Blizzcon 2011 Gameplay Movie

Blizzard has released some new gameplay footage and it’s pretty nice. The video is only 3:23 in length, but it shows off solo play sessions for all five classes, from a variety of areas. There are numerous skills and runestone effects in evidence as well, and I must admit to LOLing at the appearance of the DiabloWikiToad of Hugeness. Dig in.

I took a few screens of some of the new stuff. See unknown giant spider demons, some sort of Cultist-summoned black hole in the desert, the Witch Doctor’s epic Toad of Hugeness, his Gargantuan pet, and a Demon Hunter in a hellish location. The full gallery is here, and we’ll add more to it when the full HQ version of this movie becomes available.

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  1. Those are some BIG spiders…

  2. btw why do they put things like the gargantuan into the beta? even if we werent able to data mine it! why is it in there?

  3. This needed to be much longer. About 50 hours longer. And interactive.

    • I agree about the interactive part, but I´m guessing you meant 500 hours longer, because, after waiting for this game for ten years, the final version better be that long (or longer).

  4. That’s pretty nice, I hope there’s more.

  5. Where is the Demon Hunter at 2:12?  A screenshot of that location represented ‘Inferno’ difficulty level at the event in Germany earlier this Fall.  Is it Arreat Crater?  River of Flame?

    • Inferno is not an act an area or a location. There is not artwork specific to Inferno. Inferno is a difficulty setting where you go through all the same acts and areas that you did in previous difficulties.

      I don’t think the name of that “hellish” looking area has been officially revealed. It may or may not be Act IV.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that it depicted a difficulty level, only that Blizzard had used screenshots to represent levels during their presentation.  [Spoiler] I didn’t think the Burning Hells would be in ‘vanilla’ D3, before an Xpack.

  6. Great to see some new footage. The witch doctor looks so cool, especially those giant frogs :0

  7. Is it me or does absolutely no real killing occurs? Why do they always have horrible players doing those gameplay demonstrations?

  8. Finally! This is the first official video that doesn’t feature ridiculously weak enemies. We get a much better feel for the skills this way. The scenes were really short though.

  9. cant the characters kill anything? they look so weak in this demonstration.

  10. Characters seemed weak so are probably low level, game is looking good, would like a bit more detail in levels, but I guess that’s to keep the system requirements down.

    I am buying a new PC for this, last PC game I played was Diablo 2, only series I care about on PC. One of my top 3 franchises along with Final Fantasy and Zelda.

  11. Was it just me? Or does the Gargantuan not only look smaller, but also walk like it is … well, “special”?

  12. Just look at the frost nova of Wizard and fire bomb of WD. They look terrible and undetailed or too fast. Fire skull of Wd: As if there is a magnet on the floor, terrible… They were much much better before why did Blizzard change them? Any idea?

  13. Hope this isn’t all. Was expecting a long video like we usually get.

  14. What’s that trap the DH drops at 2:15?? Doesn’t slow so it isn’t Caltrops…

  15. Love the WD’s Dire Bats.

  16. Ya is that Act 4??? Reminds me of how Hell is depicted. I really hope they don’t SHOW THE LATE GAME AS OF NOW!!!!! Grrrr.

    Everything about this game has almost been spoiled, there better be areas and crap we don’t see till we play. Bleh oh well 4 more months… maybe 6…

  17. same shit we’ve all seen before.  dont u people get sick of watching retarded pointless videos of this game?

    site admins… get something different than solvemedia ffs, sooo scummy.

  18. All the effects look so unimpressive in this video. Looks like this version is totally altered. The effects are minimal, the enemies hardly seem to take damage, the monsters often dont react to the player at all. for example in the beginning, the barbarian has to fight 2 or so goatmen and one of those giant bulls and the bull isnt doing anything.
    It looks really weird, this video. As crappy as the last one blizzard released (broll). They have these awesome programers (beta) and video artists (black soul stone video), but their video-department should be fired and swapped out for competent people.
    So sad.

  19. WTF only 3 minutes? Couldn’t they spare an extra few? I mean for god’s sake this is the final Blizzcon before release, is this how they expect to make a final impression on the fans? 3 minutes of uber-crappy gameplay with bland graphics? If this was food, Ramsay would rate it a -10. I’d also like to see that giant frog try to swallow that big ass matha spider.

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