New GeForce Drivers Diablo 3 Enhancements

Nvidia has just updated their website with details of the new GeForce R295 Driver which specifically picks out Diablo 3 enhancements among other titles.

A full list of changes that come with the driver can be checked out on the Nvidia site now.

GeForce-exclusive quality enhancements with ambient occlusion support for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Diablo III, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Thanks RPGReporter

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    40 thoughts on “New GeForce Drivers Diablo 3 Enhancements

      • I don’t see how you could come to that conclusion based on a post telling you about a driver update. 
        This may be the most random, irrelevant news comment of the year for me. 

        • I’ve known you since the the Diablo 2 boards (which I never visit anymore, it’s very dusty over there). I guess my comment wasn’t directed at the article.

          Also, what’s with nVidia attempting to change the artistic stylings of the Diablo 3 team??? Rawr! I’m just kidding, this feature isn’t even enabled by default.  

        • I think he is talking about the experience he has gained from what he has read on different diablo sites over time.

          • This. There’s no reason we can’t have both.

            Back when D3 didn’t have AA, I made the notion on the official board that there was no reason for the engine not being able to support it. Maybe it could even have support for some better filters for higher end machines, without hurting the lower end.

            Counter arguments were: “You hate gameplay!!!1”

            • I have no issues with adding ‘optional’ graphics enhancements / upgrades. I’m just surprised how so many players react negatively when something doesn’t have AAA+ realistic graphics in modern games.

              It’s a shame to have that kind of attitude about a creative medium.

      • As long as the graphics don’t impede gameplay (like overdoing bloom to the point of blinding you) I don’t really care. I mean, go back and play games I missed out on in the 90’s and enjoy them as much as any modern game as long as the mechanics and gameplay hold up.
        That said, I think Diablo 3 is a pretty good looking game, and I play games like Crysis(1 and 2) and Battlefield 3 on the highest settings… People also complained about graphics on Mass Effect 3 and I thought that game looked great as well.

      • why would you wanna play something that looks like shit? unfortunately there are far too many people out there that are just like you, given how popular Minecraft is, which looks like a pile of shit. if I wanna play games that look like that, I’ll time travel back to 1970

    1. anyone mind explaining to the non-technical what the benefits of these drivers are?

      and will they be available on all Nvidia drivers?

      and if not can someone make suggestions on good ones to get (minding the most graphically demanding games I play are league of legends, and blizzard games on my computer.) 

        • Sorry you answered my question.

          I wasn’t sure if these drivers coming out were specific only to the newest models of GPU or what. 

    2. i personally don’t want ambient occlusion in my games. D3 already looks like you’re staring through a thick fog while playing, why would i want to make it even foggier??

    3. I’m afraid to update my driver and have it start to crash my system, because you know microsoft, nvidia, and others play so well together. 

    4. I have the new drivers and can notice more smoothness and detail, Get em !
      stonerdoom: just create a restore point before you update, then you can undo the change if the new drivers arnt good for you.

        • Hey man what’s with the AMD hate. 😉 Seriously though my Radeon 6870 was a killer deal and puts up a fight with the much more expensive (at the time) GeForce 470. And with like half the power consumption. 😛

    5. A lil out of place here but I am going to get a new tower soon and I want it to play d3well but don’t want to spend a whole lot any suggestions  ?

      • I always recommend that people go to tomshardware dot com and look at the “Best GPU/CPU/mobo for the month of February/March” articles there.  They run all of the newest hardware against what many consider to be an industry standard panel of benchmarks.
        From there they post the best performing CPU/GPU in price ranges: under $100, $100 to $200, $200 to $350, $350 and up.  It sounds like you will want to pick winners from the under $100 category.  My advice – if you have ANY spare cash, spend it on a solid GPU.  Do a bit of research at sites like HardOCP, tomshardware, etc and make sure that you aren’t creating any bottlenecks anywhere and you should be good to go.  Following the advice I am giving you, I just built a $420 rig (sans monitor) for my father in law (who plays freecell and solitaire!) but before I gave it to him it was running Skyrim very well.  PST if you have any questions.

        Good luck buying an HDD right now… they are expensive due to floods in the Thailand, so expect to spend more $$$ on that component.

    6. the real crime is that there is no update for macs. I have both a mac and a pc so most of the time i play d3 on my pc.
      mac’s should get the same driver updates. there hasn’t been an nvidia mac update since like june.

      • Ambient occlusion should work fine already without needing an update on AMD hardware because the implementation is part of the generic directx code base. There is nothing special about the hardware that requires an Nvidia video card to achieve it.
        The only problem is Nvidia being the completely unethical asswipes they have always been sent some money Blizzard’s way (The way it’s mean to be played co-marketing kickbacks bullshyt) and basically locked out AMD of what the D3 developers added to the game.
        Want proof? Change the vendor ID of your AMD video card using ATI tray tools to trick the game into thinking you have an Nvidia video card and see ambient occlusion working flawlessly on AMD hardware. This by the way is not the first time they have done something like this. Batman Arkham Asylum/City has the same hardware vendor lockout where they prevent AMD hardware from using some Antialiasing modes which can be bypassed in exactly the same way. For some laughs do the reverse (change your Nvidia video card hardware ID to an AMD one and see the feature disappear).
        For this and many other past unethical BS Nvidia has pulled in the past I will never buy their hardware.

    7. Just tested it. Worked very well indoors (cathedral, crypts, etc) but looked very shitty/grainy outdoors.

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