New Info on Smart Drops and Diablo 3 Legendaries

We were gifted with a Blue post last week that discussed how Legendaries and DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 and smart drops were going to work, or not work. Today Nevalistis returns to the thread to add some new/more details on the issue.

Are we going to know when we get a “Smart” drop (visual/sound/etc.)? …The question I have is: will there be some icon or other notification that tells us that the dropped item is a smart drop?
Nevalistis: Smart drops are an internal mechanic, and there really isn’t a need for an outward notification that one has occurred. An item that seems more tailored for your class, though, should send off the tip that it was probably (but not always) a DiabloWikismart drop.

At the end of the day, knowing whether or not an item “dropped smartly” is unlikely to impact whether or not you decide to use it. You’ll still be assessing gear based on what stats or procs it ended up with and how that fits into your play-style.

Will this affect Crafted legendary items?
I learned a bit more about the current design for crafting, and wanted to take a moment to share. =) Bear in mind, of course, that this is subject to change as development continues.

At this time, “smart drops” apply to all items crafted by a character. If it’s a general item (like a chest or bracers, for example), the stats on it will be tailored to the character who crafted it. However, there is an exception: if the item in question can only be used by a particular class, the stats will instead roll for the appropriate class. If you craft a mighty belt, for instance, you can expect to see Strength and other Barbarian friendly affixes on it.

So in other words, can a class specific item which is not a smart drop, still roll a (main) stat for another class?
Nope! Class-specific items will only roll stats for the appropriate class, regardless of whether or not the item in question is a smart drop or which character acquires it. No more INT-tastic Mighty Belts or the like.

Similarly.. If I get a “smart drop” for my WD,will it be a 2 hand Bow with a WD skill? This is sooo absurd 8)
If it’s an item that you can actually equip and it is a “smart drop,” the stats will be prioritized for your class. If you can’t use it at all though, don’t expect it to roll stats that aren’t tailored to your class.

Again, I feel it necessary to mention that we’re still iterating on a lot of these details, but this is how smart drops are working as it currently stands.

It’s hard to really know how this will change the game and economy until we see it in action, on the PTR or in RoS Beta. Not only don’t we know how much *better* the items will be, but we don’t know how much harder/different the game will play, etc. That said, for Loot 2.0 and improved Legendaries I have an EAGER. Also a WANT. Not yet sure if EXCITE, though…


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  2. Again, Doctors can use bows. Why are people so clueless?

    • True. However, bows don’t do nearly as much damage as other two-handed options, making them much less desirable to Witch Doctors or any other class for that matter. Bows and crossbows are pretty much only appealing to Demon Hunters because A.) many Demon Hunter abilities require bows and B.) they can equip and offhand while holding a two-handed bow or crossbow. As long as bows and crossbows do less damage than other two-handed options and require giving up an offhand, there’s no reason a Witch Doctor (or any other class) would ever want to use one.

      • Let’s be honest, ALL two-handed weapons stink out loud for Doctors/Wizards. And w/o quivers and Archery, they’d stink for Hunters, too. There’s Skorn, and not much else for anybody. I think the quiver-like idea would be good for every class; an item you can equip w/ a two-hander in order to bring them more up to par w/ dual wield or off-hand. Before beta, Blizzard basically said “Wizards and Doctors should be using one hand/off-hand, not two hands” which is pretty pathetic. Why even have two handed weapons at that point, especially staves? There’s too much dead weight, item types and stats that are so broken that Blizz would have been better served scrapping them and focusing on other stuff. All of the stuff for RoS, and not a single whisper about how they plan on making two handed weapons at all viable.

        • I never understood the point of Staves + Daibos.

          • Well it’s the coolest looking weapon for a Monk to pose with, as some early concept art stressed. And it’s very Martial Arts style; whacking things with a stick. I think it’s also a remnant of the early dev when they were thiking that some Monk skills would only work with certain types of weapons, or at least only with a staff instead of 1H weapons.

            It’s just that Diablo 3 followed the lead of all other Diablo games (and WoW, from what people tell me) by failing to incentivize the use of 2H weapons. Except for 1 legendary and some ultra rare Rares that do such enormous damage + stat + crit that they’re worth it.

  3. Haha, they got tripped up via triple negatives:

    “If you can’t use it at all though, don’t expect it to roll stats that aren’t tailored to your class.”

    Uh, if you can’t use it, you should expect it to roll stats that aren’t tailored to your class, because you can’t use it. One of those negatives needs to disappear for that statement to be accurate. Unless they actually mean that if you can’t use an item, it will roll stats tailored to you anyway, for the lulz.

  4. Smart drops are really just a scheme to make our heads spin so much that we believe the drops are good. Outsmart drops ™.

  5. This isn’t really a solution to the underlying problem. Itemization sucks. I don’t want to have class specific stats. I want stats to build characters around.

  6. Wait please. You can’t recongnize a smart drop item? Correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure they said that smart drop will be BoA.

  7. Sounds like the blacksmith will be more useful, finally. I love crafting, or at least I want to love it, but it hurts so bad sometimes…

  8. I’m in two minds about smart drops. If it can help a specific character to get better while they are in the early to mid sections of the game that would be nice. Usually when I am looking for high level items for twinking I’m using my best character, that doesn’t really need all that much of an upgrade, and I’m also looking for items for other characters. The smart drop will completely kill this type of item hunting. The whole idea of finding items for your character so that you can be more efficient at more finding items for your character is a complete waste of time.

  9. With the new Para 2.0 they want you to play all your characters not just your main. Which in turn makes having smart drops not a real issue IMO.

  10. I just hope this turns out as cool as it’s all sounding. Don’t want another let down.

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