Today brings another new video with some great skill visuals. Just like yesterday’s offering, this one is a tight closeup of the video screen, showing the skill runes coverage from the Gameplay Panel at Blizzcon 2010. It’s pixely and the sound isn’t very good, but the visuals are far clearer than they were via the tiny view from the Direct TV feed. (This section starts about 13 minutes into part 3 of the panel.)

    There’s a lot of cool stuff here, mostly from the rune effects. A few are entirely new, while others are visuals of stuff we’d otherwise only heard about. The skills move very quickly, so expect to pause and rewind the movie repeatedly, as you try take it all in. There is a lot of new stuff here:

    0:25—The DiabloWikiBarbarian uses DiabloWikiLeap Attack, with a rune effect creating five small circles around the central radius, like the points of a pentagram star. Doing what? Unclear.

    0:30—The Barbarian uses Ancient Spear Harpoon with a rune effect that grants multiple harpoons per use. (The rune in the DiabloWikiArena demo granted the ability to spear multiple targets in a row, if you were accurate enough to pull it off.)

    0:33—The DiabloWikiWizard creates a DiabloWikiMirror Image that glows with an unknown red light. It takes a few seconds to start moving, but then casts a variety of spells to great effect.

    0:36—Wizard uses what appears to be DiabloWikiFrost Armor, but with a rune that turns the spell into something like the D2 [d2W]Paladin[/d2W]‘s [d2W]Holy Freeze[/d2W] Aura.

    0:45—Nice footage of DiabloWikiMagic Missile with multishot granted by the DiabloWikiIndigo Rune.

    Click through for the rest, since there’s a ton to document. We’ll be updating the wiki DiabloWikiskill pages with new rune info for a while, thanks to this video.


    0:53—Wizard shows off DiabloWikiExplosive Blast a few times, each one leaving a lovely crater in the ground.

    0:59—Wizard hurls lightning bolts that look a bit like javelins. When each one hits it sizzles the target and sends our several tendrils of lightning that kill other enemies. This is apparently a runed form of DiabloWikiElectrocute, and it really shows the utility of skillrunes, as a single-target, beam-type spell is changed to a multi-target projectile.

    1:07—The DiabloWikiWitch Doctor in fire mode, with flaming DiabloWikiMongrels, fiery DiabloWikiPoison Dart, and even flaming DiabloWikiPlague of Toads, each likely courtesy of a socketed Crimson Rune.

    1:20—More Witch Doctor, showing off the whirling fiery protective tornado armor rune function of DiabloWikiFirebats, as well as his strafe-style DiabloWikiPoison Dart.

    1:28—Snakes on the face! It’s Bashiok’s favorite rune effect for DiabloWikiPoison Dart. I must admit to enjoying the way the snake’s tail keeps wiggling after it strikes. If higher levels of this rune grant a bigger snake, until you’re shooting out an anaconda that can constrict and consume enemies, I will use it and giggle with delight.

    1:29—I’m not sure what the glowing green flamethrower type attack is. Most likely a runed version of DiabloWikiFirebats.

    1:35—The wiggly blueish-white spell is probably DiabloWikiHaunt, engulfing victims, then thanks to a rune bonus, propagating multiple additional Haunts off to other nearby targets. DiabloWikiLocust Swarm does the same thing a second later.

    2:50—The WD casts something that’s red/blue light on individual targets, and ends up shooting a blue spirit up into the sky. Another runed form of DiabloWikiHaunt, or possibly DiabloWikiSoul Harvest?

    2:55—The WD shows an awesome rune upgrade to DiabloWikiZombie Charger (yes, even better than skinless DiabloWikiZombie Bears), with some kind of multi-zombie effect that creates almost as much green poisonous gas as your great uncle did after last year’s Christmas Dinner.

    3:30—Another uncertain WD skill; probably another runed version of DiabloWikiSoul Harvest? It creates a purple light around monsters and sends a blue ghost flying back to the WD when the target dies. A buncha Zombie Bear stampedes shown around this time as well.

    Comments on the video, different interpretations of the skill/rune effects, or generally salivating anticipation should be added in the comments.

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