPing. moneymoneymoneymoneymoney.

            p.s not once did i use a shady dark DARK site nor do i intend to use the RMAH, but hey that’s just me peeps can use it all they like just don’t crimp on the chat and pvp CHAMP!!!  

            @HerlockS gotta spend money to make money buddy. 

        • And he allowed Blizzard to spend wages on a 50 man development team spending six and a half years making one game…
          Seriously, cut the Bobby/Blizzard are greedy bastards comments – it’s getting old.
          You don’t like either, don’t buy their products – simple as.  

          • @Lemon Wedge
            I really want to counter argue, but find your reasoning so dumb, I’m lost for words 

    • I agree with you.  I feel like blizzard has so much potential with PVP in diablo 3, which they seem to be ignoring.  

      Most games nowadays allow various forms of more open pvp, be it dueling, full open world pvp etc….   Heck make people opt into it if that’s their big issue.

      Im sure the arena will be fun, but its only part of a whole.  I think blizzard is missing out on cashing in on the rest of that potential. 

  8. None of the arguments that Bashiok has given is an answer to why WoW-style duels weren’t implemented. They are consensual, griefers can be put on /ignore, and you don’t die if you lose. As for where they’d play out, they can either happen in specific areas in town, in a ritual “bubble” out in the world, or players could be ported to the arena map that was done in 2010. All of these allow players to challenge each other safely and for fun.

    The end result of this bullshit philosophy is that I can play hours on end with a friend but we aren’t allowed to touch each other because blizzard is afraid that people will like PvP. Because god forbid it’s actually fun and people want to see more of it in the form of ladders and tournaments, even if it is completely optional. The horror!

    • This.

      Make it opt in if its to complicated for someones grandmother.

      It has potential to greatly boost the economy for the RMAH as well.  Doesn’t seem like the best decision from blizzard to me. 

  9. Blizzard makes money from the AH which comes from PVE drops. Those drops are put up on the AH and Blizzard gets its cut, it’s this or subscription fees.   If the players are PVPing they’re NOT getting drops thus NOT making money inadvertently for blizzard. There doesn’t seem to be the possibility of getting drops in PVP thus it is taking up server space, costing money NOT potentially making money for the company. Blizzard wants people to enjoy their game, it’s art.. however there is a business aspect.  If PVP can’t make money, they won’t invest. 

    One possible solution is to allow gambling or betting.  Make people put up a wager of items or gold and take a cut. Put the pvp server physically in vegas so it’s all legal and tax is paid.  If this were legal and implemented you would see an investment into pvp. Money is a motivator.  

    • the fact that PvP is one of two major sources of demand for items (other one being PvM) and the fact that there existed real money trading alongside PvP before RMAH (during D2), both prove you wrong.

  10. I’m glad they understand that PvP balance gimps the crap out of PvM. “Well we can’t have items X, Y & Z. What if all their effects triggered at once? That’ll be totally unfair in PvP.”

  11. Wait a second… They would discourage allowing custom matches because the community itself would form a ladder?  Something you have to work that hard to set up well must be something of a demand.  God fucking forbid there be any sense of competition.  Their pansy ass PvP scenario sickens me.  If you don’t want to hear people complain about balance just don’t listen to them.  They are doing a great job of not listening when it comes to the UI.  
    Here is a solution.  Have a non-ladder CoD style deathmatch and a laddered team based system at the same time.  So people that don’t want competition and just a lot of kills get what they want, and people who want competition get what they want.  No rewards are necessary, no eSport required.  Just healthy competition where team work is crucial.

  12. Before reading “Argument against custom games” post, i had some hopes left for blizzard. After reading it i see clearly – this company just ruins one the greatest franchises ever made. Same story as with dumb ui, childish design/graphics etc.

    • Thank you for your insightful and accurate judgement, it’s even more amazing that you can know this before the game is released!

  13. We can’t have pvp because people will complain!!! I can’t understand why blizz doesn’t implement duels.  I have a feeling there are programming errors occuring when various rune effects interact with one another in pvp and they don’t want to admit they didn’t plan for pvp when they programmed the skills.   

    • Then be pissed, who gives a damn? Diablo is a PvM game first and foremost – the ‘PvP’ in D2 was a joke at best; either you were butchered by some level 80+ char feeling it was ohh so funny attacking helpless sheep or you were duelling against top of the range runewords…
      The problem is, Blizzard never intended initially to have PvP in the game. After a while they came out and said ‘This is how we imagine PvP could be’ and gave us the arenas – those who played them felt it was ultra fun/cool.
      – Now that’s not good enough anymore. We need leagues, ladders, legendaries, our names on news headlines and lord knows what. Wonder why they were so hesitant to put it in the game in the first place…  

  14. I guess it must be to hard to make a addition button in the right click portrait menu to start a duel anywhere in the pve world. Sad tho…

  15. “Imagine clicking a button, being matched up against another team of equal skill and gear”
    and “win or lose you move forward (although faster if you win)” seems incompatible for me, how do you want to match up players with equal skill if you don’t create a ladder of some sort. If loosing a lot is equal to winning a few, how do you mesure skill since in any of this “personnal progression system” you can meet bad players aswell as good (meaning that win/loss ratio will be meaningless too since you could have aswell met only bad players).
    The only solution i see is that they create an inner ladder but unofficial not to offend players that cares about rank (and so would request balance). 

    • Yes it’s a hidden ladder, i.e. Blizzard would have a ladder with that information.  They just wouldn’t make it visible to customers.

  16. after reading all these comments, I’m really coming round to the idea of screw PvP.   Some of you want PvP so badly.  But Diablo is not a PvP game.  Yes, it COULD be, but they would have to design it as such.  It would take developer resources to do so.   Resources that are better spent on more important things like the core game.   Is PvP worth the delay of other things like the first expansion?   I sure don’t think so. 
    Diablo is a PvE game.  The fact that you could ever PvP was due to a sloppily thrown in system.   I appreciate the fact that some of you enjoyed it.   But there are games out there that are designed around PvP.  DOTA, LoL, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, etc.  Go play those games when you want to PvP.   
    I feel like there is not going to be any pleasing the PvP crowd.  They are doing the arena system the way they want and that probably still won’t be good enough for the PvP folks.  
    I’ll jump into some PvP for the fun of it.  I’m not totally against it.  But I want Diablo 3 for the story and the item hunt.  Part of me wishes the D3 team would just put their foot down and say, “D3 is not a PvP game.  We are not doing PvP at all.”  Then the PvP crowd could be disappointed for a while and then move on.  The rest of us gets a D3 team that is focused on whats most important.   I just don’t want Blizzard to lose focus of that or over dedicate resources to PvP.  

    • it baffles me these ppl who are so against PvP…not that you are as u mentioned u’d giv it a shot…

      for me personally i know im not gonna be a top 20 pvper, not a chance…but to duel my mates for bragging rights or play a match with them against other dudes would please me. It would be fun to mix it up after a couple of hours of bashing scripted monsters.

    • I love diablo and can’t wait to start killing monsters and enjoy the story, but if there was zero PvP in the game I don’t think I would buy it. I PvE’d for PvP gear/experience only and a lot of people I played with did the same, maybe not the majority of people but close. Who do you think was buying all the botted items? Guys who really loved doing meph runs?

      • Seriously, what is the big problem? People are going stupid and demanding a function in a game that was never intended to support it. Just because it can doesn’t mean that it should.
        I played Diablo 2 on and off for almost 12 years, and during that time I think I’ve participated in about 40-50 duels. While I have nothing against those who like PvP and don’t oppose to the idea of having a PvP option in the game, I find it borderlining silly that people are buying or looking into buying a PvM game with the intend of doing PvP… 

  17. I’m a little dissapointed. I never really made a PVP char in D2, but I liked being able to hosty my buds, or duel once in a while, for fun!
    I don’t understand blizzard’s idea here: If we enable pvp, people will complain, and we’ll have to balance stuff? How about just don’t? More people will probably complain that they decided not to have it in at all, really. How do we duel our friends?

    this seems a lot like “f you guys, we don’t care” which doesn’t seem very blizzardy. 4 player parties, no real PVP at all, PVM focus… why is this online-only, again? Pretty close to just being LAN appropriate.

  18. In a balanced system (and if we’re matching you correctly) you’d win 50% of the time, and lose 50% of the time. It absolutely feels awesome to win, but for someone to win someone else has to lose. The ‘fun’ comes from being matched fairly and overcoming a challenge. Yes some fun can come from just being totally overpowered and dominating, but for most people that gets old and they’ll just stop playing if there’s no challenge.

    I don’t know if i’m seeing ghosts, but this rings to me like they want some kind of sanitized pvp experience where “everybody wins”.  Their ideal would be everyone winning 50% of the time, so that everyone is averagely happy… on average.  Since when is pvp based purely on their bottom line?

  19. The demand for PvP is for us to have something to do. When you get every char to 60, and get some decent gear, what else will you do? I wouldn’t play for hours trying to get better gear, with the only objective of improving my character’s ability to hunt for better gear (lol).

  20. I’m surprised Blizz doesn’t want to put more effort into PvP not because PvP is any good (as pointed out, PvP in Diablo is sort of a joke compared to other games) but because it would greatly increase the demand for god tier items. In PvM perfect items don’t really matter. PvP drives up the prices on top items like crazy.

  21. What’s the deal with EQ in PVP? Is everyone starting even like DoTA or LoL? Or is it going to be lopsided with enthusiasts packing monster gear and casuals feeding?

  22. “In a balanced system (and if we’re matching you correctly) you’d win 50% of the time, and lose 50%”  
    This is why this guy is not on the SC2 team.  With that mentality sc2 would never have been made. 

    As a game designer you need to create the environment that allows people to be creative and skillful in order to win.  This guy thinks good pvp means flipping a coin. I don’t see many coin flipping tournaments. They just aren’t fun.

    I will help build the first MMO with an open source class creation system. This means we will have a skill pool and you will be able to create custom classes rather than being tied down to what the designers envision as fun. for instance, there could be an amount of skills where if you were to get everything it would take 1,000 points but you’re only allotted 50 or 100 so you have to pick and choose.
    Skill points required to either purchase or increase the level of the skill will be weighted based on it’s usefulness. (ie: a big meteor smites an area will cost more than an icebolt or something like that.)

    There will be no target locking in this game, much like Tera. Therefore the game is skill-based.

    You will be able to purchase gold with real money.

    You can duel other players or teams of players for that money. (eg. team 1 bets 50g, team 2 bets 50g,- the pot is now 100g, the winning team receives the pot at the end of the match)

    You get 3 items for winning. 1 item for losing. You can also duel players or other teams of players without dueling for gold (money).

    You can convert your in-game gold to real money and have it deposited in your bank or Paypal or other online payment account.

    All the time designing environment will go into Arenas which will be the size of battlefields in first person shooters so you have a chance to hunt/hide.

    This will NOT be a pve game.  There’s a million of them already.

    There will be a diverse amount of brackets. (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 10v10)

    and there will be NO coin flipping.

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