New Diablo Game Announced for Mobile – Diablo Immortal

New Diablo Game Announced for Mobile – Diablo Immortal

Blizzard has just announced Diablo Immortal which is a game that will explore 20 years of untold stories between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The catch? It’s on mobile.

OK everyone, calm down. Blizzard has just announced a new Diablo game and it’s for mobile devices. It comes with six classes and looks a bit like Diablo 3 in style as you can see from the video below. New abilities have been added to the classes and of course, there are new areas to explore, and it’s being developed by Netease.

The disappointment was immense in the live stream chat considering they just announced Warcraft 3 Reforged, a remaster of their RTS classic. It appears that whatever Blizzard do with the Diablo franchise, they never quite seem to give the community what they actually want. The only reason I can see PC gamers playing this is for the lore during those between game years. There’s also the topic of how they will monetise this, it wasn’t touched on in the reveal.

At least we know they are working on multiple Diablo projects so that’s something at least. We now have two of those out the way, Diablo Immortal and Diablo 3 on the Switch which launched yesterday. The next announcement will likely be Diablo 4 based on all those job openings that have been popping up on the job pages. I think it’s safe to say that a Diablo 2 remaster is not coming any time soon, if at all, which is a real shame for fans of the series.

More information can be found on if this has piqued your interest. I will now let you guys discuss this announcement in the comments below. Now be civil everyone!

Update: The announcement did not go down well with fans and these two clips from the Q&A highlight the fact that the community is not impressed with Blizzard. There is some sympathy for Wyatt who was obviously shoveled onto the stage to make the best of this news by the powers that be and it may explain why he seemed quite upset and stuttery during the announcement. Still, it’s a decision they made and they will have to live with it.

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    51 thoughts on “New Diablo Game Announced for Mobile – Diablo Immortal

    1. Honestly I can’t think of anything civil to say. They would do better by abandoning the franchise.

    2. Reminds me of EA’s announcement when rebooting C&C then revealing a crap looking mobile game.

    3. Well that is probably the worst possible outcome from this Blizzcon. “Multiple Diablo projects in the works” and that’s all they show? It looks like trash and even the guy showing it didn’t looked convinced either. Imagine being a Diablo fan and paying to be there for that. The audience was stunned, that’s how bad it was.

      • yes, the silence was awkward after the announcement, when they showed the costumed guys playing this awesome game.

      • Blizzard is really lacking any creativity when it comes to game development and it’s really starting to show with today’s reveals no matter what franchise it was for. Mike Morhaime probably bowed out at the perfect time now that he doesn’t get bonuses and is seeing what’s happening with the company. Get out while you are ahead.

        • WoW classic, WC3 reforged, Diablo 3 ported to switch and also ported to mobile (basically).

          Where’s the NEW games? Only new content I’ve seen from them lately is expansion packs for WoW. DLC and expansions. No actual new games.

          When they let activision buy them out that was the worst decision ever. Wish they could take it back.

    4. So sad.. And now they say they will continue to add content, which will mean a Diablo 2 remake or Diablo 4 is way out in the future, if ever 🙁

      • Can only think that someone in Blizzard thought how can me make Diablo a cash cow and someone else wanted Blizzard to get more products on the mobile market.. Those two people got together and we got Diablo immortal..

    5. I’m feeling fine with this. It looks like a straight mobile version of D3…same classes and a lot of the same art assets and locations in the gameplay trailer. I assume the only reason it isn’t a straight mobile version of D3 is that they want the flexibility to tweak some skills to work better on mobile.

      The question is if they can make the itemization system work better. Hopefully something closer to D2 than D3. Although I’m not super optimistic given how D3-like everything looks.

      • Like everything in mobile, it will be simplified and streamlined, so there’s no way the item system will be like D2.

        There may not even be much of an item system at all. They might just go with a droppable skill-rune type of concept in lieu of items.

        They don’t show any of the interface at all so it’s not really possible to know.

    6. The only way fans of this franchise can make a difference is vote with their wallets and don’t buy these products. It’s been apparent that when it comes to Diablo, it’s not about community any more and more about what they can skin the fans for. The fans who are actually waiting for a decent new Diablo.

      When EA announced the C&C reboot their was such a backlash that they had a meeting and have now decided to remaster the C&C games. Perhaps similar pressure can be piled on to Blizzard and get them to actually make the fans want, that D2 remaster while we wait for a new Diablo which hopefully this time they won’t cock-up. I think it’s too late for that, but again, if you don’t like what they are doing, don’t spend money on Blizzard products. The message will eventually get through when the money stops.

      • Agree, I am not going to put my money in this game or even download whatever part of it that maybe free.. I may watch someone doing a lets play to get the lore, unless it is really bad.

        I don’t want to play a ARPG on anything but my PC..

        • what do you mean by lore? There is no lore anymore, it’s all about selling some kind of in game currency. Like diamonds or diablo coins and in the process, make the game as annoying as possible without those “diablo coins”.

          • I am hoping.. only positive thing in this announcement is that the lore department might have something interesting to tell….

      • Thanks, Rush, for being with us here at least. :3 I’ve been here from the start and it’s somehow at least a comfort you’re with us. 🙂 There is still a hint of hope within me that the time was just not ready for a Diablo 4 announcement, that it is still too far way. I’m hoping for that, a game that is learning from all the hurdles during the convoluted Diablo 3 development.

    7. I feel for Wyatt Cheng. Such an uncomfortable conclusion to their Blizzcon opening. I don’t understand why Blizzard did this. I don’t understand why Blizzard let him wrap up the opening with an obvious, deafening silence. He clearly had pauses for applauses in the script, but nothing came off it. This is explained by Blizzard being out grossly of touch with their community.

      So sad. The death of a franchise, in case this game… no, app… is what their job openings was about. I don’t care about a Diablo 2.5 story. I don’t care about mobile gaming since it’s strongly simplifying the experiencee and diminishing the depth of their games. I know this. They should know this, but they don’t.

      • i was so exited seeing Wyatt Cheng walking on the stage with the diablo t-shirt and then was so depressed when he talked about the future is mobile.

    8. How the HELL would they ever get the idea that a mobile game is what we wanted?!?

      Well, at least we still have DII.

    9. Wow, talk about being out if touch with your community. I considered buying D3 for Switch, but not anymore.

      • Yes.

        It’s the same game, made by the same developer (NetEase) from years ago. Blizzard paid these guys to re-skin their game with Diablo assets and then called it Diablo Immortal.

    10. I dont understand, how do you fuck this franchise up? You have had the cheat sheet in front of you for years. Blizzard literally has the answers right in front of them and yet they still epic fail.

      So the recent rant by Brevik on his stream was correct, Activision had indeed taken over everything.

    11. I called this over a year ago, was told I was crazy, there’s no way they would ruin Diablo by making a mobile game, but mobile is where the big money is right now. I’m not even a tiny bit surprised. Plenty disappointed, but not surprised.

      • Same. Same exact same.

        The surprise is that they don’t have a mobile game going for all of their franchises. Yet.

        Mobile games are so much easier to make because they’re simpler and expectations are lower. And so much easier to monetize because of microtransactions. And so much easier to make addictive because you can expect the customer to get out the phone and play it at pretty much any time.

        Look at games like candy crush and fortnite. The dollar signs are all activision wants.

    12. OK, so Blizzard & Diablo really are dead now? Wow. I have been bashing the company hard for years, but that was mostly because it was like watching a friend slowly kill themselves with drugs or alcohol. It was like, ‘Bro, I know you’re better than this. Come on.’ This was literally the punch line of like every Diablo joke on every forum since last years Blizzcon. Diablo Mobile. And they actually make it a thing? This is so bad even their audience of White Knights at Blizzcon Boo them & they’d cheer even if Blizzard said the only currency they’d be accepting for their next WoW expansion is left testicles. I think I’m done now. There’s not even any point trying to bash them now. They’re literally too far gone. RIP Blizzard. I think I’ll pick up the Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4, Uninstall D3 & B.Net Launcher & put all this behind me. It was fun, but nothing lasts forever. WE never turned our backs on you Blizzard, we never outgrew you. YOU turned your backs on us & outgrew us. GG.

    13. When I first watched the game play video I thought I accidentally clicked the Nintendo Switch video since this new game will feature the exact same classes as D3 along with similar gameplay.

      Big mistake for Bliz to have this on opening day on the main stage, especially when a third party developer is helping make this. This is not main stage material.

      Bliz could have done a much better job if they introduced the new game director for the upcoming diablo title, teased a 10s clip for D2 remaster (even if year(s) away!), netflix diablo talk, anything really!

      If you disagree with how they are treating the diablo franchise we have some real options to actually cause change:

      1. uninstall all Activision/Bliz games on your computer and take a screenshot as proof, send to Activision/Bliz

      2. If you hold Activision/Bliz shares, sell your shares and take a screenshot as proof, send to Activision/Bliz

      3. Write a letter to the board of directors for Activision/Bliz, tell them your concerns.

      4. Refuse to purchase any future content from Activision/Bliz

      Activision/Bliz must understand that there is way more competition out there and under performing/bad management will not be tolerated blindly.

    14. This is a major PR faux pas. And you know what, this seems to keep happening. I don’t understand it. Companies would beg for this kind of franchise loyalty. Fvck off Bli$$ard.

    15. Remember, guys, when I told you not to keep your hopes high for the sad future of Diablo? Well, this is exactly why. Even Wyatt’s Witch Doctor design didn’t get to make the rounds at the joke that we now get to call Diablo Immortal, so now perhaps he’s set to become the new-and-Activision-updated Gay Wilson.

      Well, I guess that expecting the worst at least spares you from constant disappointment.

      When I suggested that Blizz should get an external studio to make a Diablo game I didn’t mean they should go out and hire a bottom-of-the-barrel Chinese gaming company whose major are of expertise was developing microtransaction-based games.

      All I can say now is that Diablo’s future has never looked bleaker. And I could bet that the Druid will be one of the main selling points of D4, since they look completely lost on the franchise, but at least they know people are expecting a Druid sooner or later.

      I think this whole Diablo Immortal is just an experiment to see how they can push microtransactions into the franchise to test out the waters first, with the final goal to fully and seamlessly (more or less) integrate them into D4.

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