RPGFan.com has posted a new Diablo 3 beta report, written by someone lucky enough to have just gotten beta access, after apparently never having played any Diablo 3 previously. There’s not much first hand/hands-on type commentary in this one; it’s clearly written for a more general audience who may not have any familiarity with the title, but you may find some points of interest. Here’s a quote of the concluding paragraph.

    Diablo 3 has a long shadow to overcome. The closing of Blizzard North and released screenshots of their version of D3 will no doubt characterize this long development cycle much the same way Capcom’s numerous attempts at Resident Evil 4 keeps fans asking, “What if?” If the beta is any indication, however, Diablo 3 will push the genre forward in ways we never thought possible. Sure, people will complain about the real world auction house, and the more tailored leveling experience will certainly cause a few fans to cry out in horror, but Diablo 3 already feels like a wonderful evolution of the franchise. My experience with the beta felt both nostalgic and fresh. The familiar “woosh” of a dropped item brought me back to the summer before my first year of high school, when I spent the better part of my days sitting in front of my sister’s computer playing Diablo 2. Plan out your next few months accordingly, fellow traveler, for the Lord of Terror awaits.

    Yes, the “next few months…” Well, it’s nice to see that someone has confidence in the “early 2012” date.

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