The last of our photos from the Blizzcon Blizzard Museum are now online. This update contains 3 great pieces of level/dungeon/city artwork, and a mysterious monster (NPC?) as well.

    • This huge piece of concept art is a must-view. It’s a look at the “Act I Wilderness” and in addition to the great artwork, it’s covered in notes from the design team about the burrows in the hillsides, twisted and stunted trees, ground mist, bare rocks, and much more. Very informative about the landscape we’ll see in the early portions of the game.
    • Caldeum lit up at night in this beautiful piece of concept art.
    • Dungeon concept art that clearly influenced the design of the sub-Tristram levels we’ve seen so far.
    • Concept art for a monster, or possibly an NPC? He looks like a something from a Harry Potter film directed by Benecio del Toro, actually. Aren’t those antlers heavy?

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