There have been some additions to the forums over the last 24 hours, as well as a general upgrade. Firstly, a whole bunch of new avatars for Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 have been added. You can see them all via your User CP or hit that link and there are larger versions available for Pals, so feel free to tart up your posts with a bit of eye-candy.

    A feature that may or may not prove useful is the ‘Similar Threads’ box that you’ll see sitting at the bottom of each newly-posted thread. This one I’m not sure about but it should contain links to 4 other similar threads. If it proves a bit of a drain (there are server load implications with running it) then we’ll review that feature. You can always leave comments in the Feedback forum or in this news post if you have any opinions one way or the other.

    Lastly, the blog system has returned. You can keep blogs about anything, they don’t need to be relevant to Diablo or Blizzard but something that your forum friends may enjoy reading. I’ve put up a couple over the last few days. There’s all sorts of customising features available too, just have a play around with them via the menu on the left in your blog page. There is a new drop-down on the left hand side of the top forum menu now in between UserCP and FAQ saying ‘Blogs’ where you’ll find all the necessary linkage.  Your forum log in is the same for the Blog system too. It’s the same for commenting in the news too as it happens (although log in isn’t necessary to post comments here).

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